Friday Frolic: Enterprise!


Did you see THAT

It’s time for Friday Frolic our weekly visit to Youtube, to see what wonders we can find to kick the weekend off right….let’s see….yup!
This week, I offer you….

In 2001, when this show first aired, I was a brand new Mom. I was also saturated with Star Trek – the 13 years previous had seen The Next Generation, which I loved. Deep Space Nine, which I never fully embraced, and Voyager, which I seldom watched. I will also confess to fairly serious doubts that Quantum Leap‘s Scott Bakula could ever be a believable starship captain.

When Enterprise was canceled in 2005, Annalise was a year old, or nearly so, and I had never seen an episode, or even a commercial.

A few weeks ago, I discovered it on Netflix, and, since a friend had spoken about it a few months earlier, I gave it a try – and found a new facet to my Trek passion…

Because I love to share….let the Friday Frolic fun begin!

Enterprise Theme Song(Seasons 1 and 2)

Star Trek: Enterprise Outtakes Season 1 (bonus Italian subtitles!)

Star Trek Enterprise Outtakes Season 2

Star Trek Enterprise Outtakes Season 3 (with more Italian!)

Star Trek Enterprise Season 4 Outtakes (with yet more Italian!)

Trip and T’Pol Kiss

Want more Enterprise? That’s likely – I haven’t finished the final season yet. Less? Something completely different?
Beam or transmit your comments into the receptacle below, and maybe we’ll be delighting in YOUR favorite videos, soon!

Wishing everyone a delightful Friday, and a glorious weekend! =)


  1. I was literally born a trekkie. My mom made my dad take a shower and gas up the car when she was in labor with me so that she could finish watching an episode! I’ve seen all of Enterprise with the hubby, but I hadn’t seen the outtakes. They were HILARIOUS! I always think about behind the scenes stuff too so it was also interesting in that sense. Thanks for posting them!

    • Melissa,

      What a wonderful story! I think I love your parents – do you know which episode it was?

      I was born between the first moon landing and Woodstock. My parents are neither Trekkies nor hippies. I was actually forbidden to watch, so a friend smuggled me the James Blish novelizations, and she and I wrote stunningly bad Trek fanfic all through high school.

      I’m happy to report that I still write it, and I’ve improved a bit in the last three decades!

      As much as I enjoyed The Next Generation, which coincided with my starting college, I’ve never wanted to write fanfic for it – somehow the characters seem encapsulated as they are.

      Enterprise, though – there’s a LOT of room to play in, and scenes are writing themselves in my head. This show has become a full-blown passion. I’m rewatching – slowly, with my husband, so that I can stretch out those last few episodes I haven’t seen yet. My research provided a couple of spoilers, but no real details.

      I know I will be adding this series to TOS and NextGen, M*A*S*H, Big Bang, and Adam-12 on the short list of shows I can’t get enough of – and I am so glad I can stream it through Amazon Prime OR Netflix!

      I’m happy you enjoyed the outtakes. I watched them, with headphones, in bed with my husband asleep beside me, and tried so hard to stifle my guffaws that it hurt!

      “Why the Vulcans?!”

      “Because they’re cute!” =)

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