Thursday’s (Halloween) Treat: Trip and T’Pol- “Epiphany”

Thursdays can be tricky…well into the week, too far from the weekend…so, as a public service, I’ve reserved this space for a biweekly treat – an interesting tidbit or snippet I’ve picked up around the Internet.

This week’s Thursday’s Treat comes from: HopefulRomantic315, via YouTube.

I discovered Enterprise a few months ago, and a huge part of my love for it stems from the beautifully drawn evolution of the romantic relationship of Commander Charles “Trip” Tucker III, and former Subcommansder T’Pol, reprentsentative of the Vulcan High Command.

Theirs is perhaps an unlikely pairing – or maybe not. Certainly, it’s – pardon the word! -fascinating to watch this interspecies negotiation, this delicate, forward and back dancing as they learn one another and grapple with their attraction and some mighty obstacles.

These clips from their story are set to lovely music that seems to fit T’Pol – her mystery, her intensity, her control, her fierceness, and her confusion.


I hope this spicily sweet treat brightened up your Halloween Thursday! It certainly did mine!=D

Do you have something to say about this Thursday’s Treat, or an idea for a future post to share? I love comments, so feel free to pop one into that box below!

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