Try a Little 3D!: ROW80 Update, June 19, 2013

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Please note: I will be posting a wrap-up on Sunday, June 23, along with my long-term evaluations.

I had high hopes of doing a tremendous amount during the final stretch of this round. Instead, both kids and I caught a bad cold that’s mostly laid me low, only able to manage a fraction of what I had planned, with down time between anything mentally or physically taxing.

Sometimes, life’s like that.

I have been blogging,and writing,and commenting. I haven’t been very visible on social media,except to share some links…interacting with the people I live with, the people at the vet’s office, and a couple of people at the movie theater took all the focus I had to give to being sociable.

That’s right – I’m sick, and I went to a movie. After a failed attempt to get Achoo spayed (a course of antibiotics for her ceaseless sniffles was obtained, instead), and having been up all night, because getting up early is harder for me, even sick, than staying up.

It wasn’t just any movie, though. It wasStar Trek: Into Darkness. And it was in 3D…

I tried hard (and mostly successfully) to avoid spoilers, and so I won’t put any here. I will say, though, that I have never had an experience quite like it.

Roddenberry's star at 6683 Hollywood Blvd on H...
Roddenberry’s star at 6683 Hollywood Blvd on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, presented in 1985. He was the first television writer to receive a star. Pearson, Roberta (2011). #v=onepage&q&f=false “Cult Television as Digital Television’s Cutting Edge”. In Bennett, James; Strange, Niki. Television as Digital Media . Duke University Press. pp. 105–131. ISBN 0822349108 . #v=onepage&q&f=false . : 110 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I spent the entire movie enthralled (and, remember, I had been up 24 hours, and was sick!). Often, I can tell where a movie is going, to the point where I can become bored.

Not this time.

I sat there, thinking how, while I never would have written this story, it was a fantastic representation of how many ways Star Trek can be interpreted, and wondering if Gene Roddenberry had any real sense of what he gave to the world.

I’ll be writing more on that. But, if you’ve been debating seeing the movie, my vote is that you do. If you can, and you want immersion, the addition of the 3D experience is worth the extra expense.

And now, to the business at hand…

At this posting, there is one day left to ROW80 Round 2.

I will be moving on with some of my posted goals, during that day, and then moving on to my between -rounds “hometending”, such as:

  • Submit Letters of Intent to Homeschool.

  • Round 2 wrapup post.

  • Round 3 goals/ sponsor post.

  • Planning for July NaNoWriMo.

  • Update long-term goals.

  • Draft August/September revision plan.

  • Stock my blogging queue – July will be a busy month!

And now, a peek at my recent doings:


Complete To Be or Not to Be (double volume) by October 31. On target.

  • Write 25,000 words /non-NaNo month, till complete.
  • Chapters 33-34 completed.
  • Chapter 35 planned.
  • Session total: No real count, as I moved some words from an earlier chapter.
  • Monthly total: 13,920 of 25,000 words – over halfway!
  • WIP total: 125,926 of ~ 200,000 words- less than 75,000 from the goal! 

A to Z post stories -Complete by June 30.

Plan WIPS.

Trueborn Weft (no title yet): On Target.

  • Added to Scrivenerplanning notes.
  • Goals/Motivations/Conflicts: Niaan and Kaivelt completed. 

Trueborn Warp (Working title: Perchance to Dream): Carrying to Round 3- On target.

  • Spock’s story arc – 3 of 13 completed.
  • Added planning notes. 

Begin revision lists for Chameleon’s Dish andBounded by a Nutshell.Round 3 carryover, . On target.


Continue throughout round:

Sharing posts from all blogs. – Pending.

  • Not so much. I’ve been sick. 

Commenting according to my posted schedules. Target attained!

  • Yup!

Create resource lists for all features, and add to them in an organic and ongoing way. Very late,but target attained!

Completed by end of round:

Build and maintain scheduled posts two weeks ahead for each feature. I will be making a more concerted effort at this, since I will be intensely noveling in July. Pending.

By End of Round:

Draft plan for website hosting expenses (where will money come from?). Target attained.

  • Saving most of my spending money. Currently: $240 of $350 saved.
  • No movement this session.Only $110 to go!


Continue throughout round:

ROW80 updates and sponsor visits: Target attained!

Comment on posts and share as inspired. On target.

  • Yes, and not yet.

Facebook and Facebook Groups : On target.

I fell away from my groups over the last months. Reconnect, participate, share.

  • See above. 


Visit on Tuesdays and Fridays; read, share, tweet, comment. Target attained!

  • More #wordmongering sessions on Sunday, a bonus day.
  • Missed Tuesday….sick, Trek, aborted cat spaying… 


Continue participating in activities and connecting with friends. This tends to slide during busy writing times; take advantage of natural lulls to feed my social spirit. On target.

  • Made plans to visit my unschooling mama friend, with the kids, on Thursday! 

And how about you? Are you happy with what you’ve created, lately?

My most recent fortnightly (or so) long term goals evaluation.

Progress on my Blogging Action Plan

Progress on my Noveling Action Plan

It’s a BLOG HOP!


  1. I loved Star Trek Into Darkness so much. J.J. Abrams and his team and the actors did such an amazing job bringing it to life. It was thrilling… and I may have gotten a little teary eyed at one point.

    I hope you start feeling better soon 🙂

    • Christina,

      I had teary moments, nodding in recognition moments, laughing out loud moments: “Unclear.” just about had me on the floor – that was some desperate honesty, right there!

      And there were those moments I just want to let blossom inside of me for a while.

      I wasn’t sure how I would feel about this version. I was surprised by how much I love it. There is an obvious passion and respect in this vision. and I like the alternate reality because of the way themes can be played with.

      Do I feel some fanfic coming on….? You betcha! =D

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