Waiting Amidst Lovely Chaos – ROW80 Update, 5/26/13

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Yes, that is a reference to the brand-new, Kristen Lamb inspired, header up top there – but it’s more than that.

It defines my life– a lovely and passionate chaos, that, like wilderness, has a structure and sense that escape those who look too quickly, or assume too much.

For me, these last days, it has meant less focus, and more simply being:

  • I’ve watched several episodes of Enterprise, and discovered the joys of Amazon Prime HD on my Kindle.

  • I’ve added a great many programs to my watch list.

  • I’ve added a second suit to my Spider Solitaire app. Very challenging.

  • I’ve hung out with my family.

  • I’ve done some writing, and some blogging, and some hometending.

Jolene Blalock (T’Pol) – a new Vulcan to inspire me! Photo by Jolene Blalock Via Wikimedia Commons.

I didn’t post an update on Wednesday, or a Thursday’s Treat.

I meant to, but the time slipped away, and was gone, passed in other ways.

I needed a breather, and I had one. As I ease back into a place with a little more structure, I am feeling better and more creative. A little lovely chaos will do that for me, every time.

And I am contemplating the concept of lovely chaos, and feeling ideas surging, merging, and shifting, because of Enterprise….

And now, an accounting of this session:


Complete To Be or Not to Be (double volume) by June 30.

  • (Will net two complete WIPs, once sorted).
  • Completed Chapter Twenty-Eight.
  • Current total: 112, 687 words.
  • Pending.

A to Z post stories -Complete by June 30.

Place stories into Scrivener files as expandable scenes.

  • All stories added, into the two base WIP files.
  • Target attained!

Reread both; create to-do lists.

  • Stories reread and highlighted for later revision/list creation through letter H.
  • I will reread both as separate files once all have been gone through.
  • Pending.
Japanese literature.


Continue throughout round:

Sharing posts from all blogs.

  • Sharing faltered a little this session. I needed a little time away from being social.
  • Still, I have new followers and increasing views, which is cool!
  • Pending.

Commenting according to my posted schedules.

  • This faltered too. I totally forgot to answer any on Thursday. I caught up on Saturday.
  • Pending.
Stalking the wild cherry blossom…..

Completed by May 15:

Create resource lists for all features, and add to them in an organic and ongoing way.

  • Nearly finished!
  • Pending.

Completed by June 1:

Build scheduled posts two weeks ahead for each feature.

  • Saturday’s Share scheduled for this week.
  • Several other posts in prep stages.
  • I seem to be stalled, at the moment.
  • Pending.
Artful focus.


Continue throughout round:

ROW80 updates and sponsor visits

Sunday, May 19:

Wednesday, May 22:

  • Target attained!

Comment on posts and share as inspired.

  • Yes and yes.
  • Target attained!

Use in features where appropriate.

  • Again, check. So much fun to share this way! =)
  • Target attained!

Other Writing:

Children’s Third-Quarter Homeschooling Reports: Due on June 1.

(Submit to district by May 25.)

  • Submitted in early AM on Monday, ahead of due date and target date!
  • Target attained!

My most recent fortnightly (or so) long term goals evaluation.

Progress on my Blogging Action Plan

Progress on my Noveling Action Plan

It’s a BLOG HOP!

Lovely chaos….


  1. I’m always so impressed with how much you manage to get done as well as making time for family and watching Enterprise episodes. 😉

    • Kate,

      I’m good at flitting from thing to thing, and at short bursts and tolerating interruptions, and I’m getting less interested in housework just for the sake of appearances. Theses people who live here with me are pretty cool, and i am calling Enterprise research, and wishing I had seen it when it first came out.

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