Write a Story with Me – Segment #54

Welcome to “Write a Story with Me!”

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What is Write a Story with Me?

This story began July 17,  2012 with the first installment by Jennifer M. Eaton.  Different authors from all genres joined in, and have added, or are getting ready to add, their wonderful talent and ideas to keep this story moving.

The great thing about being a part of “Write a Story with Me!” is that no one author knows where we are going, and we have no idea what the person ahead of us is going to write that we will have to build on.

It is the ultimate challenge to your creative imagination.

I hope you enjoy our story.  If you’d like to hop on-board, NO PROBLEM!  The more the merrier!  Just click here to add your name to the list, and you will be tagged when your turn pops up.

Please read and abide by the rules before signing up.

Thank you, and enjoy!


Personal Note:


The coolest thing about it being my turn today is…..It’s My Birthday!  What a great way to celebrate…by sharing my little bit of “The Story” with my readers, and with those who have followed it from blog to blog for all or part of the last year or so…


And now, in the very best hobbit tradition, here is my birthday gift to all of you! =D


“I’m not asking you, Yoran. It is foretold .”

She accepted the baby from Morgasa, and settled him to nurse as she moved closer to her husband. “I chose you well, Yoran, and for more than either of us thought.” It was so easy, now, to drop the human form. Iridescent turquoise wings fluttered as if of their own will, allowing her to hover in the air, slightly above him.

He looked up at her . “You are fey.” He wouldn’t admit it, she knew, but his revulsion was blended with fascination.

“You didn’t vow to cherish me only if I was human We didn’t raise our daughters with love and laughter so you could abandon them if they weren’t just as you imagined. I didn’t bear you a son for you to turn from him, or me. I am Natalia, your wife, as I have always been. These are our children, as they have always been.”

Yoran stared at her, and she could read the passing clouds of emotion in his eyes.

“Enough of this!” Sian snapped the flimsy chains. “It’s a waste of time. If he wants to hold his prejudices at night, rather than you, let him. When he let me be Recalled without a protest, he showed himself a coward. I, at least, have a lot of work to do – and I need Marci to help with the next steps.”

Sian clicked her tongue, and Marci was free, silvery wings flicking forward to brush against her sister’s vermillion.


Write a Story with Me! Contributors:  Please feel free to include the above on your blog if you like.

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