Round 2 Goals – Reading, Trying, Waiting, Watching

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I am espousing a new theme for this round, based on some very sound unschooling advice that I’m learning to apply to my writing life, as well:

Read a little, try a little, wait a while,watch. ~Sandra Dodd

This phrase, intended to help parents gradually shift the way they look at and parent their children fits my ebb, slack,and surge energies.

Read a little

  • This is when I take in concentrated information from reading, going, watching TV, visiting friends, being attentively with my family… a time of gathering ideas, inspiration and information.

Try a little –

  • To lengthen the stretch, hold it a little longer and stronger, as in yoga.

  • Not to eat the entire Jeep in a day, but to spread it out, lovingly tasting each bite….

  • For the most part, I will be continuing with the same targets I was working toward in Round 1. There will be a new angle or two, as I shift toward some of my “second-tier” targets, but they will work into the existing plan, so that I am not plowed under by too much new, all at once.

Wait a while –

  • I’m starting the round with the A to Z Challenge and Camp NaNo.

  • I’m still getting used to blogging by schedule.

  • I need a little time – a week, maybe two, to see how all of these gel with my other writing projects (QUOMIS, flash stories, and essays at 750 Words). 

  • When I know I have a balance, I will likely ride the plateau for a bit before upping my incline with a new target or two.

Watch –

Throughout the round, I will be paying attention to some things I am practicing being mindful of:

  • How much time I have to do the other things I love.

  • How often I take time to be – really be – with the people I love.

  • Whether I feel energized and challenged, or frustrated and overwhelmed.

  • Whether the projects I am working on inspire me, or make me want to be anywhere else, doing anything else (if I would rather change a litterbox than be writing, there is a BIG problem!).

So, with that in mind, here are my targets for the beginning of Round 2.

Main Characters:


  • Posts scheduled a solid week ahead.

  • Will introduce two new features this week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Blogging from A to Z Challenge

  • Posts scheduled through the letter S, which is the first post of Week Four.

  • I have one full week and one day left to finish.

  • T andposts are in various stages of revision.

  • I  have a good cushion, so that, if other things take precedence, as they sometimes will, I won’t need to panic.

April CampNaNoWrimo

I am doing this as a rebel effort, with the goal of writing approximately 75,000 words, and completing three previous winning but unfinished NaNo WIPs.

Sima Garo Provides, NaNo 2012:

  • I have done some outlining and expanding.

  • I will complete this novel first.

Blood and Breath, NaNo 2009:

  • I have a previously written story arc.

  • I have begun an outline, which will merge with the story arc.

  • This will be my second WIP.

To Be or Not to Be, August CampNaNo, 2012:

  • I have located and reread this WIP, and like it more than I remembered. It is a joint Warp/Weft novel, as written, so will eventually become two separate novels.

  • This novel still needs to be collected and placed into a Scrivener file.

  • This will be my final WIP for the month.

Supporting Characters:

ROW80  –

  • My sponsor post is pending.
  • My long-term goals will be presented at my first evaluation, Sunday, April 13, and  are in progress.
  • I will be making visits to final posts before Wednesday, so that I can share them at the first check- in.

Deep Revision for Flash Fiction

I’ve done a little each day with the exercises I am putting my three current flash fiction WIPs through. I’ve really scaled this back, while I set up for and adjust to the challenges. I have made them my morning words, so they are progressing slowly and steadily.

A Splash of Red”:

  • I have finished the first portion of Part 2 -re-imagining the story, section by section.

  • Next, I will transcribe these handwritten sections into a new document file.

Morning Coffee”:

  • I am currently working through re -visioning the sections in this story.

  • I will continue until all are completed.

Peach Liqueur Love”:

  • I will resume working on Part 1 exercises for this piece once I complete the current exercise with “Morning Coffee”

Queen of My Infinite Spaces (poetry book) :

  • During Round 2, I will revise the 31 poems and end matter, and begin canvassing for beta readers. This may not happen until later in the round, depending on how much energy is being directed to higher-priority projects.

I will be posting my long-term goals, and how these fit into them, at my first bi-weekly evaluation, on Sunday, April 13.

All of these lovely images are freely offered in Jenny Kaczorowski’s Flowers and Plants Flickr photostream, via WANA Commons.


  1. I’ve slowly been realizing how apt Sandra’s advice is to all parts of life…. one of those things that seems so obvious when you hear it (almost too obvious sometimes) yet is deeply satisfying to include in one’s life.

  2. Hello Shanjeniah.
    You seem to have set yourself some really challenging goals, Admiration and respect due to you.
    The a-z challenge is, I must admit, a very good motivator, well for me that is.
    Have a great time writing your heart out and blessings, Geoff.

    • Geoff,

      Thank you! Yes, I do like to challenge myself – shakes things up and keeps me from getting too complacent. This year, I’m enjoying the A to Z Challenge far more, since I’ve got the majority of my posts scheduled, and those that aren’t, I do have rough drafts of. And, as a bonus, they are all experimentation for my July NaNoWriMo project, so it’s double the benefit.

      I think I’m not so much writing my head off, as writing out my soul.

      May your life be rich in blessings!

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