In Grokking I Trust: #ROW80 Update, 2/10/13


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I am currently taking Kristen Lamb’s Blogging for Brand WANA113 class. Here is a portion of my first grokking – an accounting of my BIG WRITING GOALS. I am calling them “Grokkings”, because the words “homework assignment” trigger my flight instincts, while “grokking” makes me think of Heinlein, which is a far more pleasant and inspiring option!

What you see here is hardly even enough to be the tip of the iceberg. Hours, pages, and gallons of water for hot showers; wandering, pondering excursions into my inner terrain, and some hair twisting and swearing…..all were a part of the process, before I even started editing!

This vision I can see and feel, moving within me, waiting for me to deliver it into life, will be affecting just about everything in my writing life, now that I know its shape…so there will be some big changes to my ROW80 goals, at my 2/17 biweekly evaluation….more on that after the goal!

Morning glories in early evening, on a cloudy day…


I am living what my father once called a pipe dream. It is very real! My name is recognizable within my niches, and my writing has a growing audience with a loyal core.

My writing life dovetails with my life, my family, and my inner truths. I am a writer, an author, a blogger – not as titles, but to my core. Writing is a joyful avocation, a delight, and a profitable business venture that provides revenue enough to support our needs and wants.

Through my writing, I share, connect, heal, and grow. I entertain and claim my life and my passions unabashedly. I chronicle our continuing family journey as we parent in school-free partnership with our children, so that others might dare to see the value, possibility, and wonder of a life wound inextricably around natural learning, and a way to have greater peace and connection with their own children. I will be active on unschooling forums, and at events and gatherings.

My words entertain, enlighten, and enliven my many readers, and I have the satisfaction and pleasure of finally seeing the Trueborn Weft series in print and selling well. I have embraced my love of Spockerotica, and found a home for the Warp series books, where those who wish can weave those stories through the Weft, at no cost, and know the whole of my conception.

I have published Queen of My Infinite Spaces (poetry); and The Last House collection (flash fiction short stories around a specific location and theme.)

 I promote my books through my blogs through personal appearances, and the media. I am innovative and assertive in my marketing; I am willing to take chances, and I have materials that reflect my professionalism and my personality.

Fall leaves, October, 2012….edited in Picasa.

I am capable and confident with administrative and business duties; I continue to learn and to improve. I am actively involved in professional and more casual writing groups – networking, learning, and offering support to other writers. My home office is comfortable and efficient, and I enjoy creating and tending my business there. It has room for visits from husband, children, and felines, and also a measure of privacy when I need that most.

I submit smaller, bread and butter pieces regularly, to publications that are eager to receive them and to share with their audiences, and which pay me well for my perspective.

I am a richer and more textured person, and a healthier one. I use my words as a tool for good, and strive to always approach my writing with compassion, most especially when the topic is difficult, such as child abuse or infant death.

I value all feedback (even the hostile), and know there is great opportunity for symbiotic growth and learning in it. Therefore, I respond promptly to comments, and find innovative ways to connect with my readers, and to reach new audiences who will find value in my sharing.

Corki at ease – Red dog under lilac blossoms, May 2012.

I am living my life with purpose, and my energy is devoted to those things that support that purpose. I know that these include things like reading, hiking, camping, gaming, gardening, music, travel, television, and lots of time to just be – with my loved ones, my chosen family, and with myself, wandering my own internal terrain.

Writing adds depth, scope, and understanding to my life, and I share my vulnerabilities, strengths, quirks, failures, successes, deep grief, soaring bliss – and the less intense moments in between….

And, in return for indulging in those gifts, people pay me generously enough that we may live our lives comfortably, and pursue our passions without financial constraints – everything from supporting Jim in his own business venture, to providing for the children as they grow, to SCUBA trips, a refinished bus or motor home, a log cabin, adventures, and even HORSES!!!!!

So, there we have it….

Siberian Irises, after the rain….May 2013..

