Yes, She is 9: ROW80 Update, July 8, 2013

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 What is ROW80, you ask? Why, it’s Kait Nolan‘s baby, The Writing Challenge that Knows You Have a Life!

 Today, my youngest child begins, in her parlance, “my last single-digit year”.

Yes, she is 9.

Nine years now, of her sparkling eyes, her grin, her temper, her daring, her balance, her creativity, her laughter and her tears, her bumps and bruises, her heartaches and joys.

Nine years of memories.

Nine years of Annalise.

It’s been a ride like no other, and one I would not trade.

I am deeply blessed.


Week Two Note:

This is a busy and emotional week, bustling with activity. I’m not setting concrete goals, only options.

I will be writing, and planning, each day, but that may be only a line or two, and may be in a notebook rather than on the computer, because it’s not the type of week when I can easily predict what might happen, or how much time I will have available, and when.

Or, given the birthdays that bracket this week (two children; one living, one not), my emotional ability to shift my focus.

Warm and happy comments might not be answered, right away, but will be deeply appreciated this week!

Week Two Options are in bolded blue; Week One in bolded black.

Post individual blogging action plans to shanjeniah, Trueborn Jottings, and The Unfettered Life. Target attained!

All my blogposts are within the 800-950 word range. Target attained !

  • It wasn’t hard – I only blogged the action plans.

I share each post via Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, and use hashtags to expand my reach. Not this session. I’m reasonably sure my blogging action plans just aren’t THAT interesting to others!

I create variations on my shanjeniah logline, “Lovely Chaos” for Trueborn Jottings and The Unfettered Life. Target attained!



  • Read some Pocket saves; file for later blogging fodder.
  • Weekly posts: Wed posts, Monday and/or Saturday.
  • Catch up on blog comment responses…I’m woefully backed up, due to intense NaNo focus.
  • Possibly very abbreviated ROW80 updates.
  • Take pictures!

I continue with my plans for the Trueborn double series.

I begin July CampNaNo with The Stars are Fire roughly planned for pivotal scenes. Target exceeded!

  • I am continuing to create detailed plans of the connective scenes, keeping one scene ahead for each story arc . This gives each scene room to breathe freely, without much need to adapt the following scenes.

  • As I go along, and things are changing, it’s a simple matter to adapt the parts of the outline that change, without getting lost. Thank you, Cathy Yardley and Rock Your Plot!

I finish planning pivotal scenes for Perchance to Dream. Target attained!

  • All pivotal plot points are now detailed.

  • Next up, numbering and adding in the connective scenes.

I write a minimum of 3000 words a day. Target exceeded !

  • Current WIP total: 31,633 words.

  • I may have missed, by a few hundred words, on Saturday. Not sure. But on Friday I wrote nearly 10,000 words, and I am well ahead, so I am calling this a rousing success!

I update my word count after each writing session. Target attained!

I participate in at least 3 #wordmongering sessions. Target exceeded!

  • I’ve done several sessions.

  • I have also participated in #wordsprints and #1K1hr sessions.

  • These are very useful in getting thoughts moving, and keeping my fingers dancing across the keys.

  • Write something on current WIP each day.
  • Plot something on either/both WIPs each day.
  • Maintain updates and some social media contact.

I write my ROW80 Sponsor Post. Pending.

  • I got pulled into my WIP, and haven’t finished my revisions. I will have it submitted to Kait by Wednesday, July 10, though.

I fulfill my sponsor duties. Target attained!

I check in with Facebook periodically. Target attained!

I check in with Twitter at least twice. Target exceeded!

I check in with Google+. Target attained!

I check in with WANA Blogging for Brand. Target attained!.

  • Just a brief peek, for reorientation.

I check in with my CampNaNo cabin (which I may switch).Target attained!

  • I did switch, and check in.

Business-y Stuff:


  • Submit sponsor post.
  • Do sponsor visits.
  • Do ELA stuff for kids’ IHIPs and fourth quarter reports.

I continue to breathe, expand, and believe! Target attained!


Today, she has more hair, more teeth, and no longer fits into my old baby bunting…but that grin and those dancing eyes are just the same!



  • Celebrate!
  • Honor and remember.
  • Be with friends.
  • Soak it all up.
  • Be present.a
  • Be honest.
  • Be gentle with others.
  • Relax.
  • Be gentle with myself.
  • Give myself the space to be, all week long.

So, I attained nearly all of my Week One goals, and exceeded several. I made sure there was space for life in each day.

For me, Week Two is the shifting from joy (my daughter is 9 today!), to remembrance (Saturday would be Elijah’s 10th birthday, the tenth one he won’t be alive to celebrate).

It’s a paradoxical week, but it will be filled with life, and love, and adventure, and then it will pass, and Elijah’s Days will progress, with life being lived richly by those still living…

May July roll sweetly on, for all of my readers!

To peek in on, and/or encourage other ROWers, click here!


  1. The eyes and the smile are exactly the same (or close enough to be twins). The joy in her face is… unfettered. (And the Boodle, among a lot of giggling about making words sound silly, says “Bappy Hirthday, Leesie-ana.”)

    I think you’ve go the right idea for this week, though that isn’t that surprising given how you’ve been growing your understanding of yourself and your needs and desires of the moment… You know we’ll be thinking of you, and if you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask. The cell phone is almost always on and charged.

    Much love.

  2. Wow, I can’t believe you’re doing all that on top of Nano. Nano takes over my life and I have very little time for anything else.
    Congratualtions on attaining all of your week one goals, you appear very organised. Best of luck with week two.

    • Debbie,

      It takes over my life some, too. For instance, responding to comments. I found yours only because I’m trying to get through a few of them before sleep…this year’s birthday involved quite a lot of shopping,and shopping wears me out.

      Week two will be my personal exercise in letting go of wanting to do it all, all at once, and to just be present with whatever life brings me.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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