Of Passion and Calmness – ROW80 Update, 7/4/13

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I’m just a bit late with my midweek ROW80 update, because – well, because I was working on my goals!

What is ROW80, you ask? Why, it’s Kait Nolan‘s baby, The Writing Challenge that Knows You Have a Life!

July is a life-filled month. The coming week will involve camping, local exploration, birthdays, and the beginning of Elijah’s Days….

There’s going to be a lot of activity, and much of it social, and writing will, often, be taking a backseat.

Here in the final days before the floodgates of activities open, I am enjoying the calm of home, and banking words, so that I can enjoy the days to come without feeling the pressure of more words to write than time and focus to write them with…

So far, I am delighted with my emerging WIP – the first of two I will be working on, this month. Plotting for both is moving along, and I managed to get my Wednesday posts up.

Exploring historical hats.

In early happy news, I now have 99 blog followers on this blog! I appreciate each and every one of you, whether you read here once in a while, every post, or somewhere in between. 99 is such a fun number – and only 6 away from my “magic number” of 105!

It’s a solid, peaceful beginning, calm, in the service of passion. That’s the theme of this round, for me….delving my own passions, embracing them, delighting in them.

All goals for Round 3 are based on those I created for my WANA113 Big Goals Grokking. There will be additions and deletions as the round goes along, and, for each objective, a weekly goal or goals that will move me closer to that lovely blue Target attained!

Local history.

I move through my action plans for each blog, adapting as necessary, and enjoying the process of creating and connecting. All of my blogposts hit the 800-1000 word range, and my readership has grown by 25% for each.

Week One Goals:

Post individual blogging action plans to shanjeniah, Trueborn Jottings, and The Unfettered Life. Pending.

All my blogposts are within the 800-950 word range. Target attained for this session!

I share each post via Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, and use hashtags to expand my reach. Target attained for this session!

Historical exploration.

I design a logo or graphic art image that represents me across all social media, and an action plan that guides me as I contemplate the best way to unify my three main blogs – merging into my own website.

Week One Goal:

I create variations on my shanjeniah logline, “Lovely Chaos” for Trueborn Jottings and The Unfettered Life. Target attained!

  • Unfettered Life: Our Lovely, Chaotic Life: Learning, Loving, Laughing, and Living!

  • Trueborn Jottings: The Lovely Chaos of Creation.

A hot historical hobby.

I continue with my plans for the Trueborn double series.

Week One Goals:

I begin July CampNaNo with The Stars are Fire roughly planned for pivotal scenes. Target exceeded!

  • I detailed plans of all pivotal scenes, and began roughing the connective scenes, before the challenge began. Thank you, Cathy Yardley and Rock Your Plot!

  • I am plotting one scene ahead for each POV character (when I finish their scene, I plot their next). This gives each scene room to breathe freely, without much need to adapt the following scenes.

I finish planning pivotal scenes for Perchance to Dream. On target.

  • All pivotal plot points are roughed.

  • I have begun expanding Plot Point #1 for POV characters.

I write a minimum of 3000 words a day. Target exceeded for this session!

  • 15,121 words over four days, so far.

I update my word count after each writing session. Target attained for this session!

I participate in at least 3 #wordmongering sessions. On target.

  • 2 down; 1 to go.

  • I have also participated in #wordsprints and #1K1hr sessions.

Faux-quill guestbook signing.

I breathe deeply as I move into the next phase of my writing career….yes, career! I have a writing career! =D

Week One Goals:

I write my ROW80 Sponsor Post. On target.

  • I have a rough draft I really enjoyed writing, and will revise during the remainder of the week.

I fulfill my sponsor duties. Target exceeded for this session!

Cannon salute.

I check in with Facebook periodically. Target attained for this session!

I check in with Twitter at least twice. Target exceeded!

I check in with Google+. Target attained!

I check in with WANA Blogging for Brand. Pending.

I check in with my CampNaNo cabin (which I may switch). Pending.

  • I did switch. Once I have a cabin I am happy with, I will check in.

I continue to breathe, expand, and believe! Target attained!

So, I’ve made a good and solid beginning, and I am having a lot of fun! I hope this update finds you enjoying your July activities, as well! =D

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  1. I downloaded the Rock your Revisions book (which I haven’t read yet) but I did download rock Your Plot too and that was so helpful. It was seriously the easiest method I’ve found to follow so far and I’m applying it to my November NaNo project to see if it’s as good in practise. Thanks for the recommendation.
    Well done on exceeding your writing target, and on continuing to breath and be calm. That last can be the hardest of all sometimes.

    • Debbie,

      As in my previous comment, the system has worked better for me, in practice, than anything else. It’s a structure that offers a framework, yet also allows my characters lots of room to play.

      Enjoy your plotting!

  2. 3000 words a day and exceeded. Good for you. Some great progress for so early in the round. So many wonderful goals, and you still have time to breathe, expand, and believe. Love it!!

    (And I love that you say you reply on M, Th, and S — there’s a goal I need to add!)

    • Tia,

      I wanted to do a lot in quiet-at-home Week One, because I knew Week Two was coming! I’m not likely to get those 3k every day this week, but I’m hoping that by “banking words” when I can, I can relax and live when I can’t…

      I say I will reply on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays….but I often don’t get to it. Once things settle out after Labor Day (also Miah’s birthday, this year), I intend to figure out what to do about that…

      You’re traveling, and writing, and marketing…that seems like plenty! Be safe, and enjoy! =D

  3. I agree with Beth. It’s aways an inspiration to stop by and see your blue Target Attained tags. Love the new log lines. Congrats of 99 followers! Not sure how many I have. I know I should. 😦 I used to have hundreds through Google Friends Connect on my Blogger platform. When I moved to WP GFC ended, I quit monitoring. I didn’t even replace GFC with anything. I know how many have signed up to my newsletter though. 🙂

    Keep going Shan. I’ll be back with another update Sunday! 🙂

    • Shah,

      I love those blue Target attaineds! Making them my favorite color really made them seem more special and desirable to me. It’s odd, but it’s true.

      I am sorry you had so many headaches involved in shifting your blog. I love the new look, though, and I bet you will have many followers, soon, if you don’t already!

      I’ll take a peek in a bit and be sure I am following! =D

  4. Thank you for the reference to ROCK YOUR PLOT. I just downloaded it to my Kindle and will work through it somehow this Round. Your energy and scope is inspirational! Write on!

    • Beth,

      I’m so glad I have mentioned it, because a few people have found it useful. Good for the author, and happiness for me.

      I had an odd dream the other night. I was carving your name into a cantaloupe…big, all-caps block letters – BETH CAMP. What’s really strange is that I don’t like melons, even a little bit. I had to ask my kids what kind it was (“What’s the orange one called? I can never remember!”).

      Your name looked very symmetrical carved in near the rind!

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