Trusting Changing Rhythms – ROW80 Update, March 6, 2013

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Did these last few days seem to fly by, or was that just me?

On Sunday, the children and I went to a bookstore to meet up with Elizabeth Mitchell, a visit we’d talked about since sometime last summer. We had a pleasant and somewhat chaotic visit, as Sunday afternoon is not, apparently, as quiet a time to meet there as I had assumed it would be.

Shortly before bed, my neck began to hurt as though I had pulled a muscle in it. A hot shower, hot rice bag, and ibuprofen eased it. Monday was quiet. I did some hometending, and reading, and a bit of writing and planning. I took things easy.  Still, toward bedtime, my neck tightened up again.

It’s just now occurred to me to wonder if my neck isn’t tight in part because I stuck it out in my Monday Meanderings (name change pending!) this week…psychosomatic resistance, maybe?

Tuesday, I met Eden Mabee for our weekly workout. I modified my typical plan significantly, to nurse my neck. I avoided any weight machine that might stress it, and stuck to the three main leg machines. Then I pedaled 6 miles in just over 26 minutes on the recumbent bike, and called it good enough….still, by the time I got home, my neck was hurting again.

Things are settling, and opening…Photo by Kristen Lamb, courtesy WANA Commons.

Eden stayed a while, because Jim and the kids had gone out for the evening while we were away, to give me some time to be home alone – they returned 20 minutes or so after she left, so I really didn’t have much time to myself.

It’s Wednesday, now, and Jim has to work, and our family to a more typical routine (the kids are out playing in the yard, frolicking in the first promise of spring’s arrival, and I am hometending reading, and writing).

I may find fewer opportunities these activities, during the day, and I will resume being the primary hometender. However, Jim is leaving me a much tidier home, and I’ve gotten a lot more sleep, during his time off, so I feel ready for what’s next…

Have you had any major shifts inyour  normal routines during this round? Were they helpful in meeting your goals, or less so? Were you able to adjust?

ROW80  Update:


  • I realized I made a mistake with my Word Cloud Grokking, so will be revising and reposting it – once I figure out how to make a folder!
  • I commented on 2 other word clouds.


  • Read/comment on five word clouds.
  • Fix Word Cloud Grokking.
  • Begin Grokking #3.
  • Attend Thursday Webinar, and catchup on the first one.
Transitions can be lovely…Photo by Catie Rhodes, courtesy WANA Commons.

Sponsor Visits: Up to Date


  • Continue on-time visits.
  • Sign up as a Round 2 Sponsor.

Reading: (slowing down some as I move into slack tide, and am writing more.)


  • Continue reading; do exercises in Steering.



  • Introduce Wordless Wednesdays for The Unfettered Life
  • Introduce Sunday Sampler to shanjeniah
  • Blogging action plan next steps for shanjeniah and Trueborn Jottings.
  • Begin collecting material for posting queues – brainstorm ideas (this should have been first, but….).


  • I am using the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge to write some exploratory flash pieces that alternate between Spock‘s and Niaan’s POVs, and will provide, I hope, approximately two to three sketchy chapters for each of the inagural books for the Trueborn Warp and Weft series.
  • I am also experimenting with deep POV, and first person narrative.
  • Thus far, I have rough posts written through H.
  • I am using the exercises in Steering the Craft to explore other moments in the epic series, as I have had a few ideas and nascent scenes rattling around waiting for the next High Tide writing spree.


  • Submit “A Splash of Red” by March 10.
  • Compile QUOMIS. (will save editing for Round 2, so that I can focus on classes and other projects).
  • Continue A to Z rough drafts through  K.
  • Colorblock posts A-C.
  • Rough list of 2013 Noveling Projects and next steps for WIP novels.
  • Review six month goals, rough list for Round 2.


  • Blow Me a Candy Kiss”- completed and returned.

My current evaluation can be found here.

