Try a Little….Turbulence? ROW80 Update, 4/3/13

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My round did not get off to a smooth, soaring start. Instead, Sunday night brought one of those times when, seemingly for no reason at all, Jim and I are at odds.

We don’t argue often, and yet there are those things that wear different disguises, every time, but, beneath, it’s the same as-yet unresolved issue, as old as our marriage.

It wasn’t fun being buffeted by the high winds of discord.

Things that needed to be expressed were, and we’ve come to a place of understanding. The gentleness has returned, and, although still a little raw and vulnerable, there is peace again.


ROW80 Progress:

Main Characters:


Posts during this session:


Trueborn Jottings:

Note: These posts contain adult themes and mild erotica. Discretion is advised.

New Targets:

  • Return to one week ahead status, at minimum.

  • Prep two posts for each longer feature (Sunday, Monday, and Friday), simultaneously.

  • Prep shorter posts (Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday), together, in batches.

  • Keep Tuesdays and Thursdays for blogging prep.

  • Begin finding pieces to reblog when I don’t have something new (Continuity Insurance Plan).

  • Introduce Time Machine Tuesday.


Posts scheduled a solid week ahead.

  • Before the round began, I was 8 days ahead (excepting the Wordless Wednesday post).

  • I am now under a week ahead. My posts are scheduled for Friday – Sunday, and I stalled there, due to NaNo writing and the aforementioned marital strife.

  • Monday’s Coffee and Conversation post for April 8 is in progress.

Will introduce two new features this week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

  • Time Machine Tuesday did not happen.

  • Pending.

Blogging from A to Z Challenge:

Note: These posts contain adult themes and mild erotica. Discretion is advised.

New Targets:

  • Schedule all A to Z posts.

  • Visit other participants daily.

  • Answer comments on regular comment schedule.

  • Update A to Z page.


Complete and schedule all posts.

  • Posts scheduled through the letter U, partway through Week Four;

  • Things slowed due to other priorities.

April CampNaNoWriMo:

New Targets:

  • Update April CampNaNo page.

  • Visit tentmates.

  • Post plan for April to shanjeniah andTrueborn Jottings.

  • Check out rebel forum.


I am doing this as a rebel effort, with the goal of writing approximately 75,000 words, and completing three previous winning but unfinished NaNo WIPs.

,Sima Garo Provides,NaNo 2012:

New Targets:

  • Complete expanded outline.

  • Update completed sections daily.

  • Continue writing 2500 words daily (roughly two scenes).

  • Use750 Words to take notes for each day’s writing.

  • Complete this novel draft.


I have done some outlining and expanding.

  • Continuing.

I will complete this novel first.

  • I have written four scenes (5040 words; Scene Three, Chapter Fourteen).

  • I am a smidge above my personal goal of 2500 words/day.

  • The story is stirring, and deepening.

Blood and Breath, NaNo 2009:

New Targets:

  • Blend outline with story arc.

  • Begin expansion, if necessary.

  • Color-block document, according to priority.

  • Begin writing.


  • I have a previously written story arc.

  • I have begun an outline, which will merge with the story arc.

  • This will be my second WIP.

  • Pending.

To Be or Not to Be, August CampNaNo, 2012:

New Targets:

  • Move to Scrivener.

  • Complete freewritings for conclusion outline.


  • I have located and reread this WIP, and like it more than I remembered. It is a joint Warp/Weft novel, as written, so will eventually become two separate novels.

  • This novel still needs to be collected and placed into a file.

  • This will be my final WIP for the month.

  • Pending.

Supporting Characters:


New Targets:

  • Complete and submit sponsor post.

  • Make visits to intentions posts.

  • Make visits to first update posts.

  • Respond to comments and visit commenters.

  • Prepare long-term goals and first evaluation.


  • Sponsor post – pending.
  • Long-term goals will be presented, Sunday, April 13. 

I will be making visits to final posts before Wednesday, so that I can share them at the first check- in.

Deep Revision for Flash Fiction

New Targets:

  • Complete missing exercise for “Morning Coffee” before moving forward.

  • Complete re-envisioning “Morning Coffee”

  • Begin setting exercises for “Peach Liqueur Love”

  • Transcribe “A Splash of Red” into new LibreOffice document.


I’ve done a little each day with the Deep Revision exercises I am putting my three current flash fiction WIPs through. I’ve really scaled this back, while I set up for and adjust to the challenges. I have made them my morning words, so they are progressing slowly and steadily.

A Splash of Red”:

  • Pending.

Morning Coffee”:

  • I am currently working through re -visioning the sections in this story.

  • I will continue until all are completed.

Peach Liqueur Love”:

  • Pending.

Queen of My Infinite Spaces (poetry book) :

New Targets:

  • Revise poems.

  • Revise endmatter.

  • Canvas for beta-readers.


  • Pending.

I will be posting my long-term goals, and how these fit into them, at my first bi-weekly evaluation, on Sunday, April 13.

It’s a BLOG HOP!


  1. Hey, welcome back to round 2!
    You always have so much going on! Do you find it helpful to flick between things? I always toss up between trying to focus in on one thing, but then getting stuck, or trying to do a few things but perhaps not getting into the same ‘zone’ of writing with them. What’s your writing process like?

    • Buffy,

      I find it natural to flit here and there. Writing any other way seems to be fighting my nature.

      My process is to write some, play some, tend our home some, be with the kids some…because my kids aren’t in school (never have been), I tend to putter with smaller, less intense projects while they are active, and save the more concentrated, longer projects until they’re asleep or well occupied and not needing me.

      I find a lot more time and energy for writing now than I did a year or two ago, and, as the kids get older (they’re 8.5 and 11.5 now), I have more freedom to do my own things on my own schedule.

      That being said, sometimes, like today, I am very distracted…that’s usually a sign that something is going on beneath the surface…

      Thanks for stopping by! =)

  2. Each step you take, even the ones that feel like you are slogging through mud and all the old debris of years past… every step counts and eventually moves you forward. The growth comes in odd places sometimes but one only has to read how these posts have evolved over the years and the Rounds to see it.

    And it’s good–if turbulent,

    • Eden,

      What you said. A lot of the debris, and the recurring issue, have to do with life years before we ever met one another.

      You know how I feel about Jim, and the type of marriage we share. We keep dealing with this, in different ways and from new angles, and chiseling away at it, bit by bit.

      Someday, we’ll have chipped it down to almost nothing….

      And there is always growth, even in the fray.

      Thanks for your support – Now, and for the past four decades or so….

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