One More: ROW80 Update, August 21, 2013

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What is ROW80, you ask? Why, it’s Kait Nolan‘s baby, The Writing Challenge that Knows You Have a Life!

For me, this is the session of One More.

One more day:

 The Northeast Unschooling Conference  starts tomorrow.

One more follower:

 This little blog o’ mine now has 104 WordPress followers. My goal for this round is to see it to 105. So, one more…This post itself is One More…the 400th post I’ve published on this blog. 

There is light, and shadow –  we have a potential One Less, too…

 We may have one less cat than we did. We have not seen Srindi, the most feral, still, of our three formerly feral felines, in a few days. She tends to hang close to my office, and hadn’t been going outside much.

 It’s possible she’s in heat, because she’s the one of the three who hasn’t yet been spayed. Or she may have decided that living outside, as she did for the first several months of her life, suits her better than the bustle of the house. She may come back, or not. We hope she does.

Me and my Mobile Muse. Iggy Jingles doll and photo credit: Robyn Coburn.

We hope that she’s alive and well. She is a nice cat, shy and reserved, and, during the last week or two, she seemed to have been warming up to us at last…

In the meantime, I’m writing, and packing, and wrapping up weekend preparations. I’ve had several story breakthroughs, and a part of my wants nothing but to hide away, explore these new twists and depths, and write…

A few (new) words about my goals:

  • Sunday’s update may be extremely short, or even nonexistent, depending on the flow of the next few days.

  • For the rest of this round, I will only be posting those goals which I made progress on for that session. I’m hoping to make my updates tighter and easier to prepare and read.

  • I won’t be adding many new items for a bit. What’s on my buffet right now offers many options, and I will be sampling and indulging these for a while.

Natural art funshop….so many things to learn and do at NEUC! Photo credit: unknown.

Here’s an accounting of my ROW80 Goals Progress…and what will be next!


Continue uploading photo batches to Flickr, post-editing. On target.

  • Last Sayen photos uploaded..

  • Ongoing goal.

Post Wordless Wednesday and WIPpet Wednesday posts. Target attained!

Keep up with comments and sharing. Target attained!

  • Ongoing.

“Dream a Little Dream of Me” – Performing with unschooled musician Julian Baptista. Photo credit: Adam Smith.

Editing (With  Rock  Your Revisions): On target.

 Chameleon’s Dish :

Take general on-page notes.

On target.

  • Major epiphanies, and scenes that will be rewritten almost wholly. I’m so excited, I almost want to do it right now, even though I know I haven’t gone deeply enough!

  • Complete through Scene #28; page 109/249. Under 150 pages to go! =D

  • Ongoing.

Continue list of per-scene attention items. On target.

  • Completed through Scene #22; page 93/249.

  • Ongoing.


To Be or Not to Be – Write at least 25,000 words in August. On target.

  • 19, 392/ 25,000 words. Less than 6,000 left for the month!

  • 2, 576 new words .

  • WIP total: 157, 074/ ~200,000 words. Under 45K to go! =)

  • Ongoing.

Perchance to Dream: Write Scene 15; T’Pol’s POV. Target attained!

  • 1,239 new words.

  • WIP total: 58,130/~100,000 words.

  • Adapt/Plan Scene 16; Amanda’s Plot Point #1 (beginning by 8/22).

After-performance songs from my boy. Photo credit: Adam Smith.

Business-y Stuff:

Maintain sponsor visits.

Target surpassed!

Write both Peer Reviews and print (before NEUC). On target.

  • Both reviews proofed and ready to print today.

  • Ongoing.

Visit and post to three WANA tribes. On target.

  • Visited and read all comments at Writing to Heal. Will process, then introduce myself.

All in all, a good One More session. Things are humming along, and I will take some down time from conference intensity to play with words and ideas….

Who will be the One More that brings me to my goal? Could it be….you? If you haven’t followed yet, and like what you see here, it might be!

I appreciate all my followers, and am so looking forward to meeting the mysterious entity who will become….Follower #105!

