Noveling Action Plan – 2013

April Camp NaNo – (April 1-30)


Novels pending completion (75,000 word goal exceeded) :


  • Sima Garo Provides – Complete!


  • Blood and Breath – Pending.


  • To Be or Not to Be – Pending.


In May:


Read through A to Z stories.


Revise, and create rough plans and story arcs the rest of Spock and Niaan’s Trueborn Warp and Weft stories….


  • These should carry both through the moment of truth when they choose their own destiny, by means of an act that cannot be revoked….namely, killing Kaitiiraan, and accepting appointment to Starfleet Academy.


Complete Sima Garo Provides, with a May 5 target date.


  • Completed!


Complete Blood and Breath, with a June 1 target date.


  • 86,072 of 100,00 words on May 15.


Continue To Be or Not to Be, with a June 30 target date.


  • 110,019 of 200,000 words on May 15.


In June:


Complete To Be or Not to Be rough draft.


Flesh out plans for the Trueborn stories (pending working titles); prepare for July drafting.

  • Spock’s story
  • Niaan’s story


Reread and create To-Do lists for:


  • Chameleon’s Dish


  • Bounded by a Nutshell



Once the lists are complete for these three, begin prioritizing the lists, so that August and September can be used for mass editing runs….with lots of focus available.


In July:


Camp NaNo, and plan to FastDraft (take the class before that!) both Trueborn Stories during the month (remembering that things may slow down during Rock the Campground).


  • Spock’s story: 50,000 words
  • Niaan’s story: 50,000 words
  • Total target: 100,000 words


Finish prioritized editing lists if not previously completed.



In August and September:


First Editing Run using To Do lists:


  • Chameleon’s Dish
  • Bounded by a Nutshell



In October:


Create a timeline if not already done, and note gaps for late 2013 and 2014 work.


  • The timeline should be both virtual and physical.
  • Brainstorm and explore projects that will fill these gaps, so that all portions of the saga will be in progress by the end of 2014.


Also create a plan (idea to plan) for King of Shreds and Patches (the ST:TMP to [near] STII:TWOK Spock storyline).


  • Collect existing scenes and experimentations, and possibly create new flash fiction for this novel.
  • Use this plan to create an outline.


Sign up for NaNo, and, if time permits, consider further the Kirana/Andrew and Tisira/Henry storylines….

  • Just play with these, for now…flash and freewriting.


In November:


COMPLETE a draft of King of Shreds and Patches….remember that it must ultimately fit around and through Sima Garo Provides.


  • I hope to complete what will essentially be a double NaNo…a complete 100 thousand word draft!


In December:


Wrap up Primary editing runs (To-Do lists) for:


  • Chameleon’s Dish
  • Bounded by a Nutshell


Sketch out plans for first half of 2014, which will include:


Beta readings of:


  • Chameleon’s Dish
  • Bounded by a Nutshell



Editing To Do Lists for:


  • Sima Garo Provides
  • Blood and Breath
  • To Be or Not to Be


Flesh out explorations/ play with flash fiction for remaining “gap” novels.


  • Use 750 Words, and a dedicated notebook.


Rough schedule for the rest of 2014.


  • Assess status of all existing and planned projects, and move forward with plnning.




That was a pretty comprehensive and exciting list! And now, I feel I have a direction to move in, and a focus.


Also, with the techniques I have learned, am learning, and will be learning, I believe this list is not only possible, but attainable with sanity…..and while blogging, working on Queen of My Infinite Spaces, and writing flash fiction and essays…..and while learning more about the business side of writing….and while continuing to be an active participant in the groups and communities that fit me, and while pursuing my other writing goals….


Take a chance! Type something in this box, and see what happens! =D

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