Weaving in the Edges: Final ROW80 Update: 12/26/13

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Here we are, at the end of another round. It’s time to evaluate what I’ve woven, these last 80 days, and make some general plans for the next.

I will post a more retrospective/forward-thinking post on Sunday. For today, though, it’s just the basic checklist and a summary evaluation.

During the break, I will be assessing my progress, preparing for 2014 in a more detailed way, and playing with some projects and ideas as I feel the desire to do so.

And for now, I wish you all a restful and lovely remainder of 2013. See you Sunday!

Round 4 Wrapup Buffet Summary:


Focus point:

  • Offering a sustainable schedule of features.

Maintain four non-ROW80 posts weekly. More often than not.

  • Likely keeping as-is.

  • Will work on preparing queued, rerun, and reblog options for busy writing times.

  • Announce anticipated absences from regular schedule.

Keep up with comments; or post an explanation. I tend to lose track when I am especially creation-focused. Attained maybe half of the time.

  • I did well enough during normal times, but lost track of this during holidays, travel, and creative intensity.

  • Will be working on a polite way to announce when comment answering may lapse.

Write/Revise Mission Statements for all blogs. No progress.

  • I gave this a little thought, but nothing else.

  • I’ll be carrying this on to the next round.

  • I feel the thoughts crystallizing.

Strive for high-concept posts for shanjeniah Regular Features. On target, mostly.

  • I’m gaining more of a feel for what this means to me.

  • I will continue to develop this as a craft practice, across all blogs.

Stick tree, 2012.

Writing: With NaNo complete, I return to my three remaining Trueborn WIPs, and also some dessert shorter fiction.

Focus point:

  • Noveling-in-progress.

Write or Plan one scene weekly for The Stars are Fire and Perchance to Dream, through December. On target for October; took November off for NaNo; fell apart some in December.

The Stars are Fire: Nothing new since October 31.

  • I’m almost at the halfway point of this novel.

  • I will continue on through the next round(s), until I have a completed draft.

Perchance to Dream: Spotty progress in December.

  • This WIP is developing in my mind, about one-third completed.

  • I will continue on through the next round(s), until I have a completed draft.

To Be or Not to Be: Some progress in December.

Complete rough draft: ~200,000 words totalDecember 31. On target.

  • I am nearing the end of this WIP, and hope to have it completed before Round 1 begins.

Move pending stories into WIP folder. I began, but didn’t finish.

  • I will carry this over, as well. It got lost in the NaNo/post NaNo/holiday excitement.

Christmas, by Annalise, 2011, age 7.5.

Editing: Editing hasn’t been on the list much this round, due to NaNo plannning and writing. 

Focus Points:

  • Continue pre-revision process for Bounded by a Nutshell (Trueborn Warp Series).

  • Edit Queen of My Infinite Spaces (poetry collection). Nothing this round.

  • Complete revisions on three Deep Revisions short story WIPs. Nothing this round.

Complete on-page editing notesJanuary 31, 2014. Deadline likely to be extended; progress made.

  • This will be a higher priority through the next round.

Complete scene-by scene revision notebook – February 28, 2014. On target.

  • Continuing on.

Stick ponies in the tree, 2010.


Focus point:

  • Tidying and beautifying my physical, virtual, and interior spaces.

  • Small business research. No progress this round.

Continue refitting common rooms to better suit our needs. On target, although far less during NaNo.

  • This goal will be carried through the winter, at least. There’s plenty to do, and needs tend to shift with growth, seasons, and interests.

Minimum of 5 minutes, twice weekly, organizing and cleaning the space. Sporadic.

  • I’ve still had some resistance to this. Considering; moving forward through next round.

Minimum of 10 minutes, twice weekly, being in the space. Not really; only once or twice.

  • The space is not particularly welcoming, as yet; it’s more a cat playground. Will be working on that!

Clear email inbox and spam twice weekly; sort, file, and delete . Target attained more often than not!

  • This happened often enough to become something approaching habit. Yay, me! =)

Clean main Documents folder. Mostly.

  • A final sweep, and it’s done.

Complete and submit quarterly homeschooling reports. Target attained!

  • Next reports due March 15, 2014.

Gingerbread gobbler?


Focus points:

  • Relationships.

  • Exercise and Movement.

  • Passions.

Make time and sweetness for Jim and the children, in ways that are important to them. Target attained!

  • Carrying over, because I love making my beloveds happy! Good for all involved.

Immerse myself in writing, living, and being with my family, striving for presence. Target attained!

  • Again, this has become something akin to habit, and a good one, too!

Regularly evaluate; adjust as needed. Target attained!

  • Another success.

Practice movement daily, for at least a few minutes. Mostly!

  • For next round, more playful activities are on tap.

Work out at least once a week. Sporadically, around car issues.

  • I’ll be coming up with workarounds.

Allow time and space to indulge my passions. Target attained!

  • Feeling less guilty about giving myself indulgence.

Read, comment, and share others’ posts and links.Sometimes…

  • I’ll be focusing more on this next round.

Tend sponsor duties promptly. Target attained, mostly.

  • Promptness will be a greater focus.

Connect! Mostly successful!

  • I found new ways to connect and interact. Carrying over.

See other ROWers’ exit posts here!

May your cup be refilled with inspiration during this time away…


  1. Hope your 2013 wrapped up well, and I look forward to seeing you in 2014! Wishing you all the best in the New Year. I know I’m ready to kick it into high gear and make it a great one. Hugs!

    • Tia,

      Other than some holiday germs, we had a lovely end to 2013, and 2014 has begun well and happily. I am planning to spend this year in joyful exploration.

