Friday Frolic: …And Now for Something Completely Different

Did you see THAT?!

It’s time for Friday Frolic, our weekly visit to Youtube, to see what wonders we can find to kick the weekend off right….let’s see….yup!
This week, I offer you…


My lifelong friend, Eden Mabee, introduced me to Monty Python in our mid teen years, when I received a television of my own for my shared bedroom. Before that, it was one of those shows my parents required me to turn off before the opening credits had ended. I’d always been fascinated by the Terry Gilliam animations, and the intriguing quote that followed:

Monty Python’s Flying Circus has been found to be an effective tool in the offending of the easily offended, so if you’re one of them, do us both a favor and DON’T WATCH!! Thank you and God bless.”

The advice still holds true today. I’ll give you a preview, first, and then, if you’re not offended, and especially if you are chortling and guffawing, you might want to continue….on to something wonderfully, zanily, wittily, Britishly, and, yes, completely different.

The “It’s” Man and Intros

Now, assuming you’re not offended…let the Friday Frolic fun begin!

Dead Parrot/ Lumberjack Song

Ministry of Silly Walks

How Not To Be Seen

How To Defend Yourself Against Fresh Fruit

The SPAM Song

The Spanish Inquisition

And a truly unexpected – but maybe not completely different – bonus, from Margaret Thatcher

Want more Python? Other British humor? Er, ummm….Something completely different?
Boot your comments into the receptacle below, and maybe we’ll be delighting in YOUR favorite videos, soon!

Wishing everyone a delightful Friday, and a glorious weekend! =)


  1. Channel 11 in Chicago (PBS) used to have a block of programming on Sunday nights that featured Monty Python, The Two Ronnies (Corbett and Barker), and Dave Allen (technically Irish, making him almost funnier), followed by Doctor Who. I’d be up until almost two some early Monday mornings and be worthless at work the rest of the day, but it was worth it. Then, Channel 32 started with Benny Hill, and Channel 9 got reruns of Morecambe & Wise and Tommy Cooper, and unless I’m mistaken Alexei Sayle. But Monty Python was the first. Sketches I love include “Arthur ‘Two Sheds’ Jackson,” “The Man With Three Buttocks,” and “The Batley Town Women’s Guild,” who made two appearances, both acting out naval battles. And, of course, “The Funniest Joke In The World,” “The Dead Parrot,” and “The Bishop.” Not to mention “The Church Police,” “The Worst Family in Britain”… heck, let’s just say the whole thing is great.

    • John,

      Oddly, Benny Hill was allowed in our house, while Python was not. That always struck me as odd, as Benny was far more obvious in its randiness…

      It would be worth it for me, too, to watch that lineup – what a great block of shows! I would have loved to have included more (I was thinking in particular of The Bishop), and I may do another in the not so distant future.

      Glad to have sparked memories, and happy that you took a minute to let me know!
      It was a wonderful show! =)

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