Try a Little….Breathing Room: ROW80 Update, 4/7/13

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Things are moving along,
one week into my trio of challenges. I would like to have completed more, but, when I look back at what I’ve done, and what I am in the midst of, I see that I am making definite, tangible progress.

Intangibly, inspiration is beginning to break. Tangles are smoothing out, and the weaving is humming along. It’s not a time or breathtaking word counts; it’s the tilling and seeding of fertile fields.

And so, I will take some moments to breathe, and then move forward again…

How about you?

A Breath of Spring. Photo by adeptmagic, courtesy WANA Commons.

ROW80 Progress:



Trueborn Jottings:

Note: These posts contain adult themes and mild erotica. Discretion is advised.

Pansies remind me of my grandparents. Photo by Linda Adams VA, courtesy WANA Commons.

New Targets:

  • Gather reblog possibilities into resource files.

  • Continue on-time posts for all blogs, using reblogs where/when needed.

  • Fine-tune and streamline blogging prep– experiment and tinker.


Return to one week ahead status, at minimum.

  • Pending.

Prep two posts for each longer feature (Sunday, Monday, and Friday), simultaneously.

  • Pending.

Prep shorter posts (Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday), together, in batches.

  • Done with Thursday’s Treat.

  • Pending.

Keep Tuesdays and Thursdays for blogging prep.

  • Target attained!

Begin finding pieces to reblog when I don’t have something new (Continuity Insurance Plan).

  • I have ideas and links from Shan’s Link Library.

  • Target attained!

Introduce Time Machine Tuesday.

  • Pending.

I love this-coolest thing I’ve made with Picmonkey. Maple branches; unsettled sky.

Blogging from A to Z Challenge:

New Targets:

  • Schedule all A to Z posts.

  • Visit other participants as I can;share posts I like.

  • Update A to Z page with links; keep current.


Schedule all A to Z posts.

  • V and W posts (April 25 -6) completed and scheduled.

  • X post (April 27) n progress.

  • Pending.

Visit other participants daily.

  • Thursday -Three.

  • Friday – Two.

  • Saturday – None.

  • Pending.

Answer comments on regular comment schedule.

  • Answering; not on schedule.

Update A to Z page.

  • Pending.

Beauty, Promise, and room to breathe.

April CampNaNoWriMo:

New Targets:

  • Update CampNaNo word count daily; page at end of each 10-day session.

  • Visit forums.

  • Visit tentmates.

  • Add word counter widgets/ participant badge to Trueborn Jottings.


Update April CampNaNo page.

  • Finally got there!

  • Target attained!

Visit tentmates.

  • Left a general message.

  • Pending.

Post plan for April to shanjeniah and Trueborn Jottings.

  • Written; not yet posted.

  • Pending.

Check out rebel forum.

  • Target attained!

A place for restful breathing….

,Sima Garo Provides,NaNo 2012:

New Targets:

  • Complete expanded outline.

  • Updated outline daily.

  • Continue writing 2500 words daily (roughly two scenes).

  • Use750 Words for daily writing notes.

  • Complete novel draft.


Complete expanded outline.

  • Page 7/ 8 for expansions; writing at pages 2-4/ 8.

  • Pending.

Update completed sections daily.

  • Target attained!

Continue writing 2500 words daily (roughly two scenes).

  • Wednesday – 2519 words (Chapter Fourteen,Scenes 3 and 4)

  • Thursday – 2504 words (Chapter Fifteen, Scenes 1 and 2)

  • Friday – 2590 words (Chapter Fifteen, Scenes 3 and 4). Best day to date.

  • Saturday – 2544 words (Chapter Sixteen, Scenes 1 and 2)

  • Target attained!

Use 750 Words to take notes for each day’s writing.

  • Target attained!

Complete this novel draft.

  • Pending.

Breathing in the open sky….

Blood and Breath, NaNo 2009:


  • Blend outline with story arc.

  • Begin expansion, if necessary.

  • Color-block document, according to priority.

  • Begin writing.

  • Pending.

To Be or Not to Be, August CampNaNo, 2012:


  • Move to Scrivener.

  • Complete freewritings for conclusion outline.

  • Pending.

Supporting Characters:


New Targets:

  • Complete and submit sponsor post.

  • Get current with visits.

  • On-time updates.


Complete and submit sponsor post.

  • Editing continues.

  • Pending.

Taking a moment for a cuppa coffee and a few deep breaths…Photo by Jim Burton.

Make visits to intentions posts.

Make visits to first update posts.

Respond to comments and visit commenters.

  • Responded. Visits pending.

Prepare long-term goals and first evaluation.

  • Pending.

Deep Revision for Flash Fiction

New Targets:

  • Resume current exercises for “Morning Coffee”

  • Complete second setting exercise for “Peach Liqueur Love”

  • Read Deep Revision Part 3.

  • Begin Part 3 exercises with “A Splash of Red”.


Complete missing exercise for “Morning Coffee” before moving forward.

  • Going back to this made my male protagonist real to me. Definitely worthwhile.

  • Target attained!

Complete re-envisioning “Morning Coffee”.

  • Pending.

Begin setting exercises for “Peach Liqueur Love”

  • Completed first of two settings exercises; connection and future of the two main characters came much clearer.

  • Target attained!

Transcribe “A Splash of Red” into newLibreOffice document.

  • Pending.

Queen of My Infinite Spaces (poetry book) :

New Targets:

  • Revise poems.

  • Revise endmatter.

  • Canvas for beta-readers.


  • Revise poems.

  • Revise endmatter.

  • Canvas for beta-readers.

  • Pending.

I will be posting my long-term goals, at my first bi-weekly evaluation, on Sunday, April 14.

It’s a BLOG HOP!

Sometimes, you have to stop and smell the dogwood. Photo by DaniJace, courtesy of WANA Commons.

 If you’d like to share your personal challenges or progress, or comment on mine, please visit the box below –  Iet’s get the conversation going! =D


  1. Hurray for tangible progress! And the tilling and seeding part of the work is so very important. Glad to hear things are moving along for you there and in other ways.

    • Kim,

      I think I missed answering your comment -oops!

      I used to damn myself for all the time spent in the “Non-writing” parts of writing, until I realized how deeply they sustain the writing times. Now, if someone talks to me while I’m in the shower, I will sometimes hoenstly say,”Can we wait to talk until I come out? I’m writing now.”

      And I am. =)

  2. Progress indeed! You sound positively prolific!

    Please pardon the potentially naive question: what do you mean by “reblog” and “prepping posts”? Perhaps if I understood these concepts I could better keep on top of my blogging as well… =*)

    Good luck with your goals this week!

    • Sione –

      Reblogging is a way to share someone else’s post on your blog, or a previous post of your own.

      Prepping posts, fro me, means things like writing drafts, brainstorming ideas, editing and finding images, reading articles, gathering links…

      All the stuff that goes into creating posts.

      I hope that helps, since this is still relatively new to me, too – I was an inconsistent blogger for years, with no idea howto get consistent.

      Still figuring out the right balance while working on the other things more intensely, too…

      Thanks for popping by, and may your week be fertile!

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