Delving Passion: My Writing Goals – ROW80 Round 3, 2013

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 Yep, it’s that time again….time for me to embark upon another fun-filled, joyfully productive ROW80 round.

What is ROW80, you ask? Why, it’s Kait Nolan‘s baby, The Writing Challenge that Knows You Have a Life!

And I do. All the time, but the intensity ramps up for me, in July.

Annalise and I have birthdays. Elijah’s birth and death anniversaries, and the twelve days between, take up a slice in the middle.

We have social gatherings, and will have a houseguest – my delightful nephew, a newly minted teen – for three days.

It’s a busy homeschooling time, with end of year reports and evaluations mingling with the IHIPs that begin the next year (we are whole-life type learners, and summer vacation isn’t part of our vocabulary. These kids don’t even want to try to stop learning for a single day!)

So, naturally, I decided to participate in theJuly Camp NaNoWriMo challenge, too.

And of course I decided to set my goal at 100, 000 words – a good chunk of both Trueborn Genesis drafts.

Why?” you ask?

Yes, I can hear you shaking your heads and thinking I must be some kind of a madwoman….

I won’t argue the point. =D

But I have a reason.


For over 30 years, now, I have carried these stories around in my head. They weave through all of life – The overlook above the Old Faithful Inn, for instance, is the entry to the Pridekeep (perhaps minus the marmot colony). How do I know? Because Jim and I hiked up there during our Yellowstone days, and I knew. For those moments, I was Niaan, on her favored ledge, looking into the sweeping vista of the basin below.

Over the last few years, these stories have evolved, and sometimes expanded with the speed and force of a new galaxy. It’s time to give them their lives, and their place in my life, because things are more exciting everywhere in life when I do.

So, for me, that’s the theme of this round….delving my own passions, embracing them, delighting in them.

All goals for Round 3 are based on those I created for my WANA113 Big Goals Grokking. There will be additions and deletions as the round goes along, and, for each objective, a weekly goal or goals that will move me closer to that lovely blue Target attained!


I move through my action plans for each blog, adapting as necessary, and enjoying the process of creating and connecting.

All of my blogposts hit the 800-1000 word range, and my readership has grown by 25% for each.

Week One Goals:

  • All my blogposts are within the 800-950 word range.

I design a logo or graphic art image that represents me across all social media, and an action plan that guides me as I contemplate the best way to unify my three main blogs – merging into my own website.

Week One Goal:

  • I create variations on myshanjeniah logline, “Lovely Chaos” for Trueborn Jottings and The Unfettered Life.

I continue with my plans for the Trueborn double series.

Week One Goals:

  • I begin July CampNaNo with The Stars are Fireroughly planned for pivotal scenes.
  • I finish planning pivotal scenes for Perchance to Dream .
  • I write a minimum of 3000 words a day.
  • I update my word count after each writing session.
  • I participate in at least 3 #wordmongering sessions.

I breathe deeply as I move into the next phase of my writing career….yes, career! I have a writing career! =D

Week One Goals:

  • I write my ROW80 Sponsor Post and fulfill my sponsor duties.
  • I check in with Facebook periodically.
  • I check in with Twitter at least twice.
  • I check in with Google+.
  • I check in with WANA Blogging for Brand.
  • I check in with my CampNaNo cabin (which I may switch).
  • I continue to breathe, expand, and believe!

That seems like plenty enough to make a solid and passionate beginning.

Now, how about you? What are your plans for the first week of  fleet-footed  July? What passions will you indulge, this month?



  1. I take my hat off to anyone who can hit 100k during a month; I struggle enough with 50! Good luck with the coming round, sounds like you have a great idea of where you’re going and where you need to be.

    • Emily,

      I managed 75K in April, so I’m figuring I can do it, especially since I have, for the first time ever, a plan I really can work with…and, as always, a lot of stubbornness.

      And I am having a blast with it, 34K or so in! =D

  2. You put much more thought into those goals than I did with mine. I love your passion too. I think you’re right – if you’ve got those stories growing in your head its best to get them down before they make you explode. Best of luckx

    • Debbie,

      As I go along, I learn more and more about myself. These goals were intended to require lots of thought… if you are looking for more clarity with your goals, you might give Kristen Lamb’s Blogging for Brand class at WANA International a try. Your goalsetting may feel a lot different, after, if you do.

      These stories are always with me, part of me. But it’s no good holding them in and keeping them to myself. They were dreamed for sharing!

  3. Excellent goals, Shan. As always, I admire your organisation abilities and commitment to grow. And I love those images. You have edited their colours all lovely and moody.

    • Shah,

      I love these goals more than any others I’ve set. They’re juicy without being inflexible, and they’re all moving me toward the “Grand Vision”, in different ways.

      I’m not sure how much will get written or blogged during tricky Week Two, but I know that what I do find the space for will be productive.

      I’m loving editing with PicMonkey, can you tell? =D So so much fun to play with images! Thanks for the compliment!

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