Try a Little..Lovely Chaos: ROW80 Update, 5/29/13

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It’s been lovely and chaotic here. It rained a lot, and out roof leaked. Repairs have been effected, and only a drip or two during today’s heavy thunderstorm and tornado warning.

Two cars needed some repairs, and that’s moving ahead.

I’m watching a lot of Enterprise, and confirming that it’s not just Spock who does it for me, it’s the entire Vulcan species. And watching Trip and T’Pol dance with the intricacies and intimacies of interplanetary romance is not only frustratingly and poignantly entertaining, it is also a fertile starfield’s worth of inspiration for my own writing…

The kids and I will be away for the weekend, so there may not be much of an update, on Sunday.

I’m in a pondering place, with ideas and epiphanies being born, and deep connections made, so I am much more in a musing and feeling mode than a talkative one,right now….


And now, a look at what I’ve been up to:




CompleteBlood and Breath by June 1 (adpating date to June 10).


  • Current total: 93,284 of ~100,000 words.
  • Chapter 18; Sc. 3 pending.
  • WIP will have either nineteen or twenty chapters, and an epilogue.
  • Pending.





Continue throughout round:


Sharing posts from all blogs.


  • Target Attained!


Commenting according to my posted schedules.


  • Target attained!

Completed by End of Round:


Create resource lists for all features, and add to them in an organic and ongoing way.


  • I’ve been puttering at this, but not sure if I have all, yet.
  • Pending.


Completed by June 1 (shifting to June 15):


Build scheduled posts two weeks ahead for each feature.


  • Pending.


Completed by June 10 (shifting to End of Round):


Have two more posts for each feature in drafts queue.


  • Pending.


Maintain as additional safety margin.


  • Pending.


By End of Round:


Draft plan for website hosting expenses (where will money come from?).


  • I now have $170 of the $350 required!
  • Pending.




Continue throughout round:


ROW80 updates and sponsor visits.


  • Target attained!



Comment on posts and share as inspired.


  • Target attained!



Use in features where appropriate.


  • Target attained!


Create discussions around new thoughts.


  • Target attained!



Facebook and Facebook Groups :


I fell away from my groups over the last months. Reconnect, participate, share.


  • Easing back into this.
  • Pending.



Visit each day; read, share, tweet, comment.


  • Not every day,but I am starting to get the hang of it a little more, through Tweetdeck.
  • Pending.



Google +, LinkedIn, and Pinterest


Visit each weekly for May, then evaluate by June 1.


  • I’m checking Google + more often.
  • Nothing on the other two, as yet.
  • Pending.


Have fun with these – and, if not, let them go! =)


  • Pending.




Continue participating in activities and connecting with friends. This tends to slide during busy writing times; take advantage of natural lulls to feed my social spirit.


  • Preparing for a weekend with out-of-state friends.
  • Target attained!


My most recent fortnightly (or so) long term goals evaluation.

Progress on my Blogging Action Plan

Progress on my Noveling Action Plan

It’s a BLOG HOP!










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