Reading, Trying, Watching – LOTS!: ROW80 Update, 4/14/13

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Moving into an ebb flow while determined to complete 3 WIPs in 30 days is ….umm, interesting.

I’m trying to balance by drawing out the slack tide as long as I can sustain it. I’m reading more – lots of articles, and blogposts, and I’m being tempted by the craft book samples waiting on my Kindle, as well as several unschooling books…

I’m playing more games, and the kids and I are getting outside more. We went to a playground a bit too far for frequent visits – and I realized that we now have a station wagon and a decent-sized dog – so we took Corki along …check out the video for a bit of our nature walk.

I finished all the Leonard Nimoy Mission: Impossible episodes (not a show I want to watch with no Leonard involved, a bit of Adam-12, an Enterprise, and several episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series – research, y’know! Requiem for Methuselah and Plato’s Stepchildren both gave me sparks of inspiration that may become plot points later…then, I traveled to Seattle and Hawai’i via PBS….

And, through it all, I kept on writing….

Pattern block magnet art by Annalise, at age 5.

ROW80 Progress:

Blogging: Things came apart some, this week, with my focus intensely on noveling. Fortunately, I haven’t yet “committed” to the daily posts with a posted schedule. I scheduled one post for the wrong day, and didn’t notice until the intended date was past. I nearly completed another before exhaustion took over, and I Simply. Couldn’t. Finish.

As a result, I have lots of legwork done for next week, though! =)

The Unfettered Life:


Trueborn Jottings: Note: These posts contain adult themes and mild erotica. Discretion is advised.

Current Targets:

Gather reblog possibilities into resource files.

  • Beginning with Time Machine Tuesday.

  • Experimenting with format.

  • Will add this to my action plan, described below.

  • Pending.

Wednesday -Saturday scheduled on time, or a day ahead.

  • As noted above, this was a bit tangled up this week.

  • Pending.

Fine-tune and streamline blogging prep– experiment and tinker.

  • Mild experimentation with prep work and resource gathering.

  • Decided to make an action plan for this.

  • Pending.

Red poppy in our cottage garden bed.

Blogging from A to Z Challenge:

Current Targets:

Schedule all A to Z posts.

  • Z is for: Zenith (April 30) scheduled!

  • Target attained!

Visit other participants as I can; share posts I like.

  • Thursday, several visits.

  • One included in draft of a future post.

  • Target attained!

Update A to Z page with links; keep current.

  • Pending.

April CampNaNoWriMo:

Current Targets:

Update CampNaNo word count daily; page at end of each 10-day session.

  • Forgot Saturday’s until Sunday afternoon.

  • Updating pending.

Visit forums.

  • Pending.

Visit tentmates.

  • Pending.

Add word counter widgets/ participant badge to Trueborn Jottings.

  • Pending.

Tiger swallowtail in the garden.

Sima Garo Provides,NaNo 2012: Secondary WIP, nearing completetion.

Current Targets:

Continue writing. Aim for planning and/or 500 word/day, completed by April 21.

  • Thursday: 545 words.

  • Friday: 874 words.

  • Saturday: 0 words.

Continue updating outline as writing progresses.

  • Target attained!

Update NaNo page to reflect progress.

  • Target attained!

Complete novel draft.

  • Currently: 97, 593 words, Ch. 19,Sc. 1 in progress.

  • Pending.

Through the bridge rail at the Museum of the Adirondacks WILD! Center.

Blood and Breath, NaNo 2009: (I began focusing on this WIP on April 11.)

Current Targets:

Continue outline expansion.

  • Several scenes expanded/added.

  • Reorganization.

  • Target attained.

Use 750 Words for story planning notes.

  • Target attained!

Write 2500 words (two scenes) daily until April 21.

  • Thursday: 2504 Words (Chapter 11, Sc. 3 and 4).

  • Friday: 2540 Words (Chapter 12, Sc. 1 and 2).

  • Saturday: 2625 Words (Chapter 12, Sc. 3 and 4) Best so far.

Complete novel draft.

  • Currently: 61958 words, (Chapter 13 pending)

To Be or Not to Be, August CampNaNo, 2012: (I will begin focus on this WIP on April 21).


  • Move to Scrivener.

  • Complete freewritings for conclusion outline.

  • Pending.

Going out on a ledge in Montana! Can you smell the fear?!


Current Targets:

Complete and submit sponsor post.

  • With the help and honesty of my dear friend, Sylvia Woodman, I finished it!

  • Target attained!

Keep current with visits.

On-time updates.

  • Target attained!

Annalise’s leap of faith at the Herkimer Diamond Mines, 2010.

Deep Revision for Flash Fiction (Set aside for now)


Resume current exercises for “Morning Coffee”

  • Nothing this session.

  • Pending.

Complete second setting exercise for “Peach Liqueur Love”

  • Nothing this session.

  • Pending.

Begin Part 3 exercises with “A Splash of Red”.

  • Nothing this session.

  • Pending.

Queen of My Infinite Spaces (poetry book) : (Will be begun after April)


  • Revise poems.

  • Revise endmatter.

  • Canvas for beta-readers.

  • Pending.

I will be posting my long-term goals, at my first bi-weekly evaluation, before Wednesday, April 17.

It’s a BLOG HOP!


  1. Sometime Time does things too us… Must be all that Wibbly Wobbly stuff we keep hearing about. 🙂

    Sorry you found a “cannot go on” point, but clearly you’ve made a ton of progress even so. I know many people (including myself) who would have reached that point far sooner.

    One minor nitpick… mostly because I know you’d like to know. That isn’t a poppy in your garden picture. That’s a tulip that has reached full bloom. The stem and the stamen give it away.

    And yes! Love that butterfly picture.

    • Eden,

      I’m not sorry I got to the can’t go on point – it’s good to know where that is, and I definitely needed sleep.

      All I’m doing is fulfilling my passions, which makes it easy to do a lot. I finally have goals that feed me, rather than feeding myself to the goal.

      Thanks for looking at the flower’s “naughty bits” for me….sorry, tulip, that I misnamed you…


  2. Wow, lots of stuff to keep track of there, Shan. Good luck! And it’s no wonder you sometimes suffer from Time Misjudgment, with all the things you’re trying to do!

    Love the butterfly pic, btw. 🙂

    • Ruth,

      “Infinite diversity in infinite combination.”

      I love having my variety. Things tend to feed each other in unexpected and wonderful ways. Maybe that makes me more productive -for sure, it makes me happier!

      Thanks for commenting on the butterfly -it’s still too cool and early for them, this year. I followed this one around the flower garden for about 10 minutes, and , after, I had an epiphany about how I spend my time that led me to choose to do only things I am passionate about. I’m not perfect at that yet, but I’m closer, and that butterfly is a reminder to myself – and you just gave me a blog idea! Stay tuned! =)

    • Ann,

      Honestly, I look at it like a buffet. I’ve gotten a lot better at keeping track lately, with the aid of a few simple tools – color-blocking an update template, a notebook where I list daily priorities and what I’m working on when.

      I like having lots of projects going, so that,whatever my mood, energy level, or circumstances (I’m a mom of two unschooled kids -life isn’t exactly predictable!).

      I’ve always liked having lots of things happening, so this works well for me. I may not finish everything, but I will move everything on the list forward, and that feels good. =)

      Thanks for stopping by!

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