Weaving Chaos and Creativity – ROW80 Update, 10/14/13

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It’s been an – interesting – few days. We’ve had unexpected goodness (a free handmade desk) and wrinkles we were not expecting (a fortunately minimal and quickly caught case of debit card fraud).

 All of it brings attendant loose ends – a rearranging of rooms, and a slew of accounts that will need to be adjusted.

 I also spent time with a WIP I hadn’t looked at in a few months. It’s a first draft, and it’s a long way from finished. In places, it’s painfully ragged.

And yet…

I feel something akin to the first time I heard my babies’ heartbeats, or felt their life moving within me. There’s a long way to go, but there’s life here, and I’m eager to experience its gestation.

How about you? Has life been predictable, these last days, or has fate delighted in springing surprises?

Mama pegacorn with twin babies. Created by Annaliise, age 8

Round 4 Goals – Current Steps (and what’s new!):


Focus point:

  • Offering a sustainable schedule of features.

Maintain this level throughout round. On target.

Keep up with comments; or post an explanation during intensely creative phases. On target.

Tranforming Machine Monster: Created by Jeremiah, age 11


Focus points:

  • Noveling-in-progress.

  • Submitting.

Write or Plan one scene weekly for The Stars are Fire and Perchance to Dream, through October.

Perchance to Dream: Target exceeded!

  • Planned :Scenes #19 and #20

  • Written: Scene #19; 2270 words

  • WIP Total: 70, 385 of 100,00 words.

The Stars are Fire:Target exceeded!

  • Adapted/Planned :Scenes #26 and #27

  • Written: Scene #26; 2,639 words

  • WIP Total: 65, 145/ ~100,00 words.

Sign up for NaNoWriMo 2013 October 20.

  • Done on 10/11!

  • Open invitation for Writing Buddies!

To Be or Not to Be:

Completerough draft: ~200,000 words totalOctober 31. On target.

  • Chapter Fifty-Two: 1,657 new words.

  • WIP total: 191,088/ ~ 200,000 words.

  • October, to date: 2,987/ ~11,899 words.

  • Lots to discover in the next 9,000 words or so. I’m game! =D

PlanKing of Shreds and Patches; planning exercises/ scene-by-scene outline – October 31. On target.

  • Finished readthrough of Sima Garo Provides, the companion WIP.

  • Noted plot points, for correlation purposes.

  • Completed Rock Your Plot Chapter 1 reading and premise-testing exercises.

  • Created Characters folder/added Spock’s GMC and character template pages.

  • Created Places folder/ added template pages for 10 potential locations.

Completegoal/motivation/conflict for all POV characters and antagonists. On target.

  • Chapter 2 – Completed 3/5 character goal/motivation/conflict pages.

  • Write character sketches for all POV characters and antagonists.

  • Set plot points for each POV character, and antagonist.

Create WIP Story folder – October 10.

  • Completed on the 12th.

Move pending stories into folder October 20.

  • Moved all existing drafts of my three Deep Revisionstories.

Find 3 freelance article and/or essay marketsOctober 31.

  • Saved potential markets to my Pocket file for later investigation.

Chaos and Possibility.


Focus Points:

  • Continue pre-revision process for two novels

Bounded by a Nutshell (Trueborn Warp Series):

Complete scene-by scene revision notebook – January 31, 2014.

  • Jotted general impressions after rereading, as a rough action guide.

Machine, transformed.


Focus point:

  • Tidying and beautifying my physical, virtual, and interior spaces.

Research writers’ organizations choose 3 for further exploration October 31. On target.

  • Saved a few sites to Pocket, to explore later.

Explore SFF.net.

  • A quick peek. Will return to delve.

Continue the “greatroom” living room refit. On target.

  • Moved games: organized under coffee table.

  • Declutter and clean shelves.

  • Move nature books and field guides to new space.

  • Continue shifting/cleaning family room.

Decorate bulletin board, take down maps (moving to family or living room). On target.

  • Gathered decorating supplie.

  • Found places for the maps.

Keep email inbox clear. Check at least twice weekly. Target attained!

  • Using my Kindle works well.

Sort/empty spam folder.Target attained!

  • Done!

Keep Spam folder clear. Check at least twice weekly; sort, file, and delete each time.Target attained!

  • Done.

Minimum of 5 minutes, twice weekly, organizing and cleaning the space. Target attained!

  • Thursday: 6 minutes

  • Friday: 15 minutes.

Minimum of 10 minutes, twice weekly, being in the space. On target.

  • Thursday: 10 minutes.

Find a name that suits my vision of this space.

  • Experimenting with “study”; liking it.

Mama Pegacorn!


Focus points:

  • Relationships.

  • Exercise and Movement.

  • Passions.

Make time and sweetness for Jim. Target attained!

  • Yes. Television time, planning, laughter, and connection. More Enterprise.

Do the same for the children, individually and together. Target attained!

  • Chatting, PrimeTime, playtime, walks, treats, working things out.

Make time for connecting with friends. On target.

  • Chatted with a young friend online: first video chat with another.

  • Vague plans to connect with another friend.

Immerse myself in writing, living, and being with my family, striving for presence. Target attained!

  • Lots of going with the flow, more or less by necessity.

Regularly evaluate; adjust as needed. Target attained!

  • I still want a little more movement and am warming up for deeper connection.

Practice movement daily,. Target attained!

  • Yes. Hometending, walking, moving furniture, resetting rooms.

Add more intention – move during long nighttime writing sessions. On target.

  • Getting better.

Work out at least once a week. Target exceeded!

  • Two moderate workouts this week. =)

Get outside for at least a few minutes each day. Target attained!

  • Wednesday: poked my head out.

  • Thursday: picking up desk.

  • Friday/Saturday: walking with Annalise.

Indulge my own passions. Target attained!

  • Enterprise, my beloveds, writing,reading, reorganizing, and more.

Read, comment, and share others’ posts and links. Target attained!

  • Yes.

Wanna see what other ROWers are up to?

Impromptu, three-day floor studio.


  1. Oh, Shan! Eeek… Glad to know the damage was minimal for the debit fraud. It’s one of the reasons we have use credit cards as opposed to debit… The direction the money flows in is reversed.

    Our perspective of course, and everyone has their own way of handling money.

    Love all those “target attained” notes. Just curious… what are you looking into SFF.net for?

  2. You have done so much already and the round only just started. Go you! I love seeing all those bright blue Target Attained’s. Hope you are able to grab any losses from fraud theft. My father-in-law lost thousands (including thousands over his overdraft limit) but fortunately, the bank new they were at fault for allowing the withdrawals and purchases which were completely out of the normal range for this 75 year old gentleman who’d banked with them for over 30 years. He got all of his cash back. Some horrible (desperate?) people out there! Best of luck for the week ahead and hey, enjoy the desk! 🙂

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