Sunday Sampler for September 22, 2013 – Renewal

Note to my regular readers: If you’ve been reading here for a while, you might remember my Sunday Sampler feature. As it was, it was long, and time consuming to compile.

I’ve decided that a shortened form will be easier to maintain long-term, and easier to read, too. So, each week, I will offer three items, in three categories – because I love the number 3!

So, now that the business end of things has been tended to, I have a question – Are we ready to read?!

 Assorted lovelies for your reading and viewing pleasure….offered up weekly on a pretty blog platter!

I love learning and stretching my perspective; I love sharing what I find with others, and learning and stretching more in the process.

I offer up this virtual Sunday paper, filled with things I have read and enjoyed recently, in the spirit of learning and sharing.

And now, this week’s buffet of ideas….as I return to this feature! There’s a cellular peptide cake (with mint icing) and refreshing beverages on the table.  Help yourself! =)




  • A courage of their own: Shannon at Breaking Daylightshares what happened in her family when she waited for her sons to discover their own types of courage, in their own ways and in their own time.

  • Running Naked Through An Emotional Forest: Rhenna Morgan shares this provocative bit of philosophizing about emotional indulgence and receptivity.

  • Talking to Your Dog is Not as Crazy as You Think: L.E. Carmichael explores the science of human/canine communication. Not that I care if people think me mad, so long as I can chat up the Corki-dog!

I hoped you enjoyed the return of the Sunday Sampler.  Do you have  opinions? Comments?Suggestions? Questions? Ideas?Links to share? An editorial?

I love hearing from you! 


  1. SJ, my only comment is, how and when do you find the time to find all these articles? I don’t love spending time on the computer. Is fishing for these lovely tidbits something you enjoy doing? Or do you just assign yourself a certain amount of time and go do it? I cannot imagine having done all this when my kids were that age…

    • Gretchen,

      Partly, I think it’s my father’s influence. He read articles voraciously during my childhood, and I picked up the habit. I have many diverse interests, and I like learning more.

      Most of the links come from my social media time – people who know me well, or know about my passion for things like Star Trek, tiny houses, Van Gogh, and Paul Simon send me things they find. I also enjoy saving links for later as I scroll through Facebook or Twitter.

      I save a lot of links to my Pocket app, because it’s synced for my laptop (where I write), and my Kindle (which is easier for my aging eyes to read from.

      As far as getting them to the blog, I will scroll through the Pocket links, and sometimes follow links from there. Right now, I an doing three lines per category at a time, because I like cycling though my projects rather than completing one before beginning another.

      When I have 9 links, I have a blogpost. It might take several sessions to get them, and make them presentable.

      I love doing this. It satisfies both my desire to learn, and a not-so-secret librarian fantasy I have… =) I’m not much for assigning myself work. I just keep an expansive list of projects I want to do, and move through it, doing sections of the goal, then moving on to something else. I do best with a state of flow than I do with rigid schedules. I have an order, but it’s always subject to change with circumstances, or if something grabs my attention and I don’t want to stop.

      I really didn’t write much of anything from the time my first child was born, until they were 8 and 5. Now, they are 12 and 9, and tend toward independence. We don’t have a school schedule or homework to do, so our time is pretty flexible. I tend to write in shorter bursts during the day (perfect for things like collecting links and reading articles), and in longer stretches at night, sometimes all night. Another happy thing I inherited from my father is a tendency not to need a lot of sleep. Often 4-6 ours is plenty, and I’ve been known to go a few days running with less, when the words have me.

      Mostly, I just go with what suits me, and makes me happy. That’s about to be doing some low-key stuff while watching Enterprise with my hubby while the kids watch Doctor Who. A bit later, I’m looking forward to adding some words to a WIP or two, and a little more planning for NaNo, before I sleep.

      I hope that answers your question, and I am happy you popped in. There’ll be another Sunday Sampler on October 6!

  2. A nice list of links here, Shan. Glad you brought back your sampler. Sometimes it’s not the idea that’s wrong, just the presentation… as you well know. Hopefully this design will work well for you.

    • Eden,

      Thanks. It wasn’t so much gone, as on hiatus, like all of my features were, for the summer. I’ll be bringing them back, as I build a sustainable queue for each of them, and on a new schedule, so that I can keep up with them, and noveling, too.

      Making this feature half as long means that I can shuffle the categories, and collect my links in a more organic way. That will save a few hours a week! It’ll also make it less overwhelming, and, with the categories a bit different each week, fresh.

      I’m really liking this idea!

        • I think so – at least for now. I’ve been using the break to do what I wasn’t patient enough to do last winter…build a queue for each feature, so that I don’t need to stop blogging during conferences, NaNo, or other busy times…

          It’s been a lot of foundation building, and now I have a better idea of howto go about it, and the completed and draft libraries are growing nicely!

          I’m excited to roll out my autumn offerings with the beginning of Round 4! =)

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