Holiday Weaving: ROW80 Update, December 12/16/13

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I’ve had a busy few days, in a family sense. Not as much focus on writing, this session, as on doing and being with my beloveds. The children and I attended an outdoor Christmas party and light display, even though the weather was well below freezing, and we went out to Starbucks and to buy cocoa in advance of Winter Storm Electra, which brought us several inches of snow that has provided hours of sledding fun, already.

I’ve been hometending, and daydreaming – T’Pol and Trip are definitely insisting on their own fan fiction, and the plot tribbles are multiplying nicely.

For the rest of this round, I’ll likely be puttering with this and that:

  • With the children’s homeshooling reports turned in to the local school district, I will be focusing on a couple of beta-reading projects, and a resume I’ve offered to write for a family member.

  • I’ll be looking back at my 2013 goals, and beginning to set my intentions for 2014.

  • I’ll be continuing with writing, editing, and blogging, with the intent to begin rebuilding my queue for each feature.

  • I’ll be drafting my sponsor post for Round 1, 2014.

  • I’ll be continuing to enjoy this festive season with family and friends.

How about you? If you are a ROWer, what does the end of Round 4 look like? If this is a holiday season for you, what have you done to celebrate? Are you finding ways to delight yourself and others?

Round 4 Wrapup Buffet Selections:

Snow dog!


Focus point:

  • Offering a sustainable schedule of features.

Maintain four non-ROW80 posts weekly. Almost.

Keep up with comments; or post an explanation. Target attained!

  • Comments answered late, due to life, but done.

Strive for high-concept posts for shanjeniah Regular Features. On target.

  • Yes, on Saturday.



Focus points:

  • Noveling-in-progress.

Write or Plan one scene weekly for The Stars are Fire and Perchance to Dream, through December. About halfway managed, this week.

  • I’m adapting this goal – I am more in an input and percolating mode than a writing one, just now.

  • Spend time with one or both WIPs, weekly.

Perchance to Dream: Adapt plan for Scene #21; plan scene #22. Target attained!

To Be or Not to Be:

Completerough draft: ~200,000 words totalDecember 31. On target.

  • 722 new words.

  • 203,717 words total.

  • Chapter Fifty-Eight progressing, into the black moments of Spock’s storyline.

Last winter…


Focus Point:

  • Continue pre-revision process for Bounded by a Nutshell (Trueborn Warp Series).

Complete on-page editing notesJanuary 31, 2014.

  • Complete through Scene #5; p 36/734.

Last winter’s boy.


Focus point:

  • Tidying and beautifying my physical, virtual, and interior spaces.

Continue refitting common rooms to better suit our needs. On target.

Move nature books and field guides to new space. On target.

  • Being moved piecemeal – Insects guide moved.

Complete family room shift, with new desk as anchor. On target.

  • General tidying in the room.

  • My large plastic tub is refilled, and now awaiting sorting and organizing.

  • I have presorted most of the items still on the desk, to make the organization process simpler.

Minimum of 5 minutes, twice weekly, organizing and cleaning my study. Target exceeded!

  • Accomplished earlier in the week.

  • I have spent another several minutes in the study; not five in a day, but close.

Hang ribbon board. Target attained!

  • Six months after I bought it, and months after I set the goal to hang it, it’s done! Wahoo!

Complete and submit quarterly homeschooling reports. -Due December 15. Target attained!

  • All done, and submitted! My streamlining process has worked; the reports were less than half as long as they were last year, and took less than half as long to prepare.

Snow siblings, last winter.


Focus points:

  • Relationships.

  • Exercise and Movement.

  • Passions.

Make time and sweetness for Jim and the children, in ways that are important to them. Target attained!

  • Took the children out to a local outdoors Christmas party, on a very cold night. Also took them to Starbucks for a Nintendo connection promotion.

  • Spent some personal time with Jim, chatting and canoodling. Loaned him my car when his needed repairs.

Immerse myself in writing, living, and being with my family, striving for presence. Target attained!

  • Less time writing than gathering input, percolating, and being with my family. I have been feeling introspective and present, of late.

Regularly evaluate; adjust as needed. Target attained!

  • Natural evaluation simmering, moving toward a new understanding.

Practice movement daily, for at least a few minutes. Target attained!

  • Yes, mostly hometending.

Add a little more intention to this, and remember to move even when in long nighttime writing sessions, at least occasionally. Target attained!

  • After a lull during NaNo, getting a bit better at this.

Get outside for at least a few minutes each day. Almost.

  • Every day but Thursday.

Allow time and space to indulge my passions. Target attained!

  • Yup! I spent some time outside photographing the results of Winter Storm Electra; watching Enterprise and the Deadliest Catch.

Tend sponsor duties promptly. Target attained!

Connect! Target attained!

  • WIPterview roughed; awaiting editing.

  • ROW80 Round 1 Sponsorship committed to.

Want more merry  ROWing?  Find it here!

Warm and silly holiday wishes for you!


    • Kate,

      Inspiring, eh? I think I like that.

      The snow was lovely, and then it got warmer and rained for three straight days. There’s not much left, but today brought flurries and a few inches are predicted for this weekend.

      The kids will definitely be happy if that comes true!

    • Deniz,

      Lovely it was – busy isn’t something I feel a lot these days. I did things, but only as I was inclined to, and so it felt more like joy.

      As for sledding, I am happy to watch the action now – my body doesn’t appreciate sledding as it once did. But I do love to take my camera out and catch the joy in the kids’ faces.

      I’ll be taking a slightly different approach for 2014 – I’m pretty excited about it!

      I hope the rest of your year delights!

  1. Whew woman, your updates are down right exhausting! I love how you have all aspects of your life represented though and she seem to nail the important goals more often than not. Way to go!

    Thanks for the shout out.

    Happy Holidays 🙂

    • Raelyn,

      People do keep saying that…oddly, though, it just feels like living, most of the time. I’m lucky to have found a way of life that supports the passions of my loved ones, which in turn gives me more time and accommodation for my own, too…

      I’ve had a few rounds where I kept things only to writing-specific goals, but I don’t live a life that’s easily separated. Often, I write while chatting with the kids, hometending, or whatever, and the writing weaves through and is affected by the other things in my life. It makes more sense to incorporate those other things, and attend to them – at least for me. Otherwise, I tend to get wrapped up in one area of my life, and fall out of balance with others.

      I love able to give shout outs. =)

      I hope your celebrations were merry and bright!

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