Family Fun Day!: ROW80 Update, September 8, 2013

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What is ROW80, you ask? Why, it’s Kait Nolan‘s baby, The Writing Challenge that Knows You Have a Life!

I’m seeing a lot of back-to-school posts right now, but, for our unschooling family, life rolls on pretty much as before – with passionate learning, and adapting to changes.

Note:  I’ve been mostly away from the Internet for the last week or so.  Lots of family time, lots o of time spent in my own head, quietly, lots of changes within internal and external spaces.

Not much I want to talk about, but much to think and feel…here’s something I can share.

My husband has the three days after Labor Day off. We decided that we would spend Wednesday – the first day of school for many children in our area – at the WILD! Center of the Adirondack Museum.

We’ve moved into a more nocturnal part of our rhythm, though, and I spent most of Tuesday night editing, posting my Wednesday blogs, and playing Cake Mania 3. I finally made it to bed at around 8am, and woke a little after 10am. The children were up nearly as long, and we let them sleep until nearly noon.

Roadside learning, Burton style!

The directions I had didn’t list mileage, and, when we’d been driving well over an hour, we realized that we wouldn’t make it to the museum in time to really enjoy it. We made the joint decision to set the plan aside for another time, and, after some discussion and a historic and scenic roadside stop, we instead drove back to Lake George, and spent a delightful hour in the vicinity of Million Dollar Beach, where we watched SNUBA divers, looked at the Minne-ha-ha (christened when I was one day old!), and the other tour boats, saw an actual surrey with the fringe on topand the eager hansom mare who pulled it, wandered around a secret garden, did some window shopping, enjoyed spectacular views, perfect late-summer weather, and delightful companionship, and got “trapped” in Adirondack chairs. We had a sweet treat at Ben and Jerry’s, then, on our way home, we stopped at a playground tucked away in the woods…

Not the day we planned, but a day that was perfect in its spontaneous sparkle. Have you ever had a day like that -one that simply went its own way despite your plans, and turned out to be just right?

A few (new) words about my goals:

  • I post only those goals which I made progress on.

  • Current primary focus: IHIPs; beta reading.

  • Secondary focus: writing.

  • Tertiary focus: blogging.

  • Networking  will fit into the smaller spaces between larger projects.

Here’s an an accounting of my ROW80 Goals Progress…and what will be next!


Continue uploading photo batches to Flickr, post-editing. On target.

  • Six photos uploaded for this week’s Wordless Wednesday post.

  • Ongoing goal.

Complete second Coffee and Conversation post, and schedule. Target attained!

  • Schedule 2 more posts by Sepetember 15.

Majesty Afloat…

Schedule both Saturday’s Share posts by Wednesday, August 21. Late, but on target now.

Post Wordless Wednesday and WIPpet Wednesday posts. On target.

  • Ongoing.

Keep up with comments and sharing. Target attained!

Delightful focal point!

Editing (With Cathy Yardley‘sRock Your Revisions🙂 On target.

Chameleon’s Dish :

Take general on-page notes. Target attained!

  • Complete through Scene#66; page 249/249.

Continue list of per-scene attention items. Target attained!

  • Completed #Scene 66; page 249/249.

  • Ongoing until all scenes have a list page; with placeholders for missing scenes.

Goofy big kid!


To Be or Not to Be – Write at least 25,000 words in September.On target.

  • 1,221/ 25,000 words.

  • 1,221 new words.

  • WIP total: 163, 913/ ~200,000 words. Under 40K to go! =)

  • Ongoing.

The Stars are Fire: Plan/Adapt Scene 24, Niaan’s Pinch Point #1 (beginning by 8/29). Target attained!

Perchance to Dream: Write Scene #16; Amanda’s Plot Point #1(beginning by 8/29). Target attained!

  • 1,952 new words.

  • WIP total: 61,008/~100.000 words.

  • Plan/Adapt Scene #17; Spock’s Plot Point #1 (beginning by 9/5).

