Saturday’s Share: A Dog’s Life

Share your captions!

This is Corki, a probable  American Pit Bull Terrier/ viszla mix who is six years old.  he’s lived with us since he was 12 weeks old.  I took this photo of him looking up at me, as he does several times  each day. For me, this portrait exactly captures the soul of this friendly, gentle, almost Velcro canine, who seems to live to please and be near his people, and who has adopted me as his alpha female, often gazing into my eyes, as he is in this photo.

Corki’s pastimes include going for walks, chasing the cats, catching balls (not so much returning them!),  being upside down, and eating cheese. 

Animals have always been a huge part of  my  life.  Their companionship answers something in me that nothing else does, and I find it fun, challenging, and enlightening to share our home with other species.

This week, we celebrate pets, past or present.  Have a funny story, sweet memory, or dream pet?  Have a photo of your furry, scaled, or feathered pal?  Want to guess what the Corki-dog is thinking? Share in the comments, and I will include your contributions in next week’s Saturday’s Share.

And now, a bit about last week’s share:

At age five, Annalise, who has never gone to school or had a reading lesson, and who lives in a book-rich, reading family, was working out  various things about letters, sounds, and writing.  One fall day, she was playing in the yard while Jim split kindling for the woodstove.  She claimed a few pieces, and created the word “AXAXA”.

The word has such an inviting sound that we used it as a catch phrase for a while.

I love this image because it shows something that tends to fade as children progress in school – natural, unguided, playful learning.  I look back at it now, when Annalise is 8, and I smile.  She never did have a reading lesson, and has become an adept independent reader.

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    • August,

      Our previous dog was a 100 pound German shepherd/Auusie/chow/border collie. He was a great dog, but also tremendously independent-minded, and hugely hairy.

      Corki, on the other hand, lives to please and to be with us. He adores the kids, and he’s my buddy. He’s got a great big goofy grin, and, when I come home from anywhere, he LEANS into my and groans with pleasure.

      I would have another bully breed in a heartbeat! =)

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