Peace Amidst Chaos: ROW80 Update, August 7, 2013

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 What is ROW80, you ask? Why, it’s Kait Nolan‘s baby, The Writing Challenge that Knows You Have a Life!

This session began with an extra person in our house – my 13 year-old nephew, Cameron. Monday brought our dear New Jersey friends, the Woodman family, and Annalise’s pool party, at the home of my parents.

 Annalise had a good time, although she also said that having people there she didn’t know and hadn’t invited was “a little creepy”. The weather was lovely, and all of the children who attended got along well, and made happy use of the pool.

 And me?

I ended up in a conversation that reminded me why I have little interaction with some members of my family of origin. The dysfunctions of the family have not changed, but I have become calmer, more centered, and far less emotionally invested in them. I know what works for me, and I can release others to their own life.

 I’ve grown, and changed, in ways that feed my peace, and my family’s. It was good to measure myself against how these same interactions would have played out, a few years ago, and see that I am different, and respond differently. I have no need to deepen those relationships – there was something caustic and unpleasant there that I tend to avoid.

Once it was over, I was too tired to focus, and the migraine had taken strong hold. I went to bed early, and Tuesday was a mellow catchup day for me.

 So, while there aren’t a lot of “Target attaineds” in this update, I feel that there was a good deal of growth and learning, and that will, as life settles out and levels off, and I reflect upon it, translate into new writing.

Summertime fun with her best friend! Photo credit: Sylvia Woodman.

Here’s an accounting of my ROW80 Goals Progress…and what will be next!


Tweak The Unfettered Life header. On target.

  • Nothing this session.

  • Ongoing goal.

Tweak shanjeniah header. Pending.

  • Nothing this session.

  • Ongoing goal.

2. Upload photos to Flickr and create two Sayen Gardens posts. Target attained!

  • Second post up.

  • Continue uploading batches of 15 to Flickr, as they are edited.

Continue editing for more Sayen Garen Wordless Wednesday posts. Pending.

  • Nothing this session.

  • Ongoing goal.

Draft 2 Coffee and Conversation posts for stacking. On target.

  • I have a new and strongly felt idea for the second post simmering in my mind.

  • Ongoing goal.

  • Have one post ready to publish on Monday, August 12.

  • Draft 2 Saturday’s Share posts by Friday, August 16.

Create a file for potential stacking, per feature. Pending.

  • Nothing this session.

  • Ongoing goal.

Begin brainstorming ideas. Pending.

  • Nothing new this session.

  • Continue brainstorming post ideas, adding features over time.

Rough draft of revised posting schedule. On target..

  • Letting the tentative schedule rest. I will review it later in the week, and decide if I want to use it as-is, or adapt it.

  • Ongoing goal.

 Keep up with comments and sharing. Target attained!

  • I’ve answered all comments here.

  • Will share Wednesday posts by end of day.

  • Ongoing goal.

And the winner is….ME!



(With Cathy Yardley’s Rock Your Revisions🙂


  • My new printer is in my office. Jeremiah set it up, and I will try it within the next day or two. 

Chameleon’s Dish :

Print for reread. Pending.

 Begin reading to my beta listeners (Annalise and Jeremiah). Pending.

 Take general notes. Pending.

 Begin list of things to look at. Pending.

 Bounded by a Nutshell:

 Print for reread. Pending

Best friends on a swing!


 To Be or Not to Be – Write at least 25,000 words in August. On target.

  • 6,498 of 25,000 words.

  • WIP total: 145,181 of ~200,000 words.

 The Stars are Fire – Write or plan one scene each week in August. Target attained!

  • I planned Scene 22.

  • Write Scene 22, Konii’s POV.

 Perchance to Dream – Write or plan one scene each week in August. Target attained!

  • Scene 14, Spock’s POV: 1,164 new words; WIP total: 54,262 words.

  • Plan Scene 15; T’Pol’s POV.

 Continue planning as POV scenes are completed. Irrelevant.

  • This goal addressed in the by-WIP goals above, so I am dropping it here.

Business-y Stuff:

 Update Long -term Goals, Noveling Action Plan, and all Blogging Action Plans. Pending.

  • Nothing this session.

  • Ongoing goal.

 Maintain sponsor visits. Target attained!

 ELA and Mathematics for both IHIPs and fourth quarter reports (due September 1). On target.

  • Annalise’s Quarterly – English Language Usage completed, which finishes her ELA.

  • .Ongoing goal.

 Add Sciences to IHIPs and Quarterlies. Pending.

  • Nothing this session.

  • Ongoing goal.

 Read, comment, and share the WANA113 blogs I saved. Pending.

  • Nothing this session.

  • Ongoing goal.

 Join in on the conversation. Pending.

