Time Machine Tuesday – April 23

Disclaimer: I do not actually own any form of time machine, nor is access to a time machine implied in this feature. I am, however, curious about history, stories, patterns, and interesting tidbits of many kinds.

It is in that spirit that I share Time Machine Tuesday, a weekly jaunt through history – one Tuesday at a time.

Wikipedia -April 23 in history:

Born on this date:

A fascinating observance:

And, on a more personal note…on April 23, 2012, I posted this:

An excerpt: ~~ There is very little chance of altering the behavior of treatment you receive at the hands of a toxic person. They have already set themselves in a position of power and authority over you, and the relationship is not likely to survive if you insist on a more equitable form of interaction.

During or after time spent with toxic people, you may feel emotionally drained, or less kind and patient than you usually are. You may be exhausted, or find yourself defending your life and choices.

It is likely that, at some point, you will find yourself drawn into a hostile confrontation without really understanding how you got to this point. The most innocent comment can be twisted into a reason for a verbal or even a physical interaction, and you may find yourself wondering what was so horrible about what you said.

The answer is that you may not have said anything horrible. You simply may not yet have realized that you are in the presence of a toxic person, and that toxic people often interpret things through the poison within them.~~


Theodore Roosevelt, and a friend…

And a bonus, my ROW80 update for this date in 2012.

~~There are so many things that are of greater value than housecleaning. Creative expression, hugs and kisses and tickles and cuddles, putting one’s feet up and enjoying a cool day, feeling peaceful and happy to be just where I am, just now. Bliss. Laughter. Joy. Discovery. Time to ponder. Time to wonder. Time to embrace my own passions, and time to help the children embrace theirs, and Jim his. Time to be kind, and courteous, and generous – to myself and to others. ~~

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