A Deepening Passion: ROW80 Update, September 11, 2013

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What is ROW80, you ask? Why, it’s Kait Nolan‘s baby, The Writing Challenge that Knows You Have a Life!

Have you ever felt like so much was shifting inside you that you really couldn’t give it words?

I’ve been feeling that way, these last two weeks or so. Maybe it’s the transitional energy of fall, or the fact that we’ve been shifting our living room, as we strive to make it into a greatroom we can all gather in and enjoy a wide array of pursuits. Or that I’m working out, and working toward making a habit of it. Or that the school year has begun here, and that always has me reflective and profoundly grateful that school doesn’t take over our lives. Or that we’re all on differing sleep cycles at the moment, so things are a bit unsettled, so far as our daily rhythms are concerned.

Maybe it’s something deeper. It tends to happen, every so often, that I myself deepen and shift. I’m taking ownership of my life, in a new and more peaceful way.

Whatever the reason, I am allowing this feeling the space to be, and to grow as it will. Life has shown me that something good will come of it, so it will have as much of my attention as it needs. I may be more often absent as not, these last days of the round, as I give myself to the feeling, and also to the goals I’ve set for myself.

A moment in Albany, last June.

Whether you are a ROW80er or not, readying for autumn cooldown, or flinging your soul wide to welcome spring, may September delight you and shift your life for the better!

A few (new) words about my goals:

  • I post only those goals I made progress on.

  • Primary focus: IHIPs, until complete, then editing.

  • Secondary focus:writing/beta reading.

  • Tertiary focus: blogging.

  • Networking will fit into the smaller spaces between larger projects – I’m still in a more quiet personal space, but I have returned to Facebook and Twitter in small ways.

Here’s an accounting of my ROW80 Goals Progress…and what will be next!

The Halfmoon in the window of the Albany Institute of History and Art.


Continue uploading photo batches to Flickr, post-editing. On target.

  • Ten photos uploaded for my 9/25 Wordless Wednesday post.

  • Ongoing goal.

Edit Albany Institute pictures for Wordless Wednesday post. On target.

  • 10 photos edited for my 9/25 post.

  • Ongoing.

Post Wordless Wednesday and WIPpet Wednesday posts. Target attained!

  • Build queue two posts ahead by end of round.

Keep up with comments and sharing. On target.

  • Monday comments on time.

  • Sharing of Wednesday posts will be next, after this update is published.

  • Ongoing.

Sometimes, I feel this  way….

Editing (With Cathy Yardley‘sRock Your Revisions🙂 On target.

Bounded by a Nutshell: Pending.

  • Figured out how to print wirelessly – and that I need black ink. Purchasing Tuesday; hope to be printing my working copy by Wednesday.

Art against city street.


To Be or Not to Be – Write at least 25,000 words in September.On target.

  • 4,186/ 25,000 words.

  • 3,165 new words.

  • WIP total: 167,080/ ~200,000 words. Under 35K to go! =)

  • A slow first third of the month, as other things held priority. I have resumed writing, with ideas coalescing. The words will come…

  • Ongoing.

The Stars are Fire: Write Scene 24, Niaan’s Pinch Point #1 (beginning by 8/29). Target attained!

  • On the late side, but done.

Eygyptian art – an historical display.

Business-y Stuff:

Maintain sponsor visits. Target attained!

  • Ongoing.

Complete IHIPs, and submit once approval packet is received. On target.

  • Both rough drafts completed.

Final revisions; draft email and attach pending approval packet.

  • Annalise’s IHIP is polished and ready to go.

Beta Reading: A More Complicated Fairy Tale – complete by end of round. On target.

  • Initial read-through: Chapters 1-6; page 62 /172

  • Comments: Chapter Two,scene 3; page 18 /174

Complete all long-term updates (general, blogging, and noveling). On target.

  • General Blogging Action Plan in progress.

  • Ongoing, until completed.

Visit and post to three WANA tribes. On target.

  • In a manner of speaking….I chatted a while with another writer in the main chat room. I don’t know why, but I feel very shy and resistant around this particular type of interaction.

  • Visit a WANA chat area and engage weekly!

Is this transitional season offering you inner shifting and insight? Are you feeling an upsurge of creativity and change in your life? I’d love to hear about it!

To peek in on, and/or encourage other ROWers, click here!

Stark Art


    • Gretchen,

      I’m not much of a wrestler.=) Instead, I like to invite it in, watch it a while, and wait for the words to pour out of me….not an approach that suits everyone, maybe, but it seems to be just right for me…

      I do feel it rising to the level of words, and, as it does, it’s creating some nifty fiction!

      Love having you stop by! =D

    • Ruth,

      Thank you! I’m not surprised that you’re feeling that way, after your adventuring. I suspect a few deep breaths and a bit of putting your feet up with the beverage of your choice in hand might be in order. =)

    • Shah,

      Great big long-distance hugs to you, my dear. I send you thoughts of balance, and hope that the upsurge of meds will bring you some relief from the flop and the brain fog.

      I’m not sure I’d call it a grip on things. It feels more like letting it flow around and through me, and moving with it when I can; resting and letting it flow past when I can’t, without trying to catch it.

      But the words have come back…thousands of them. Surprising words, with potential to complicate my stories in delightful new way! =)

      Hoping life smooths out for you!

    • Kassandra,

      I think you may be right. Things are shifting,and it’s unsettling…but, at least for me, being too settled tends to lead to inertia and stagnation.

      I’m not perfect at letting things be, but I am much better than I once was. I intend to continue to learn more about acceptance and being in the breath I’m in…I wonder if it’s a coincidence that my female protagonist often faces the same challenge…? =)

      Honestly, though, I love fall exactly for its changeability. One of the most compelling sounds I have ever heard – the bugling of bull elk in rut, is an autumn sound. I live far from elk,today, but I can still hear their echoes in my soul this time of year…

      It’s always a pleasure to have you stop by! =D

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