  • Nothing this session.

  • Ongoing goal.

 How is August treating you? 

To peek in on, and/or encourage other ROWers, click here!

A reminder for myself..and perhaps, others, too. ❤


  1. Resting and recovering aren’t always the same. Sounds like you are managing some of both however.

    I agree with Annalise about the number of strangers at an event that was meant for her. It’s one of the things that always set me a bit off about pool parties at your parent’s home…. Of course, you guys are welcome to come down and swim for a day at our pool. Trust me, unless you don’t give us warning, there should be no one stranger than us using the pool at any time. 😉

    And yay for the new printer… What kind did you get?

    • Eden,

      Before the party, we talked about the fact that there might be some ulterior motive in offering it (the gift came in a public place, without any advance notice to Jim or I, which seemed – orchestrated, i guess would be the word). We left it up to Lise whether she wanted to accept or not, and what it might be like.

      The extra people, some of whom had never met Lise, were definitely off-putting, especially since she has been feeling more shy this last little while – turning nine has been somewhat tumultuous for her, with lots of big changes happening and on the horizon.

      She did have her best friend, and Jim, and Corki invited himself by showing up at the pool gate – but those people threw her, and took away some of the pleasure she might have had in what she thought was meant to be “her day”.

      Did you get a pool? We like strange people of your kind, and that sounds lovely…and we would give you fair warning, so you could hide if you wanted to! =)

      I got a new HP Deskjet all-in-one. I’ve had great luck with them; the kids are still using the last one. I wanted one of my own that I can keep better tabs on the ink levels in…and, once I feel brave enough to check it out, I can print wirelessly, and might even be able to do so from my Kindle, anywhere.

      Technology can certainly be nifty!

      • Orchestrated sounds like an excellent term, especially considering the cause and effect…

        We have a 18ft diameter above-ground pool… Smaller than your parent’s pool of course (no diving… it’s only about 3-1/2 ft of water depth), but it’s warm and friendly and welcoming without obligations. One of those “insta-pools”…. We like it so far.

        I like the all-in ones I’ve seen… I just don’t print in color enough to warrant one yet. But you do… Sounds like a great idea.

        • Sys,

          I’m not as likely to print in color as I am to scan a LOT of photos that have been waiting in boxes for years. I am eager to bring them into my digital reality, and share them! =D

          The unit cost under $70, and, so far, I love it. I will be frugal, but the price of ink has fallen, lately.

          We will be coming to visit your pool umm, you guys. Yeah, that’s what I meant.

  2. Ah, families. I’m pleased that you can distance yourself from the ones that make you unhappy. There is a particular member of my family who is good at drawing me in to arguments. Although I’m slowly getting better at resisting.
    Glad the new printer is set up as well. Hope it works ok for you.

    • Debbie,

      It took me nearly 42 years to fully realize that being genetically linked to someone does not mean that I need to accept various forms of abuse from them.

      The truth is, they can’t make me unhappy. They can behave poorly, but I choose my reaction, and whether I will allow the damaged places in others to further damage me.

      With me, for many years, it was my sister who could pull me in. I would make what I thought was an innocent, casual comment, and it would become fodder for an hours-long screaming match that tore me up inside. I thought it was my fault (as she always insisted that it was), until I made a comment on my Facebook wall – nothing referring directly to her, but tangentially connected. I was offline for the next 18 hours or so, and, when I came back, there were about 3 feet worth of comments – vitriolic character assassinations, perpetrated by my sister and younger brother. I was staggered – I had done nothing to keep the discussion going, but friends had come to defend me, and counsel sanity…

      It was devastating, emotionally, but also very healing. I hadn’t caused it; people had come to my personal online space, and attacked me.

      From there, I began to realize that some people are looking for places to vent their rages, hurts, and frustrations, and that I had become an easy target for that.

      I am learning how to limit my exposure, to instead give my time and focus to mutually beneficial connections, and to go, in Trek parlance, with my phasers down, but my shields up.

      In this case, it was an extended family member that I haven’t seen in years, and the discussion, on her end, was heated. I remained calm, in the hopes that, at some point in the future, the ideas might connect, because we were talking about raising children, and her stance as a mother is harsh, and I felt for her daughters, and for her, because harsh parenting seldom seems to work, once children are large or strong enough to resist or leave…

      I was happy to be able to be calm, and to know how life is in my home, which is not a combative, punitive place. I hope you can find a place of calm with that person in your life. The book Anger, by Thich Nhat Hahn,really helped me learn methods of attending to my anger without letting it control me.

      Not only is the new printer set up, I’ve printed the first manuscript, and am currently rereading and marking it up as I take my first editing notes. It’s fast, and quiet, and, when I get brave enough,I will be able to print wirelessly! =)

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