Guest Post: Elizabeth (Buffy) Greentree


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As I create a vision of this space as a place of communication, connection, and learning, I am excited to welcome Elizabeth (Buffy) Greentree, prolific drafter and fellowROW80sponsor, to chat a bit about her newly-released book, The Five Day Writer’s Retreat.

Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to leave a comment, and, as a little added incentive, Buffy is offering a free PDF copy. =)

And now, I set out a fresh tray of assorted goodies and beverages, pull out a chair, and welcome Buffy…

Hi, shanjeniah Readers!

I’m Buffy from 100 First Drafts – Becoming a Prolific Writer.Shan has very kindly agreed to let me appear on her blog to encourage you all in your writing endeavors. Some of you may be thinking that you don’t have any writing endeavors, but in the modern age that is extremely unlikely. What about the emails and tweets that you write? Or the birthday cards and shopping lists? Writing is all around us, all of the time. However, you are right, there is a big difference between just writing and choosing the lifestyle of being a writer. One is mundane and boring. The other is exciting, full of possibilities and adventure. 

Being a writer is not about publishing books or doing book tours. Those can be the results of being a writer, but they don’t have to be. It is an attitude towards the world. It is the expectation that somewhere, right now, a great story is unfolding. It is opening yourself up to seeing the magic in everyday life. A bus trip is not a boring waste of time, it is a chance to study and discover new characters. The woman sitting next to you might just be an old lady buying tuna for her cat, or she might be on her way to a meeting of a secret organization planning on taking over the world. Watch her closely. Look at the packet of sweets she pulls out and carefully sucks on. Are you sure they are just lemon drops? 

Then there is spare time. Spare time is wonderful if you are a writer. Doctor running late? Fantastic! A queue at the bank? That’s great! These are all moments that you can rejoice in. But so many choices! Do you pull out the book you are currently devouring? Or a pen and paper and finish that steamy love scene? Do you take notes on your surroundings (eventually one of your characters will be stuck in a queue)? Or do you do the most basic and essential of all writing tasks, daydream? Five minutes of letting your mind wander can turn up enough ideas for a whole novel. 

Eavesdropping is no longer socially prohibited. For a writer, it is almost mandatory. So is trying as many new things as possible. I had to take a few boxing lessons so I knew what one of my characters would learn as she started doing them. I’ve also had to do research into how to make stained glass windows, how to rebuild a motorbike (does not actually seems as hard as it sounds), terminology for 19th century ships, as well as appropriate expletives for that period. I’ve gone to pistol ranges to try out different types of guns, gotten my motorbike license and been to health retreats so I could report back on their effectiveness. And you should see the list of things I want to do next!

Everyone has to write these days. However, only the clever ones work out that being a writer is so much more than that. 

Buffy Greentree.

To encourage you if you are thinking about how exciting it might be to take on a lifestyle of writing, I’m offering a copy of my new ebook: The Five Day Writer’s Retreat. It is the first in a series of six books which will take anyone from thinking about writing to being a prolific, published author (if that is your dream, it will also help with creating web content, writing essays for study, or even just making up bedtime stories for your children).

It is available on Amazon for sale, but I’m giving a gift copy to anyone that signs up to the newsletter at the series website: The Five Day Writer.

If you would like to win a copy here at shanjeniah, leave a comment below. One of Shan’s children (as impartial as it gets!) will pull a commenter’s name out of a hat, and the winner will be sent a PDF copy via email. Winner will be announced in next Monday’s post!

Enjoy your writing lifestyle!


  1. I have had this open in my browser since it posted but hadn’t made time until to day to read it. I’m so glad I finally did! Buffy, you made me excited to be a writer again. And thank you for the reminder that publishing, book tours, all of that isn’t what being a writer is about. I love this post! I just signed up for your newsletter, too–thank you for the PDF of your book. I am looking forward to diving in.

  2. BTW, this is for Shan–your links to Elizabeth’s Five Day Writer website tries to link to your own page and gives and error. It looks like it’s just a mistake in how it was put in, but you may wish to fix it.

    • Thanks, Sys!

      I will look at that this afternoon. Sometimes I get a little befuddled in the midst of a post…I’m sure it was operator error.

      So happy you catch these things for me! =)

  3. This post is comment-worthy even without the incentive of a wonderful sounding book… So many of the yummy things you’ve mentioned in here, Buffy, are things that already help keep me sane during the “day-to-day”–especially the daydreaming in a cue.

    You reminded me of one of the things on my “things to try” for writing list–fencing lessons. In it’s own way, I suspect it’s much like the motorbike (…and the same goes for PC computers and cars [pre-1990 at least]). But each group has its own jargon, its own skills… tricks and “mysteries”. And it’s great when you can write them well. Kudos to you for going that extra mile.

    BTW, that photo of you just is stunning!

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