Time Machine Tuesday: May 15

 Disclaimer: I do not actually own any form of time machine, nor is access to a time machine implied in this feature. I am, however, curious about history, stories, patterns, and interesting tidbits of many kinds.

It is in that spirit that I share Time Machine Tuesday, a weekly jaunt through fascinating tidbits of history – one Tuesday at a time.

On This Date:

Atlas Mercury rocket, via Wikipedia Creative Commons.



Observances: (optional)

Sputnik 3. Via Wikipedia Creative Commons.



And now, a personal magic carpet ride through time…

I don’t have a specific blogpost for this date – a first, since I started this feature. Instead, I found a Facebook note from Mother’s Day 2009, and used it to create a new blogpost. Here’s an except:

  • I was woken by a little girl who’d picked me a tulip and a lilac sprig, and was
    ready to go make me a card. Jim brought coffee in bed (he forgot to pick up
    eggs and sausage, but I don’t really eat when I get up, anyway). We had
    conversation punctuated by cuddles and tickles, then got up to do some family
    work. The kids were up late last night, so there was quite a bit of creative
    byproduct to tend to. Jim scooped the yard, because he said I shouldn’t need to
    do that on Mother’s Day, and we wanted to mow. Read more, here!

That concludes this week’s trip through time! Join us again, next Tuesday! =)

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