To peek in on, and/or encourage other ROWers, click here!

Ladies who NEUC: Jean, Robyn, Ren, Julie, me, Trinity, and Debra. I don’t remember who snapped this – sorry!




  1. Wow, congrats on all your progress! How are yxou liking “Rock Your Revisions”? I have Rock Your Plot, but I haven’t gotten all that much out of it. Maybe I need to take some notes and try to work with it more closely. I’m finding that I prefer physical books to ebooks for reference, so that might be part of it.

    • Ruth,

      I really like both of the “Rock Your Writing” books (not ready for the third yet). For me, they are just the right amount of structure to enhance my intuitive writing style.

      I did highlight the books, and I’ve dedicated a physical notebook to my revision in progress. I’m in the early stages, but I do think this has gone a long way to clarify some deficiencies in the story and scenes as written.

      Like all techniques, though, it may not be as useful to every writer. And, if you prefer physical references, the format alone might get in your way.

      I’ll update my impressions as I move through the process.

  2. So much going on! It looks like some good progress happening. I like your idea of only reporting on the things that have changed since the previous check-in. Anything that helps make things easier for you! Have a great week!

    • Kim,

      Things are settling out, now. Jeremiah’s birthday next week will be the culmination of our chaotic busy season. Then comes a gradual settling-in for the winter. I have plans to move a lot of furniture, and make our spaces more welcoming and usable.

      An unexpected benefit of the new reporting is that I am focused on the positive and kinetic rather than weighing myself down with all the things I’d like to have already gotten to but haven’t. That feels energizing. I think I’m going to like this.

      May you also have a great week!

  3. Maybe summer is that balance point when we shake our lives into new shapes and then as fall approaches, reorganize, reorganize, reorganize! Your clear goals and willingness to set priorities says you are doing just fine. I hope your little feral kitty comes home.

    • Beth,

      No Srindi. We’ve concluded she’s gone – back to the wilds, or to the coyotes that inhabit them…

      I love your seasonal imagery. And I do tend to reorganize and repurpose in the fall. Something about that energy and the sense of the long winter months ahead…

      The reports are coming along. The writing’s waiting in the wings a bit, still, but its time will come…

    • Gretchen,

      Good idea. There is, so far as I know, no video of our performance, but I’ll post up some Mamas and the Papas soon – although not likely during the conference. Day One is ending, and, at 1am, we’re all still awake (barely).

      It’s bound to be a busy and wonderful few days….and, after, I will be blogging more…

      Thanks for the input! =)

  4. Yes, it is frustrating when you have all this good writing stuff in your head but not the time or space to do anything with it. It’s why I spend my life surrounded by scribbled notes.
    I’m sure your cat will wander back of her own accord. When I was younger one of our cats went AWOL for a week and it turne dout he’d got himself adopted by the neighbours!

    • Debbie,

      I know that the ideas will churn up with these experiences, blend, and become something new and very likely wonderful.

      Now that we’re here, with so many of our chosen family, I can’t imagine NOT being here. Unschooling is a way of being with children that is hard to explain, but wonderful to live, and utterly amazing to see in a group setting, with kids from babies through grown unschoolers.

      As for Srindi…I’m thinking we won’t see her again. She’s extremely shy, so another home seems unlikely. She’s also very fond of food.

      We have coyotes nearby. I hope that’s not what happened, but it is a distinct possibility.

      I’m happy your cat was safe!

  5. The frustrating thing about story breakthroughs is that, when they happen, we seldom are able to stop the world and take advantage of the breakthrough. Maybe someday I will be able to design my life like that… I have a very understanding and supportive hubby, but the kids still need dinner and supervision and hugs and their endless questions answered.

    • AmyBeth,

      Yes – just like that! We start waiting for this conference,which is the height of our unschooling social year, about the time we leave.

      The life we’ve chosen allows me to embrace my passions while supporting the kids’ – but in fits and starts. Writing time is seldom predictable, and sometimes, like now, very slippery to come by.

      It’s worth it, though! =)

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