Intuitive Trust -#WANACon #ROW80 – February 24, 2013


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As some of you may know, my theme for this round is trust – trusting myself, life, those around me, new opportunities – and my own intuition. Trusting my gut, my heart, and my soul when they are whispering songs, stories, and wishes into my mind’s ear…

This trust has already led me in some interesting and unexpected directions this round….

  • Joining the WANA113 Blogging for Brand class. I had been hesitant to invest money in building my writing skills, so this was a leap of faith.
  • Shifting my goals as a result of my first grokking for this class.
  • A few weeks ago, after some wee-hours mulling, I told Jim that attending a writer’s conference was on my list of things to do within the next few years. The truth was, I would have loved to schedule one then and there…
Fulfilling her gorilla dreams….

Trust tells me that my family still needs me too much for that. Both kids still remember the 30 hours I was away when Eden Mabee and I went to Maine on a quick mommies’ getaway. They were 6 and 3 then – they are now 11 and 8.

Our budget already accommodates two major trips each year – Unschoolers Rock the Campground and the Northeast Unschooling Conference, which the kids and I attend. Until I am earning a more sizable writing income, another hotel trip is a little beyond us.

Only a few days after I stated that intention, I first heard about WANACon – a completely online weekend writer’s conference. I knew in that moment that I needed to be a part of it. I checked the prices and dates. The entire weekend seemed like more than my family could spare me, and a bit of a stretch for a budget that is already largely spoken for for the next several months. But it fell during Jim’s vacation, and so he could be the in-charge parent for one day.

I’m inspired by their delight in learning.

My gut said to choose Day One, and so I did, attending these sessions:

  • Publishing 101 – Also with Jared Kuritz

There were other sessions I missed (damn that need for sleep!), but there will be recordings available, so I can watch them later, and it will be like a conference bonus. =)

There were nice breaks between sessions, and Jim left me with a tidyish house (best we ever get, really, and then rarely!), and took the kids out for the day, so that I could attend without distractions or guilt – – have I ever mentioned that I really, REALLY love this guy?

Learning to value my own learning as much as theirs…

Each session had a video link for the host, and most had a slideshow, too. There was a chat box, and a place for notes. Jenny Hansen even got all fancy and shared pages with us! People could talk, although I was feeling a bit shy and didn’t. Something about hearing too much of my own voice in an atypically quiet house, I think.

I learned a tremendous amount – and I can’t say too much about it, because it’s still all aswirl, working its way into who I am and how I see myself and my writing…I know that there is great treasure in the grokking of it, and I don’t want to rush it.

I know that I will find a way to attend both days next year (I keep saying next year as a not so subliminal message to Kristen Lamb that there should absolutely be a next year!). I know that I will be making many changes and tweaks as time goes on…

The Capital Rotunda ceiling from below…

So what about ROW80?


Homeschool reports:

  • This allows my mind processing time. Finished Social Sciences section of Jeremiah’s report, about 2/3 complete.


  • Have rough draft done by Wednesday, February 27.

WANA 113:

  • Nothing new written….pondering word cloud grokking.
  • Set to the side for WANACon.

Targets: Word cloud grokking submitted by Sunday, March 3.

Connect with all classmates by Sunday, March 10.

Coral in the invertebrate house – at the National Zoo

Other stuff :

I have an intense need for input right now. I’m READING – lots!

Vinny Reams Lincoln – first sculpture the US government commissioned from a female artist.

Queen of My Infinite Spaces –

  • Wrote conclusion.


  • Dedication and acknowledgments by March 1, which will give me a completed rough draft.
  • Look into NaNoEdMo by February 28, and decide if I want to participate.

750 Words

  • Each day – exposition and fanfic (alternate scenes for WIP Bounded).

Sponsor visits: I’m up to date on these.

What’s next…?

  • Finish homeschooling reports and submit to school district.

WANA 113

  • Connecting with other classmates
  • Complete word cloud grokking


  • Dedication and early acknowledgments.

Other stuff:

  • Continue reading. Do exercises in Steering.
  • Work on action plans for blogging and noveling.
  • Submit guest post and “something else” by month’s end….
  • Adjustments and changes to blogs and social media will be gradual, but ongoing.
“We found a rubber duckie in the fountain!”

So, how is your round going? Are you still humming along with your original goals, or charting a new course?

It’s a BLOG HOP!


