Friday Frolic – I Take Spock to the Movies! =)

 This week, I promised I would invite you to the movies with Spock and I.  And here we are….I wonder if Vulcans eat popcorn?

Pick a good seat, grab your snack, and take your time settling in –  this is an on-demand showing.

And now, please silence all cell phones, and enjoy the show!

Spock Meets Spock (Star Trek, 2009) –

They are not the hell your whales.” – Star Trek IV: THe Voyage Home (1986)

Movie moments….Kirk and Spock – (intended as slash; I choose to see these as brotherhood).

The needs of the one… (ST:IV -TVH) – 

Star Trek IV Bloopers (even a Vulcan might smile at these!) – 

And as a double lucky bonus….

There Be Whales Here Rap (mild language alert) –

In Honor of St. Patrick’s Day, a bit of Irish –  ummm  –  “music” –  


That’s it for this week…next week, we dance! =)

If you have any ideas for future segments, or you’d like to chat about this one, please leave a comment below! 


  1. Just so you know… I think my favorite was the very last bit of the bloopers… “Oh yeah?”

    And maybe it’s a maturing/changing perspective thing, but Nimoy looks incredibly handsome in the original motion picture, but I’d never noticed that before…

    • Eden,

      I love the “Oh, yeah,” because you can tell he thought about it a bit before surrendering to the urge…I loved when Leonard went off, at the map and awaiting the verdict, because he was himself and Spock, simultaneously, and I found that fascinating…and the wonderful, “Get your hand of my leg,” because Bill Shatner may actually have put a hand there, for the laugh…and we don’t know, because of the camera angle…

      I think he just looks incredibly handsome, always. Even now. It is entirely possible that I am biased. =)

    • Kassandra,

      I had to be careful, laughing so hard next to a sleeping spouse! Still, it was a lot of fun to put together, and it tickles me that others enjoyed it, too. It’s fun to hear what most appealed to people. I thought the rap was hysterical! =)

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