Tricksome Time: ROW80 Update, August 18, 2013

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What is ROW80, you ask? Why, it’s Kait Nolan‘s baby, The Writing Challenge that Knows You Have a Life!

Time sometimes plays capricious games with me. Our life is more a thing of flow than of rigid schedule, so hard-and-fast commitments can sneak up on me and catch me off blithely doing something else.

In the wee hours of Saturday morning, I had a flash of realization.

The Northeast Unschooling Conference starts on Thursday.

I somehow thought it was at least a week further away. I am not mentally, emotionally, or physically ready…

So that’s what the next few days will be about – getting ready for a hugely social weekend, solo parenting (being married to a chef means very few weekends off!), massive amounts of learning, and travel.

A  few words about my goals:

These aren’t do-this-now-or-fail propositions. My goals offer me a fine buffet of choices, awaiting my pleasure. I have so man I always have options, whatever the nature of living.

The next few days, and, to some extent, the rest of the month, my focus will shift strongly toward one type of goal or another. There is homeschooling paperwork to submit in the early parts of September. I’ve been neglecting blogging for months, as I pursued noveling. Lately, I’m feeling a strong urge to be back to at least thrice-a week blogging here, and maintain my weekly specials at the other two blogs, by the end of the round.

Abundance…what the next days offer!

In October, I will be planning my November NaNoWriMo novel, King of Shreds and Patches – more on that in the coming weeks.

So, focus shifts, and life goes on…

Here’s an accounting of my ROW80 Goals Progress…and what will be next!


Revise biography. On target.

  • First step: I tracked down various bios and placed them together in one document.
  • Reread, colorblock and mull.
  • Take notes for deeper focus.
  • Freewrite at least once.

Continue uploading batches of 15 to Flickr, as they are edited. On target.

  • Ongoing goal.

Continue editing for more Sayen Garden Wordless Wednesday posts. Target attained!

  • 11 images to finish these.

Sometimes life imposes boundaries…

Complete second Coffee and Conversation post, and schedule. Pending.

Draft 2 more Coffee and Conversation posts. Pending.

Draft 2 Saturday’s Share  posts by Friday, August 16. Target attained!

  • Colorblocked existing draft for the first;

  • Wrote a wandering draft for the second.

  • Schedule both posts by Wednesday, August 21.

  • Post Wordless Wednesday and WIPpet Wednesday posts.

Gather links for Sunday Sampler – 3 per category. Pending.

Create a file for potential stacking, per feature. On target.

  • Ongoing.

Continue brainstorming post ideas, adding features over time. Pending.

  • Ongoing.

Create sidebar “menus” for all blogs, and post. Pending.

Keep up with comments and sharing. Target attained!

  • Ongoing.

Editing (With Cathy Yardley‘s Rock Your Revisions🙂 On target.

Chameleon’s Dish :

Hoping to keep sight of the forest and the trees.

Take general on-page notes. On target.

  • Jotted color-coded notes through Scene #18 (leaving blanks for Henry’s pending scenes) – Page 83/249 – chugging along! =D

  • Ongoing.

Continue list of per-scene attention items. On target.

  • Notes and set up for goal/motivation/conflict/disaster (with blanks for Herny’s pending scenes) through Scene #14; Page 60/ 249. Over a fifth of the way there.

  • Ongoing.

Bounded by a Nutshell: Pending.

Print for reread. Pending.

  • Saving for September, unless I finish the first run of Chameleon’s Dish sooner.


To Be or Not to Be – Write at least 25,000 words in August. On target.

  • 16,816/ 25,000 words. Less than 9,000 left for the month!

  • 3,257 new words .

  • WIP total: 154,498/ ~200,000 words. A little less than a NaNo to go! =)

  • Ongoing.

I’ll embrace moments of relaxation.

The Stars are Fire: Adapt plan for Scene 23, Vaara’s Pinch Point #1. Target attained!

  • Plan adapted to suit writing to-date.

Perchance to Dream: Write Scene 15; T’Pol’s POV. On target.

  • 2,628 new words.

  • WIP total: 56, 891/~100,000 words.

  • Ongoing.

Business-y Stuff:

Update all Blogging Action Plans. Target attained!

Maintain sponsor visits. Target surpassed!

  • Ongoing.

Add Social Sciences to IHIPs and quarterlies. On target.

  • Jeremiah’s IHIP completed.

Write both Peer Reviews and print (before NEUC). On target.

  • Annalises’s Peer Review Form drafted.

  • Ongoing.

I might find a moment of Zen…

Add Sciences to IHIPs and Quarterlies. Target attained!

  • Jeremiah’s quarterly Sciences completed -which finishes this goal! =D

  • Add Visual Arts to IHIPS and Quarterlies.

Read, comment, and share the WANA113 blogs I saved. On target.

  • Ongoing.

Comment on Wordless and WIPpet Wednesday posts (at least 3 each). Target attained!

  • Visited WIPpets, commented (except for one – WordPress wouldn’t let me!), and shared to my Facebook Writer Page.

  • I visited three Wordless Wednesday posts.

Visit and post to three WANA tribes. Pending.

Visit Pinterest – it’s been a while! Pending.

To peek in on, and/or encourage other ROWers, click here!


  1. I think my realization came about the same time yours did. I mean, I’d thought about it, considered it, but… I still wasn’t preparing for it. I probably won’t be prepared for it until we are heading out Thursday morning…

    Its strange how we still maintain certain patterns in our lives. Kudos on so many targets attained and surpassed though. Nice to see.

    • Debbie,

      Most of my titles are bits from Hamlet. I’m not sure which one you particularly liked, but if you follow the link for WIPpet Wednesday, you can read excerpts from the rough drafts of four volumes, which might give you more of a sense of them.

      We’re getting pulled together for the conference. It’s less an issue of physical preparation than emotional and mental readiness for what is usually the most intense part of our year. I won’t be sorry, once we are there…it just takes me a bit to get myself into that “conference space”.

      Thanks for your well-wishes! =D

    • Shah,

      I’m feeling a bit more ready now. We’re gradually getting ready, and trying to relax. Writing relaxes me, so it’s a good way to keep my balance while moving myself into that more social space…only, I’m having massive story epiphanies right now, and part of me just wants to cocoon into that, and not come out till it’s over.

      An abundance of experiences…and, I’m certain that it will feed my writing. I know there will be less time and energy for creating during the conference, and many more ideas (for writing and for learning and living as a peaceful family!) absorbed.

      Thanks, as always, for your support, and may your week be joyful! =D

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