High Creative Tide: ROW80 Update, August 11, 2013

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What is ROW80, you ask? Why, it’s Kait Nolan‘s baby, The Writing Challenge that Knows You Have a Life!

I’ve got a lot to say, at this update – but most of it will be said (well, more likely written), in places other than here.

Yup, it’s high creative tide, for all of us, here, and I am riding the waves: writing, editing, blogging, taking care of business, hometending and beginning to reorganize, playing with words, images, ideas, and emotions in many ways.

I’ve been joyfully productive, and, even as I type this, at 4am Sunday, my time, I am feeling eager to rush back over to the buffet, and serve up a few more favorites so I can nibble at them before I sleep…

A single,artful bloom.

Here’s an accounting of my ROW80 Goals Progress…and what will be next!


Tweak The Unfettered Life header. Target attained!

  • Redone, for now. Subject to adaptation.

 Tweak shanjeniah header. Pending.

  • Ongoing goal.

Continue uploading batches of 15 to Flickr, as they are edited. Pending.

  • Ongoing goal.

Continue editing for more Sayen Garen Wordless Wednesday posts. On target.

  • Fifteen images edited.

  • Ongoing goal.

 Draft 2 Coffee and Conversation posts for stacking. Target attained!

  • 1000+ word draft of second post. May be a series of posts on aspects of the same theme. I am excited to own my convictions, and I hope to inspire thought on a topic of deep importance to me.

Have one post ready to publish on Monday, August 12. On target.

  • “On Shaming Children” color-coded, pondering revision.

  • Ongoing goal.

 Draft 2 Saturday’s Share posts by Friday, August 16. Pending.

  • Ongoing goal.

 Create a file for potential stacking, per feature. On target.

  • Master list created.

  • Brainstormed ideas from writing notebook added.

  • Ongoing goal.

 Continue brainstorming post ideas, adding features over time. Pending.

  • Ongoing goal.

 Rough draft of revised posting schedule. Target attained!

  • My Blog Buffet Menu is in rough draft, and I am pleased with it.

  • Create sidebar “menus” for all blogs, and post.

 Keep up with comments and sharing. Target attained!

  • Ongoing goal.

These colors make me swoon.

Editing (With Cathy Yardley’s Rock Your Revisions:) Pending.

  • New printer is functional! =D

 Chameleon’s Dish :

 Print for reread. Target attained!

 Once I got everything working together, printing went quickly. Still in negotiations with the paper loading tray…

 Begin reading to my beta listeners (Annalise and Jeremiah). Target attained!

 Read-through completed wee-hours, Saturday.

  • Much discussion – writing, plot, related things. Annalise drew a favorite scene in her sketch pad.

  • They want more! Like, right now! =)

     Take general on-page notes. On target.

  • Jotted color-coded notes on first four scenes – to page 38/249.

  • Ongoing goal.

 Begin list of things to look at. On target.

  • Designated a notebook for this project– 1 page per scene.

  • Onep age of general, scene-by-scene items to look at.

  • Notes and set up for goal/motivation/conflict/disaster. Prologue (writing pending), – scene #3,: Page 19 / 249.

  • Continue list of per-scene attention items.

 Bounded by a Nutshell:

 Print for reread. Pending.

  • Saving for September, unless I finish the first run of Chameleon’s Dish sooner.

Merchant’s Road Inspiration.


To Be or Not to Be – Write at least 25,000 words in August. On target.

  • 9,449 / 25,000 words.

  • 2,951 new words.

  • WIP total: 148,132 / ~200,000 words.

The Stars are Fire – Write Scene 22, Konii’s POV. On target.

  • 3,132 new words.

  • WIP total: 53,584 /~ 100,000 words.

  • Adapt plan for Scene 23, Niaan’s Pinch Point #1, beginnimg August 15.

Perchance to Dream – Plan Scene 15; T’Pol’s POV. Target attained!

  • Scene was already planned; minor adjustments made.

  • Write Scene 15; T’Pol’s POV, beginning August 15.

Business-y Stuff:

Skipping along a creative path..

Update Long -term Goals, Noveling Action Plan, and all Blogging Action Plans. On target.

Maintain sponsor visits. Target attained!

ELA and Mathematics for both IHIPs and fourth quarter reports (due September 1). On targe

  • Annalise’s Quarterly – Mathematics completed. This goal has been attained for her IHIP and reports.

  • Jeremiah’s Quarterly – Writing/Spelling complete.