      Your hugs and well-wishes are gratefully accepted and reciprocated! =D

  2. Ah yes, “fell apart some in December” — I think that’s the way a lot of us felt! Next year I will try to remember to take the Christmas season into consideration when posting my goals. 🙂

    Sounds like you did very well on yours, though, all told. Congrats!

    • Ruth,

      I was thinking the same thing about the holidays and goal-setting. I may make December 2014 only about assessing and planning, to take some of the pressure off.

      Honestly, after 122,000 words in November, expecting to write a substantial number of words in December was unrealistic. My mind just doesn’t work that way, and I haven’t written a word in any WIP even during the break. I’ve enjoyed a good deal of pre-editing stuff, in a way I never have before.

      From here on, the month following a NaNo will be a looser month for me. After that intensity, my brain needs breathing room!

      Thank you for the kudos – it really was an eye-opening and horizon-expanding year, for me.

      See you in Round 1, and WIPpet Wednesday!

  3. Despite the challenges, there were a lot more “target attained”s here than not. Perhaps the ideal your head has is not the one your heart does on those less successful ventures? Perhaps it’s just a matter of time…

    You’ll know as you get there. Much love to you.

    • Sys,

      I think it was a matter of time. I needed to reach some undefined internal place before I could focus on them. I got there in several areas over the break (maybe because I had first a throat cold, and then, just after, a mild case of that stomach ick that’s been making the rounds).

      I also watched the end of Enterprise with Jim. Cried for the baby, cried for Trip, cried for T’Pol, and then cried again and again, on and off, for two days, as my mind added scenes and those made me cry, too…

      Then I started exploring small businesses, setting up a writing flow, and hanging out in the study…

      It’s interesting, because both kids are into some exciting new stuff right now, too, and the adventurous energy seems to be swirling all around us. Pretty cool!

      Lise is thinking we need a girl’s day with you at Java’s. You up for that in a couple of Tuesdays?

      • Definitely can manage a couple of Tuesdays, though not this week’s. The ice storm itself is enough of a potential deterrent to me, but also I need a few days warning for M.’s fencing instructor.

        I never finished Enterprise… I probably should as I enjoyed it, but it hit one of these points in the show that I couldn’t help but feel distanced from it at the time, so… please, no more spoilers? I know there will be a time for me to get to it, just not yet.

        Energy… I know how that is. Our house is getting revamped in so many ways… I totally get the feeling. It’s delicious.

        • Love the energy of good and well-intentioned change.

          Thinking I can get back to my weekly Tuesday workout. Look for me there, if you want, and I’ll let you know a bit later about a girl time….

          And no more spoilers! I honestly thought you’d finished it years ago. I don’t like ruining anyone’s fun.

          • Sounds like a plan. We’ll be up that way tomorrow (though for a SLOW workout on my part.. I have gimp ankle). If we see you, we see you; if we don’t, we don’t…

            Not sure why I never finished it. Partly it was stuff happening in life, partly it was a turn the series took… But I enjoyed enough of it to be willing to go back someday.

          • Obviously, this wasn’t the week for a joint workout, and that’s OK.

            I have stopped many things for those same reasons. If you can remember about where you were, it would keep me from spoiling some really amazing moments for you.

            The storytelling – brilliant. I am learning so much from watching it – it’s especially good for reminding me how often less information cn have a great deal more impact than too much….

            I’m rewatching. I think I’ll be rewatching forever! =D

          • We never made it to CP. I’d forgotten my gym bag, so we stopped in Latham and had a late dinner/visit with David.

            Where I stopped… Third season, I think. It was right after they found themselves dealing with the Xindi. I quick skimmed the episode guide on Wikipedia… I watched the second episode and part of the third, but drifted off there.

            Yes… Less is definitely more sometimes.

          • Sys,

            I thought David was living in Stillwater, these days? Working in Latham, maybe?
            I had a very light workout. This week, I will be there on Monday, because Lise and I are headed to the Children’s Museum in Saratoga for a last visit while she can still really enjoy it.

            The third episode was Impulse – a favorite of mine. Now I know where to keep my mouth shut from. =)

          • Ah… Marcus loves that museum, but I think as much because it was novel fr him. Another year and yeah….

            David does live in Stillwater, just down the street from my parents. It was a personal thing, but we were able to meet there. It worked out well.

            Third season, third episode… I kind of fell asleep half-way through (it had been an all night marathon) and I never got back to it. I don’t think it was the “threes”. 😀

  4. Sounds pretty good – some achieved some still to do – sounds like life in general – ’tis good you have found more time for you and family and still manage your writing – a difficult balance so yay well done you:) all the best- see you next round

    • Alberta,

      It was a good round, and a great break…and now, I’m ready to play again! =D

      Yes, as time goes by, I see these goals more and more as a part of life. And, just like I can’t ever seem to get all the dishes and laundry done, or to have both kids fully outfitted with a complete wardrobe that fits their ever-growing selves, I don’t expect to finish everything, anymore. I am well pleased with forward progress, and learning about myself.

      And, of course, while these growing people and their really cool father are here with me, I intend to give them the lioness’ share of my attention. And, in return, these well-loved housemates of mine accept my penchant for tapping keys and scribbling in notebooks as a part of who I am, which works out well for me.

      Honestly, though, it’s more like an infinite, ever-changing dance than it is a balance. Sometimes I lead, and often I simply follow the prevalent rhythm of life as it is. As the children grow, it’s easier, because they have the ability to pursue their own passions, too. We are often all chatting while playing with what intrigues us.

      I intend to get round to see you (and everyone else!) more often this round! Hope 2014 is being sweet and gentle with you, my friend across the water.

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