Trusting a New Vision – #ROW80 Update 2/17/13

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Okay – I promised on Wednesday that there would be some major changes coming along today, and now it is time to deliver on that… I am in the midst of Kristen Lamb’s Blogging for Brand class, and have envisioned my ideal writing life, setting incremental goals to move me toward it. I shared the grand vision here. The first increment is the end of the class, which is roughly concurrent with the end of this round. These new goals look quite different than those I originally chose for this challenge, as they focus on moving me toward my big life goal. I had become accustomed to setting my goals in 80day cycles – the length of one round. Although I tried to choose goals that were aiming toward something, I hadn’t really defined what that something was, so I was moving nearer in a scattered fashion….so energy, time and focus were not being used as efficiently as they might be… I am shifting to these goals, and setting aside the previous (available, if you are curious and scroll down a bit), and I feel like I’m breathing fresher, purer air. I am now aimed at a target I can feel, and see clearly, rather than an ambiguous figure I can barely sense, hiding in the thick forest growth far ahead of me….

Sylvia’s miso vegetable soup….and Quirkle tiles….

In the meantime, I am still wrapping up my Big Three: WANA 113 –

  • Connected with all other class members through friending or friend requests.
  • Began connecting to other class members through social media – this will be an ongoing project, when time and focus permit.
  • Commented on others’ assignments, discussions,and blogs – this will also be ongoing, if intermittent.
  • Posted twice to my WANATribe blog.
  • More writing toward the novel and blogging action plans (detailed in my revised goals). Target is to have these completed by month’s end.
  • Finished reading the first lesson, and am taking a day or two to grok it before moving on to the second.

Editing Finding Esta

  • Completed Chapter 26 – 72% of the project.

Homeschool reporting

  • Finished Annalise’s, excepting the attendance.
  • Will begin Jeremiah’s later tonight…

What’s going on? Life’s full and busy. The children and I are visiting New Jersey friends, the Woodmans, this weekend – by the time Sunday is over, though, we will be home and Jim will be on vacation! There’s been:

  • Quirkle
  • Stimulating conversation that challenges me to think and rethink my assumptions
  • Walks in the dark with glow sticks
  • Nerf gun store stocked and operated by four children, ages 6 -11
  • Monster High doll, baby doll, and fashion play
  • Gorilla rides by Jeremiah
  • Skylanders and television
  • And a LOT of laughter!
Quirkle game in progress….

We arrived here at about 8:45pm on Friday, and were all up until close to noon on Saturday….a few hours’ sleep, and then we were up again…in a few hours, we’ll begin the five hour drive home, and Jim will officially be on vacation…since his last one was spent like this, we’re really looking forward to time just to be together, this year! Other stuff….


Purim hamantaschen in the making….

What’s coming up…. With Jim on vacation, I will have the luxury of a second on-call parent for much of the next two weeks, so I am panning accordingly:

  • I plan to finish both the Esta edit and Jeremiah’s rough draft this week, so that I can place my focus on my class, and on WANACon Day One on Friday. Then, I think I will relax a bit on Saturday, giving myself time to absorb.
  • The rest of my round will be devoted to the new goals and my class. There’s plenty to do, and I suspect I will be full of goodness, with the two lessons still unread, a photo editing site to play with, another grokking to complete…and those goals I set and am beginning to pursue….and whatever else Kristen has in store for us in the next weeks!

And, one final little bit of niftiness, to round out this Sunday report…. I received an email from a publication I submitted a poem to last year. They did not accept it, but this was the most personalized and encouraging rejection letter I have received yet! It included not only things I can improve upon, but also some very specific praise about the individuality of my cadence and rhythm. =) They’ve invited me to submit there again, and I shall…after a very thorough rereading of guidelines and sample copies!

It’s a BLOG HOP!


  1. I’m glad you enjoyed your trip to NJ, Shan. Hubs and I took a drive to Saratoga Springs yesterday; even that little outing helps my mood.

    Kristen’s class is a boatload of work, but it has been very revelatory for me. Even though it is drawing to a close, I have a lot of things still to implement, but it feels good, rather than drudgery to think about it.

    I hope Jim’s vacation goes much better than last year’s!

    • Elizabeth –

      Saratoga is a good place to lift spirits. I lived on Caroline Street, in my early twenties, and was within walking distance of town and horses….and all the lovely buildings between….I walked a lot, in those years!

      Jim was home, safe and sound, when we got here a little before midnight. Already, that is a huge improvement!

      Our schedules are pretty open, for the next two weeks, so let me know what works for you (I can bring thechildren, or not, as you prefer). It’s been too long, and I would love to see you again! =D

  2. I love your background. So pretty!

    It’s definitely nice to have another adult around to help you get stuff done! We’ve got a three day weekend over here because of President’s Day and there is an epic porch cleaning happening! 🙂

    Good luck with those edits and with your blogging class!

    • Kate –

      The background is still new, and I love it, too! It’s the Dusk to Dawn theme, customized. I think it looks like twinkle lights. =)

      I hope you are enjoying that long weekend. I spend nearly all my waking hours with the children (11 and 8.5), so although we are close and happy together, I can be pretty tired y the time Jim’s days off roll around. because he was in the hospital, critically injured, last year, it’s been two years since there’s been a stretch of days that I had him here with me full-time….

      Our porch is in pretty desperate need of a cleaning. I had it in good shape, but then we replaced washing machine, and guess where the old one went…yup. Just as far as the porch. And then, with Hurricane Sandy bearing down on upstate NY, I tossed a LOT of random kid=things there, to make sure they didn’t end up miles away…

      Maybe I’ll get that far before March 5, when Jim’s vacation ends…or maybe not. Still, the house will be cleaner, and we will all have time to recharge and renew…

      The edits are for a friend, and she’s getting a lot of value out of them, which makes me happy, because she wrote a terrific story. I’m also learning a lot that will help me with a slew of my own edits, so it’s a double win!

      I am loving the class, so far, and, although it is focus and energy intensive, the shift I feel happening is well worth it. I will be a better and more efficient blogger AND writer, at the end!

      Thank you so much for stopping by, Kate!

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