Weaving Week Two – ROW80 Update, 10/16/13


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I don’t quite seem to have the routine of these updates down yet, this round. I think the extra-long break, where I wrote a lot, but didn’t report, is a factor. So is the fact that I tend to pack my poor laptop so full of in-progress stuff that it can’t think or act. Eventually, I end up shutting down and rebooting – tonight, that was after 8pm. 

Another factor, I think, is the earlier dark. I’m feeling sleepier, earlier, and that shortens my late-night writing sessions.

I know that I will get my rhythm back, in another week or two (Maybe just in time to lose it again in The Madness That is NaNoWriMo!). Until then, my updates may post just a bit late, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not writing, just that I’m not yet on top of the reporting bit.

I’ll get there….eventually! =D

And how about you? As the days shorten, and new things come up, do you adjust quickly, or do you need a little longer to work out the kinks and get all the moving parts working together smoothly? I’d especially love some tips (or someone to toss a beanbag at me every now and then to remind me to be nicer to my Sweet L’il Lenovo – the hardest working laptop in this house! If the beans happen to be coffee beans, so much the better!).

I’m feeling a little foggy, just now….Photo credit: L.E. Carmichael, courtesy WANA Commons.

Round 4 Goals – Current Steps:


Focus points:

  • Offering a sustainable schedule of features.

Maintain four non-ROW80 posts weekly, throughout the round. Target attained!

  • Thursday, and Saturday posts scheduled.

  • For next week – Sunday and Wednesday posts are scheduled.

Keep up with comments; or post an explanation. I tend to lose track when I am especially creation-focused.Target attained!

  • Monday comments answered Monday overnight.


Focus points:

  • NaNo Planning.

Plan King of Shreds and Patches (A Trueborn Warp SeriesStar Trek fan fiction novel);complete Rock Your Plot planning exercise/ scene-by-scene outline. – October 31.

Completegoal/motivation/conflict for all POV characters and antagonist. Target attained!

  • Completed all 5 GMC pages.

Write character sketches for all POV characters and antagonists. On target.

  • Spock’s character sketch and outlined bio-to-date in progress.

  • Set plot points for each POVcharacter.

  • Map plot points for each POV character.

Frost-painted loveliness! Photo credit: Dana Ross Martin, coutesy WANA Commons.


Focus point:

  • Tidying and beautifying my physical, virtual, and interior spaces.

Arrange “office” lightingOctober 20; decide if it’s sufficient. On target.

  • I have – at last! – purchased my lampshades.

  • Next, to put them on the lamps!

Keep email inbox clear. Check at least twice weekly; sort, file, and delete each time. Target attained!

  • So far, so good! My Kindle is perfect for quick cleanouts.

Keep Spam folder clear. Check at least twice weekly; sort, file, and delete each time.Target attained!

  • Again, my Kindle to the rescue!


Focus points:

  • Relationships.

  • Exercise and Movement.

  • Passions.

Make time and sweetness for Jim, in ways that are meaningful to us both, and in ways that are important to him. Target attained!

  • Romance, conversation, earlier bedtimes.

Do the same for the children, individually and together. Target attained!

  • Annalise: Sea Otters on Nature, lots of time together, rubber band ball.

  • Jeremiah: Late-night conversations, getting his game shipped despite the debit card debacle.

  • Hugs and love for both.

I’ll find my place in it all…Photo credit: Dana Mason, courtesy WANA Commons.

Make time for connecting with friends. On target.

  • I made a friend-of-the-moment in the store.

  • Still ironing out the wrinkles of getting together with Eden. Soon, I hope (subtle as a lead balloon, I am, Sys!).

Immerse myself in writing, living, and being with my family, striving for presence. Target attained!

  • Lots of planning for KOSAP.

  • Lots of family time.

  • Lots of going with the flow (like an entire bottle of syrup exploding on the kitchen floor – yikes!

Regularly evaluate; adjust as needed. Target attained!

  • It’s been a good few days; I’m happy with the overall balance.

Practice movement daily, for at least a few minutes. Target attained!

  • Walk with Annalise and Corki-dog on Sunday and Monday: walking, shopping, and working out on Tuesday.

Add a little more intention to this, and remember to move even when in long nighttime writing sessions, at least occasionally. On target.

  • I haven’t had as many late-night writing hours lately, but overall, I am getting better at this.

Work out at least once a week. Target attained!

  • Moderate workout to very funny Enterprise episode “Breaking the Ice” on my Kindle. Cardio and weights.

Get outside for at least a few minutes each day. Target attained!

  • Yes, I got out each day, for a bit. Walking, mostly.

Allow time and space to indulge my passions. Target attained!

  • Yes! Lots of Enterprise, walking, writing, connecting, and people and pets I love.

Tend sponsor duties promptly. Target attained!

Connect. On target.

  • I participated in the #ROW80 Writing Sprint at Twitter on Wednesday.

As leaf-peeping season winds down here in upstate NY, you can peep in on other ROWers!

The season may hold sizzling color, but I’m a little slow….Photo credit Shan Jeniah Burton.


  1. Oh yes, the earlier dark and shorter days are affecting me too! I find I haven’t quite gotten myself adjusted to the fall-moving-toward-winter rhythms yet and I’ve been completely forgetting to post ROW updates as well (I blame old age!). Good luck with all your goals!

    • MS,

      We’ve had some lovely sunshine here, the last few days. That’s helped, and so has immersing myself in meatier goals.

      I, too, am not as young as I used to be. =)

      Whether you remember to post updates, or not, may you move merrily toward your goals!

    • Nancy,

      Thank you, and you’re welcome! =D

      Working my way through character sketches and bios now. I thought I knew these people, but every one has surprised me! Wonder what will happen when I get to the sentient machine?)

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