ROW80 Stuff:

All other goals on abeyance while I attend to My Big Three

Editing Finding Esta:

  • Editing complete and sent through Chapter 21.

  • I am 61% through the novel.

  • Target: 3 chapters/day, until completed. So far, so good.

Homeschooling reports (due 3/1/13):

  •  Annalise’s report is complete up to Foreign Language Arts.
  • That leaves only FLA, Health and Safety, Physical Education, and Attendance.

  • Her report won’t be done tonight, but will be by Wednesday.

  • I will begin Jeremiah’s report on Monday, with a goal to finish by the 20th.

Blogging for Brand WANA113:

  • I’ve completed and posted my first grokking.

  • I’ve read the next two grokkings,

  • I will be completing these this week, and connecting with my classmates.

I will catch up my sponsor posts during the next days, and post links with my 2/13 update.

Til then…..I have more musing, editing, and reporting to do!

Lights, shadows, tulips….January, 2012.

It’s a BLOG HOP!


    • I so love when people tell me the lines they especially enjoyed! I’m learning that taking the time for grokking really helps the writing – and the living! =D

      Thanks for your lovely comment, Julie! =D

    • Thank you, Melanie!

      It took a lot of writing, editing, revising, writing again, and hot showers to get to the place where I could really feel these goals…and I do. They are just right.

      That doesn’t mean they won’t adapt as I move forward – but the truth is, I have less use for fame and fortune, by a long shot, than I do a desire to connect and live in a way that is comfortable and fulfilling – and, for me, that is a simple, fulfilling life – not flashy, but deep.

      So happy that you stopped by! =)

    • Ruth –

      So happy you stopped in! =)

      It’s funny. Until I began this project, I had been thinking clearly and in detail only about 80 days in advance – long enough to get through a round of ROW80. It’s not that I didn’t have goals that stretched further, but they were nebulous, at best.

      I do think there is value in really living with the question of what I want my life to be…it opened me up, in so many ways, until I could feel what is true…

      And, for any of us, that has to match our nature, or it won’t work….and then, we’re likely to blame ourselves.

      But we are each who we are. I am never going to be able to be pushy about sales…but then, I don’t want to be.

      And that’s more than OK….I believe that I can offer, suggest, and my words will find their way to those who will find value and maybe inspiration in them.

      • Very true, Shan! The one thing that’s helping me in being an indie is concentrating on the things I enjoy — like writing blog posts and connecting with the people who stop by. Once I can find any angle where, as you say, I can still be me, then it works!

        • Ruth –

          I spent a lot of years toning me down, to suit the people around me.

          Now, in my writing and more and more in life, too, I am embracing all of myself more and more. There’s a lot to me – passion, fire, deep thoughts, whimsy, love, fury – and expressing it without apology feels wonderful.

          Remarkably, many people respond favorably, when I lay myself bare, and that is added encouragement not to hide myself…

          I don’t know how to be anybody else, so it’s good that I am learning to just share me!

          It’s even better to meet others who are sharing themselves, too. I’m glad you took the time to comment, and that I have the chance to get to know you through your words. =D

  1. Loved the positivity and self-appreciation of this post, Shan. I should really try taking a look at my own positive attributes once in while – we all should. It’s just so damned easy to attack ourselves, sadly.

    Best of luck or the week ahead – WANA do great courses, wish I could afford their online conference this month, too.

    PS: Love those flowers. 🙂

    • Shah –

      I have a wonderful friend in New Jersey who called me on my self-deprecating comments a year or so ago. I had known, on some level, that this did not make me feel good, but it was such an ingrained habit, based on a lifetime of practice, that I seldom noted it consciously.

      I’m still learning, and sometimes only remember after I’ve said something less than charitable to or about myself….so, then I take it back, and say something nice instead.

      I try to treat those around me sweetly….why would I deserve any less?

      No flowers here, now, so it was fun to share these….and that gorgeous red Corki-dog, too! =D

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