  • Complete Jeremiah’s ELA and Mathematics for fourth quarter reports (by September 1).

  • Write both Peer Reviews and print (before NEUC)

Add Sciences to IHIPs and Quarterlies. On target.

  • Added to Jeremiah’s IHIP.

  • Ongoing goal.

Read, comment, and share the WANA113 blogs I saved. On target.

  • Read more, commented, and shared.

  • Ongoing goal.

Join in on the conversation. Target attained!

  • Two comments made.

  • Ongoing goal.

Have you ever been swept away on a Creative High Tide? Was it exciting, terrifying, or a little of both?

To peek in on, and/or encourage other ROWers, click here!

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  1. Wow . . . another great week! Amazing progress and I’m fascinated by your novel plotting strategies (working at the scene level). I do love notebooks. Do you draw in yours? Make maps? Setting maps and story maps? I also am in awe of your creative energy. May the coming week go well for you!

    • Beth,

      I just bought a small sketch pad to play at drawing in. I have drawn maps, but not often, and I am a shoddy mapmaker (I have an highly refined sense of nondirection!).

      My current notebook is for revising a wholly unplotted novel. Right now, I’m just taking general framework and ideas, one page per scene.

      I do have stacks of notebooks with scenes I have in my head, character sketches, research notes, exploratory wanderings.

      I come to every story first through character interactions, thoughts, and emotions.

      I might begin a notebook for my November NaNoWriMo, which I will be plotting in October, If I do, I will share the experience here.

      I’m really enjoying my current approach to goals. I love the ones I have, and that I have the chance to alter or add to them twice a week.

      May your week be lovely!

  2. Okay, I’m impressed. Lots of “On Target” and “Target Attained” up above–simply fantastic! I think it is great that you are able to stay on task with such dedication and drive, truly inspirational. I’m going to subscribe to your blog as soon as I finish typing this, looking forward to your upcoming posts.

    Have an incredible week, Shan. 🙂

    • Gene,

      It was definitely a good session for moving things forward and getting things done. The last few days have been better for PBS, husband, children, best friend, and outings to a historic site and to work out.

      All of those are pretty terrific, too.

      I won’t argue with dedication, but I never see it as drive or being “on-task” – those make it seem like work in a way it isn’t for me. I write very often while watching TV (The Odd Couple, right now!), chatting with the kids, jumping up and down to tidy this or fold that, and time for games and pets, and all sorts of other things.

      Writing is part of life – a part I set aside for a very long time, because others told me it was a waste of time, or because my children were little and needed me.

      Now, it’s a gift I’m giving to myself, so maybe it’s more a matter of healthy self-indulgence than it is drive…at least,that’s how it feels. =)

      Thank you for subscribing, and I hope you will continue to enjoy what I have to offer.

      And may your week by at least as incredible as mine, which has been delightful, so far.

  3. It’s satsifying being carried away like that. Hasn’t happened to me for an age though. I remember thsoe heady days I could stay uip until 4am *sigh*
    Well done meeting so many of your targets. I wish I had your drive at the moment.

    • Debbie,

      I love when it happens, and remind myself that it does when I find the other side…where I am now. More input than output…but, without input,I and my writing might stagnate.

      Ticking things of lists slows when I’m in the ebb, and goes much faster in the high creative tide. It really is like a wave, and learning to accept it all as what it is has really helped me to be where I am, and give myself to the need to pour words, then need to do and see and expand my horizons, and all the in-between places, too.

      As for being up till 4am or later – I am generally a night person.I don’t have a day job, and the children don’t have a school schedule to follow. I also married a chef. We tend to sleep in, and stay up late.

      During the daytime hours, I can only often manage bursts of activity, rather than long runs of focused energy. Nighttime is when things settle enough (most nights), for the in-depth stuff.

      I’m not sure I’d call what I have drive. It’s more like I am opening my arms wide and welcoming the chance to do something people used to tell me was just a pipe dream. It feels good to claim it for my own, and then to share it with others.

      It’s not work, it’s writing!

      May your week bring more goodness than you expected!

  4. Wow, I need one of these creative waves. I’m glum and unenthused lately. You seem to have an inexhaustible supply energy and enthusiasm. Gimmi some! 😀 Well done on all you do. I love that new header! I just purchased the revision bool you mentioned (and the companion one Rock Your Plot)… Looking forward to reading those and hope they fire me up to get some work done, starting Monday!

    Shah X


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