Sixteen years….a selfie!

Business-y Stuff:

Maintain sponsor visits. Target surpassed!

  • Ongoing.

Complete IHIPs by September 10, and submit once approval packet is received . On target.

  • Annalise’s Social Sciences complete.

  • Ongoing.

A lovely Lake George moment.

Complete all long-term updates (general, blogging, and noveling). On target.

What would your perfect day be like? Who would share it, or would it be one just for you? I love hearing from you!

To peek in on, and/or encourage other ROWers, click here!

Family silliness!


  1. What a beautiful way to spend an outing day. Yes, I’ve had days like that (many of them actually, enough so I doubt it’s a fluke–sometimes the best experiences are those that aren’t planned).

    You reminded me, Marcus wanted to go to Lake George… Sounds like a plan, especially since this past weekend we were all feeling icky under the weather. Thank you for the gentle nudge.

    Best to your (as always inspiring) progress, Shan. ♥

    • It was a lovely day, for sure…and we were home and settled well before dark. There will be more pictures, on Wednesday.

      The leaves are just starting to change, and some things were still open. I hope you guys get there soon.

      Slowly, I’m shifting a bit from solid editing, hometending (the living room is really shaping up; my vision is something like a greatroom where we will all congregate throughout the day, and which can support a variety of pursuits.

      Ideas are shaping up, and I am dreaming. I wrote a few hundred words on Monday; there may be far more tomorrow.

      I will be at the Y, but would rather postpone a girls’night for a week – Jim wants to take the kids out, and I feel like a need a few hours’ uiet with my thoughts…seems I haven’t been alone much just lately.

      Hope you are all feeling well, now, and enjoying this loveliness of weather.

      • Sounds like a plan for today–I’m getting a “me” day alone too today. Let’s at least post our workouts to the ROW80 Fitness group though, just as a way of keeping up (I think I need a bit more encouragement to get moving). Quiet time sounds so good though…

        I hope we can get up to Lake George to. If we go on the weekend, we’re more likely to get there while there is some “activity” since a lot of stuff drifts to a weekend-only schedule after Labor Day.

        If the kids would like to come with us, I can pick them up. Feel free to let them know they are invited. If Dan comes with us, we’ll bring the Impala so there will be room in the back seat.

        (btw, I love the idea of a “Greatroom”. We’re trying to do that with our livingroom too. However, I suspect that our dining room/kitchen is going to be that when we finish the remodel. You might want to ask Melissa for details on what she and Gary did with their kitchen/living room combo. It might give you some ideas. It’s such an open, airy, relaxing space.

        Thank you for the lovely weather wishes. May the dreams and ideas flow freely and warmly around you.

  2. Those sound like great reasons to be away from the computer. Lots of relaxed pleasures.

    I love all of the pictures, but I especially love the 16 years selfie! What a great photo!

    • Kim,

      We’ve been taking selfies since we met at the Grand Canyon. In my old photo boxes (on the short list to be delved and enjoyed over the winter, now that I have my new printer!), we have them from Yellowstone, Oregon, the Everyglades, New York, and on the Metro headed to Washington, D.C. We have one with Miah on the day we brought him home, and one of all of us laughing on the couch in a pile….

      I like this one. My shirt and Jim’s beard match, and has his cynical focused look…

      I really enjoyed and maybe needed the break. In little ways, I’m easing back in…not ready for Facebook or Twitter quite yet…wanna and blogs seem to be enough.

      Life has been much sweeter now that I accept and respect these shifts in energy and need for specific types of connection and quiet.

      So happy you stopped by.

  3. What a wonderful summer collage of family love — and writing accomplishment. Shan, you inspired me to set a goal of 7,500 for September. So far, so good. May September be as bright as the summer for you!

    • Beth,

      Thank you! There will be more photos on Wednesday over at The Unfettered Life. I’ll link them on the ROW80 page.

      I love that you felt inspired! And may they all be lovely words, too….

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