Friday Frolic: Rube Goldberg Machines

Did you see that?!

Rube Goldberg machines have  fascinated my 11 year old son since he was very small  –  so it is in honor of him that I share this week’s Friday Frolic through some remarkably, zanily complex contraptions, both virtual and literal…and there is music, too! =D

We’re in the midst of digging out from the winter past, transitioning, decluttering…and I find myself wondering what creations might be lurking in those analog televisions, dead washing machine, outgrown bicycles, and other bits and pieces shed from our lives…

OK GOThis Too Shall Pass

2D Photography Rube Goldberg Machine:

Epic Rube Goldberg Machine (Banana Peel Humor!):

Rube Goldberg Sandwich Maker (Animated):

Flush – An Epic Rube Goldberg Machine:

And a temperamental bonus….

A Very Angry Bird – A Rube Goldberg Machine –

If you’ve found inspiration in your junk after watching these clips, I’d love to chat about it!  Do your thing in that box below! =)


  1. I love that your son already knows what Rube Goldberg machines are about and is excited by the contraptions! I wish I could tell my younger self to be more mechanically curious about everyday things. I was curious though if you chose my blog to be related or if it is automatically part of the WP advertising… In any case, I enjoyed the collection of machines.

    • grapefruitsky,

      His fascination with these machines has to do, I think, with his lifelong interests in physics, inventing, technology, and creating…I love that about him, because I never really thought much about those things, before him.

      I generally link to some of the posts WordPress recommends…I love sharing things others might find interesting. I often choose just by scanning the first few lines of the post. I try for a variety, so that many people might find something they enjoy.

      I’m glad that you commented, because I went back and read the entire post, which made my word-loving heart happy!

      I’m glade you liked the links. =)

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