Saturday’s Share: Havasu Falls Memories

Havasu Falls with spring runoff. Photo credit: James B. Burton.

Recently, I read this post by Jenny Hansen,  and it triggered many memories, for me, including a descent of Mooney Falls that ended with an engagement. This is one of my favorite images. I didn’t take it –  Jim did, in the days before we met one another.

This picture is Havasu Falls, not Mooney Falls, but still  evokes strong memories for me, of that hike into the Grand Canyon, with a man I had come to love, a man with a dozen years of knowing this wild place, who had told me, when the employee hike was announced, that it was something we needed to do together.

We hiked ten miles into the Canyon, to reach this place.  Our group was out and away long before us.  We, with our questionable knees, were cautious at the switchbacks, and took our time during the long stretches that wound over bridges and through rock formations.  We stopped at the reservation store – the falls are located on the Havasupai Reservation –  and supported the  struggling  local economy in a small way.

We felt no need to hurry; we spent that ten miles lost in conversation, learning each other with no need to get on and about the matters of our everyday lives.

We stopped here, that day, late in the afternoon.  No one else was there, and so we had all this  loveliness all to ourselves.

The falls marked the end of the hike; beyond, there was the camping area where we would soon set up our open-air camp, where we could stare up at the glory of stars in a place with no artificial light.

I don’t remember what we talked about, beyond that the water of the falls, that day, was the most brilliant turquoise I had ever seen, and the travertine that was responsible, and the way it dripped around the edges of the pool.

But I remember the connection and warmth and magic between us, on this, the last day before we became engaged.

Do you have a  picture that evokes strong memories and emotions for you?  Does it inspire a story?  Please share in the comment receptacle below! =)



    • It was a wonderful interlude, and still, fifteen years later, we love those long, wandering conversations that flow between us – although, now, we are more likely to have them over coffee in bed, between visits form the kids…

      Still magical, though! =)

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