Write a Story with Me! #70 – Real Estate Queens!

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This story began July 17,  2012 with the first installment by Jennifer M. Eaton.  Different authors from all genres joined in, and have added, or are getting ready to add, their wonderful talent and ideas to keep this story moving.

The great thing about being a part of “Write a Story with Me!” is that no one author knows where we are going, and we have no idea what the person ahead of us is going to write that we will have to build on.

It is the ultimate challenge to your creative imagination.

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Marci feigned tears as Mother and Sian went off. She’d long since learned that adults held their words when children were about, speaking freely only when they thought themselves alone.

In one motion, she beat her new wings powerfully, freeing herself from Bethany, and soaring into the shadowy foliage of a truth-tree. She remembered pretend play at spying with her faerie friend. Now, Jenelle’s games felt more like lessons – tools she could use, to learn what was said.

She lay flat upon a thick branch, invisible.

“You are well not to trust her, or anyone other”, Sian was saying. Her voice was sharp as bitterfruit. “I do not. But, if you will trust, do not trust Yoran your husband, nor any Fey who tries to turn your mind to their ideas.”

Can I trust you, Sian?”

Trust no one, Mother.” She whirled, pointing, and a beam of light pierced the foggy night air, and sizzled into Marci’s heart. Then she was taking flight, following the beam to light behind Sian, feeling

first Sian, and then Jenelle’s voice, in her soul. She knew what they intended; trembling, she agreed.

“Release her!” Mother’s voice cracked; the baby screamed.

“No,” Sian said. “She’s coming with me. Yoran was right about one thing, at least. It is all about real estate. We will build our nests, and raise our young, in Establishment places I have prepared in secrecy. We will be real estate queens – and they will never know we breed our invasion force among them!”

They let their laughter trail behind them as they took to the skies, together.