  1. I’m glad you enjoyed WANACon and were able to at least attend part of it. If you have any questions after listening to the Twitter session, don’t hesitate to contact me 🙂

    • Marcy,

      Thank you! I loved what I was there for, and, although it may take a bit to get to the sessions I didn’t get to, I am really wanting to understand more about Twitter, which isn’t intuitive for me.

      I appreciate your offer of help, and I may very well take you up on that! =)

  2. How awesome that you found the online conference….it looks like you’re really busy most of the time, but it’s great that you could carve out the time. Not to mention the money.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and offering input and support. Enjoy your creative journey!

    • Laurel,

      WANACon came at the perfect time for me; just when I was primed for lots of input.

      I am still processing, but I am already experiencing some big shifts because of it.

      My life doesn’t seem busy. I hear often that it sounds that way to other people, but it still surprises me. I spend most of my time doing what I please, and I’m interested in many things.

      Thank you for stopping by. May your week be joyfully productive!

    • Joy – the conference was so invigorating, and stirred me up. Great things are coming, and I am not rushing them.

      Jim had a journey to make, to get to this place where he supports my writing life. I am happy that he does, now, and it was lovely to have him not only take the kids out for a day of Daddy fun, but also leaving me with a very tidy house that needed little attention. Since this is where our kids do the bulk of their rapacious learning, it’s not that easy to do, and it was a very lavish gift!

      I’ve rediscovered my joy in reading other people’s stories and possibly offering them suggestions that might help them to see their work fresh, and make it even better. It also helps me to notice ways I can make my own writing better, so it’s a win-win. =D

      Thanks for stopping by – twice!

  3. Hi Shan! I know what you mean about your brain being all a-swirl. 🙂 I’m supposed to be writing a blog post for tomorrow, but I’m still too overwhelmed. It was great to share the conference with you!

    • Jami –

      And here, I only did one day, and no moderating!

      I can imagine that coming up with a blog post so soon could be bewildering!

      I’m so happy I took the plunge and joined. Lovely to hear your voice and to be a part of something so cool that is shifting so much, for me. =D

      Thanks for popping in while you circle! =D

    • Ruth –

      It was amazing, and I loved that it came right to me! Sounds like you are another candidate for my hypothetical off-hours conference! =D

      I hope your week contains both productivity and joy!

  4. grokking what a wonderful word:) online conference sounds fun esp if you got the house to self – I find I’m mostly out of the timezone for most online classes and stuff althougth I have managed a couple – the ability to have them later is great. Next year you’ll be braver:) all the best and keep smiling:)

    • Grokking is a wonderful, rich word. I’m glad Robert Heinlein invented it, so that I can use it instead of that limp and lifeless word, ‘assignment’.

      It was a rare treat to have the house to myself for such a stretch of hours – well, there was still the dog, three cats, and a pair of guinea pigs, but still… – and, even better, it was neat and tidy, and I had plenty of food that was easy to get, and enough coffee.

      The time between sessions was great for getting my blood moving, and absorbing what I had just learned…

      Maybe the lot of us ought to organize a shy people, off-hours conference…although maybe we’re all too shy… =D

      I do get braver. At our first unschooling conference, there was a talent show. I sat and watched.

      The next year, I sang. Terrifying, but empowering, too.

      Last summer, I read one of my own poems aloud. That took a lot of bravery, indeed, even with the most accepting, easily pleased audience ever!

      Bravery is best taken in small steps, for me!

      Thanks so much for stopping by! =D

  5. I’m not in the same time-zone as this conference (or most other online classes/etc) so I’m usually sleeping while they’re on. Plus, I’m shy and wouldn’t do well with the interaction. I might check out the videos though, if they cover the same things. You are doing so much as always, Shan. And isn’t it marvellous to be blessed with such a good partner? 🙂

    • Shah –

      Being nocturnal so much of the time, I would prefer overnight conferences! =)

      I did well with the chat box idea, but, even so, it was out of my comfort zone, and, when the time came to ask questions, I became a little finger-tied. =)

      I don’t know whether the recorded sessions will be available only to attendees, or to everyone. I would be willing to buy some of the Day Two ones – I learned so much, I think it may be months before i really process it all!

      Another plus is that I came away with a new image of myself, because I invested in myself, and claimed something I can’t quite name yet.

      And, yes, Jim is a gift in my life. He hasn’t always understood my need to write, but the more I claim it for myself, the more he respects that this is my work, and, over the last year or two, he’s really been my biggest ally, making sure I get writing time, and even putting up with my tendency to be up beside him, tapping away, all night long….

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