Saturday’s Share: Book Love

A small sampling of my bookish love…..That’s my D.H.Lawrence over there on the right. Circa 2010.

I learned to read at 4 years old, but I know I loved books long before that.

My parents kept a bookshelf in the short turn of hallway just opposite my bedroom door, so, throughout my childhood, those books greeted me each time I left my room.

They were also there when I was punished, made to stand in the corner by the door.  I was supposed, then, to keep my face aimed closely into the corner, but that generally inspired a type of claustrophobic reaction born of the encroaching walls, the smell of the paint, and the moisture of my own breathing.

Those books were a solace, then, something new to focus on, a way to get my face out of the corner.  Long before I was allowed to touch those books (off-limits until shortly before I was a teen), I was reading the titles on their spines in fascinated intrigue: Lord Foul’s Bane.  The World From Rough Stones. Sybilso many more, and then the rows of Reader’s Digest Condensed Books.

I read some.  Lord Foul’s Bane drew me completely into the world of a leprous antihero for whom white gold brings magic…Sybil showed me the depths to which a human mind can be broken…

I read many stories, generally those about animals and children, from those Reader’s Digest Condensed Books. Favorites were The Camerons, about a poor Scottish Family, and The Diddakoi, about a half-gypsy girl.

My own bookshelves are a constantly evolving affair, and, these days, my Kindle Fire carries a small but growing library of titles a well, in a streamlined, tidy, and highly portable way.

What I love about this image is the life in this short row of books.  It’s hard to read the title of Stranger in a Strange Land – I’ve read that book so many times, carried it around the country, so many times, that it fell apart completely sometime after this picture was taken.

Some of the books on this shelf left me, unread, to go on to their next home, another unknown chapter in their lives.  Some are still on the same shelf, now in my office space in the making, and others are scattered elsewhere in the house.

Looking at my bookshelves today would reveal different titles, and a more tumbled appearance, because it’s been a writing season, and things were grabbed up and plunked down again in whirlwind style…

Still, even cluttered and rumpled, my bookshelves hold my friends, the potential for long visits and life-altering discoveries…time to commune with others, and deepen myself…

What’s on your bookshelves, or tucked safely in your e-reader? If you’re inspired, share your stories and links to your bookshelf photos in the comment receptacle below! =)

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