Unfurling and shifting…photo by Catie Rhodes, courtesy WANA Commons.

As we move into the final weeks of the round, are you eager, or apprehensive? I welcome you to share your comments below – let’s get the conversation going!

It’s a BLOG HOP!


    • John,

      I already loved Natalie Goldberg – the audiobook of Writing Down the Bones talks me through a solo cross-country drive….

      Writing practice opened me up, as a writer, and as a person.

      She speaks to the more intuitive, elemental side of me.

      It always fascinates me to learn what works or doesn’t resonate with others.

      Out of curiosity, who DOES feed your writing. I’m always open to learning about someone new, and i bet others are too….

      Thanks for stopping by! =)

      • I like Natalie Goldberg, although I’ve noticed that she sounds much different than she writes. In her writing, she seems very bold and outspoken, where she’s very quiet in person or on tape. I’ve read Writing Down The Bones and enjoyed it, so I bought Wild Mind and there were pages missing and glued into the book bass-ackward, and I got about a third of the way through it and all of a sudden the book started over again.

        Hard to say who feeds my writing the most. The two books that helped me take it to the next level were Anne Lamott’s “Bird By Bird” and Joel Saltzman’s If You Can Talk, You Can Write, but the inspiration to even start was John R. Powers, who wrote three fictionalized memoirs about growing up Catholic in Chicago. I read his “The Last Catholic In America” as a sophomore in high school, and said “I wanna do that!” I could go on, but I think maybe my blog might be the place for that….

        • John,

          Funny – I heard and felt quiet confidence and strength in her voice. different listeners, different perceptions. I have a dear Jewish friend whose voice reminds me of Natalie.

          I read Joel Saltzman’s book before we had children, and it had a tremendous effect on my writing. Before that, I spent a lot of energy trying to impress. Now, how I write is very much how I speak, too.

          While I haven’t yet read Bird by Bird, I have read enough Anne Lamotte to have it on my list.

          I hope you do write a blogpost on this, and that you will return and share the link with us. feel freeto swing by to chat about inspiration, books and authors anytime!

  1. You know, you could have said you wanted more time alone… Since you kept bringing up new topics to talk about, I thought you wanted me to hang out longer–otherwise, I was just waiting to finish my sandwich (needed the temperature right on the teeth) and then I needed to get home….

    No matter, what’s done is done. I’m sorry you didn’t get much alone time. But at least the house is tidier… 😀

    I love the whole idea of a slack tide though… The name strike me as odd, but I like. it.

    • Eden,

      I wanted more time alone….not less you! 🙂

      It wasn’t’ t anyone’s fault. I just expected to have two or three hours, and didn’t. It’s not a big deal. I really like you and these crazy folk I live with.

      I just miss my reset time a bit when I don’t get it.

      On the plus side, the house is still tidier! 🙂

      • I get it completely. It’s so hard to say I want to be alone when Dan and the Boodle want time with me because our creative schedules are rather out of sync at the moment. It’s good that we have families who understand our passions so well, and that they have so many passions of their own. ♥

        • Today, we mostly all did our own things, and I got some nice pictures of things in progress (Lise painting her emotions, and naming the artworks; Miah and his Kindle….).

          I got that chance to reset somewhat. And had a class webinar, and did lots of writerly, and some family, hometending.

          As for slack tide, that’s a real term. It’s the space between the incoming and outgoing tides….a waiting breath. It feels just right to me, to describe the processing time between massive input and massive wordage….

          I’m reading, writing, and sweeping up. Soon, there will be many words, a rising tide of them….I’m happy for this peaceful space that comes before….

  2. Ouch! I hope your neck heals up soon Shan. I know how hard it is to think straight with neck pain. Keep up the great progress and good luck.

    • Cate,

      It’s better, now. Still a little tender, but much less limiting.

      Thanks for your concern and good wishes. So far, this week has bee filled with shifting energies, mostly in a good way.

      May your days be joyfully productive!

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