Friday Frolic – Dominoes + Gravity = Art!

Did you see THAT?!?! Hill-air-ious!

Since I was a little girl, I have been fascinated by domino art, and awed at the patience and precision required to create it.  With the advent of the Internet and YouTube, I can enjoy a wider variety of domino tumbles than I ever dreamed of back then, all without leaving home, or trying to set up a domino run with three feisty young felines, and a rather nosy canine….

I invite you to come along as we peek in on a few of these delights for eye and ear…we’ve got art, games, and even a world tour and a domino cannon!

Ready, set……Van Gogh!!!

Van Gogh’s Starry Night:

This is my favorite painting by my favorite artist.  Score! =)

Brattleboro Domino Toppling 4:

Can you say “domino cannon?”

World record: 30,000 dominoes Toppled in a Spiral:

This one is almost meditative, as the spiral tightens….

Over 80.000 Dominoes – “Around the World”:

Did you see your country, or other places of interest?

Real Life Angry Birds Domino Theme Walkthrough:

Amazing Fire Domino!!:

Eggs in a Basket:

Whether or not you celebrate Easter, this is cool!


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