Sunday Sampler: March 31, 2013

Assorted lovelies for your reading and viewing pleasure….offered up weekly on a pretty blog platter!

I love learning and stretching my perspective; I love sharing what I find with others, and learning and stretching more in the process.

I offer up this virtual Sunday paper, filled with things I have read and enjoyed recently, in the spirit of learning and sharing.

 I invite opinions, editorials, and ideas for future topics or articles…

And now, this week’s buffet of ideas….

Creation by Jeremiah Burton, toothpick and miniature marshmallow construction. What do you create? What will you create next?


This week, I was fascinated by the PBS series  The Human Spark, with Alan Alda, who always delights me with his humor, passion, and curiosity.

Kristen Lamb’s Blog is a wonderful resource for writers.  I’d been meaning to read this for a while, and finally got to it this week – serendipitously, as this is a time of deepening for me, in my writing, and in life.

There’s been a lot of Pocket Minecraft learning, here, this week. What are you fascinated by? What fires your thirst to know, and what quenches it?


It’s been a week of diverse and reckless learning, for me.  I would love to share it all, all at once, but there is just so much of it….I’ll compromise by offering a bit here, and then more, later….

Sarah Selecky’s blog is home to the revision  process I am currently exploring.  It’s deepening my fiction, and I am loving the revision process, and what I am discovering about my characters and their stories.

The children have discovered Minecraft, and are often joyfully immersed in it, Jeremiah in survival mode, and Annalise creating entire worlds in creative mode.  This PBS Idea Channel video fits our life – except that I think adults would do better to just allow kids to discover, learn, and create, with no curriculum or agenda involved.

Another wonderful discovery I made this week is Lifehacker.  Chock-full of more practical learning than I could possibly fit into my one three-pound brain, it’s going to call me back, again and again…here’s my first foray.

My tiny Buddha helps me to relate peacefully when traveling alone with the kids. What helps you relate peacefully, and what are your struggles?


The Sunday Edition had this intriguing piece on Radical Rest Homes…which fit with an episode of This Old House wherein a young family built a home that would carry them through all the changes aging might bring….

I believe that history – maybe especially violent history –  holds clues to what the future might offer.  Here, Buzzfeed Politics collects a series of covers on the Iraq War.

And at Becoming Minimalist, I read this exploration of simple living that resonated with my soul.

What images inspire you? Share below, in the comments!


My lifelong best friend and spiritsister, Eden Mabee, has recently been indulging her passion for photography, which is inspiring to me.  At her blog, Many Worlds From Many Minds, her photos remind her of another passion…

Back over to Lifehacker, this time to explore ways to live a happier life.

At my WANA friend August McLaughlin’s Blog, I was inspired to do more of something that has also been a huge part of my unschooling life…saying yes.

The hows and whys of retracting claws at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. What are your favorite hows and whys?

Hows and Whys:

And back again to Lifehacker, to consider why we tend to fear change, and ways we can learn to accept it more gratefully.

And at Huffington Post Women, Maria Shriver explores the ideas of leaning in and pushing back…

And back to Lifehacker yet again, for one of my deep passions – COFFEE!

Spring brings out the giggles and grins here. What makes laughter bubble up, for you?

Smiles and Laughter:

Over at More Cowbell, the hilarious Jenny Hansen reveals the inside scoop on gold lame and Amish Erotics….

I hope you enjoyed this wild romp through the inner wanderings of my mind….next week, I’ll be back to do it again! =)

If you have comments, ideas, editorials, or just something you’d like to share, drop a comment in the box below….your input will make this feature even better! =D


  1. Oh my goodness, you sweet girl! Thanks for including me and the Amish Erotics in your Sunday Sampler!! I hope you’re having a great day filled with family and writing. 🙂

    • Jenny,

      It was laugh-out-loud funny! And, there was a time…three babies and a husband ago, when I dressed in gold lame myself. OK, so I had green greasepaint, too, and Klingons throwing me room keys…but that’s another story! =)

      It was indeed a happy day, for the most part. And, if I didn’t get all the writing done I wanted to, I did write, and it was good!

      May this find you well and happy! =D

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