Time Machine Tuesday : May 21


 Disclaimer: I do not actually own any form of time machine, nor is access to a time machine implied in this feature. I am, however, curious about history, stories, patterns, and interesting tidbits of many kinds -and I have access to Wikipedia -perhaps a Time Machine, after all.

It is in that spirit that I share Time Machine Tuesday, a weekly jaunt through fascinating tidbits of history – one Tuesday at a time.

Today is May 21, 2013is the 141st day of the year (142nd in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 224 days remaining until the end of the year.

White Night Riots. Photo courtesy Wikipedia Commons.



World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development

Image with attribution caption. (Orient Right.)

A bit more than a year ago, in our front yard, with Annalise, then 7, and her three friends: Stripey, Hissy, and Fangy.

And now, a personal magic carpet ride through time…

May 21, 2012 An Ebb ROWFor me, the weekend was about deepening and broadening my perceptions, and learning from some very wise unschoolers. For Miah and Lise, it was learning to play Gaga Ball, exploring ropes courses, and the freedoms of nature.

That concludes our journey for this Time Machine Tuesday.  Please gather your belongings, and enjoy your present! 

What were you doing, on this date, a year or more ago?  Would you like to share?  If you have a blogpost, a photo, or a memory to share, or if you have something to say about today’s post, drop it into the comment receptacle below! 



  1. I love stuff like this. And I can actually tell you what I was doing a year ago (cooking dinner for my boss and her husband) because I like to play this totally anal mental game called “A Week Ago.” Just what it sounds like: I keep remembering a week ago and a week before that, and I can usually make it back a whole year (with a few blanks). My grandma lived to 103 with a completely clear mind for dates, so…I want my brain to be ready. Thanks for posting!

    • Gretchen,

      I love your game. I like to play, “What was I thinking last?” where I trace back a line of thought and see how it connects (or, sometimes, flies off in a random direction!).

      I can remember being in my crib, and both of my children have sharp memories from early childhood, too.

      I do well with dates when I can associate them to something else…such as, I know when Charles and Diana married, because that was my twelfth birthday, and when Diana died, because it was the day I went back to work after my honeymoon…

      I’m much better with the sensory details, though!

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