Truststorms #ROW80 Update 2/3/13


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It’s been a bit stormy and wild here, lately…dustups may be par for the course, over a series of windy days…

I completed editing Finding Esta, and sent the file off to Shah Wharton…or so I thought. Turns out I sent her back the same master copy she sent me. When I tried to send the version that I had edited, I couldn’t download it. So I searched my hard drive for the appropriate file…opened it – and, three times over, encountered a Runtime Error that shut down the entire Kindle Reader app.


Fortunately, my mind sees words, so I have begun recreating the process via my LibreOffice program….I can copy and paste, or save to whatever system works best for her…and I can send a few chapters at a time, so she’s not waiting for everything another dozen days or so – I am aiming to complete three chapters a day…

There’s a lot of upheaval going on, in my writing world – good upheaval, but it makes for some stress and floundering as I work out how to fit in all the bustle…

  • The kids’ quarterly homeschooling reports are due on March 1, and I have joined Kristen Lamb’sWANA 113 Blogging for Brand Class. The first assignment has already posted, and I still haven’t gotten my contacts listed, or stopped by to say hello to my classmates.

  • At the end of the month, I will be spending a day with WANACon.

In non-writing stuff, we have two kittens to spay this month, before spring brings them into heat, and the male cats in the neighborhood sniffing and peeing around our door.

Deep breaths.

It will all settle, and there may be rainbows….

The skies will clear ahead…..

What I’ve done this week:

  • Finished editing Finding Esta (and begun again).

  • Finished my weekly blog posts, flash fiction, visiting, and reading.

  • Synopsis scenes and pre-rewrite notes for Bounded by a Nutshell.

  • Synopsis scenes, prewriting notes, and two new scenes forSima Garo Provides.

  • Wrote an introductory message at Blogging for Brand page, and poked around; read and began first assignment.

  • Edited sidebar and added to blogroll.

  • Finally managed to get to the Y with the kids.

  • Hometending, firewood, began Jeremiah’s bedroom in a tiny way.

Blogs I visited:

Sunday, January 27 Updates:

Wednesday, January 30 Updates:

Writing Article for this session:

Added to Blogroll:

Tumult can be beautiful and inspiring….

Blog entries for this week:

Write at least one post weekly for three major blogs (shanjeniah; TruebornJottings, and The Unfettered Life.

Trueborn Jottings:


The Unfettered Life:

What I will be up to next session:

  • Adjusting to the new projects for the month….this may take a week or two.

  • Blogging for Brand – complete assignment and get to know at least three other writers.

  • Kids’ reports, and keeping them from becoming a huge monster that sucks my time…

  • Work on editing Finding Esta, again…

  • Noveling, blogging, flash fiction stuff.

  • Researching spaying options…

  • Exercise and hometending.

That feels like plenty, for this tumultuous time….things will settle out, again, and then, there will be more…

For now, though, I am giving priority to the class, the editing, and the reports, and I will see where that carries me over the next days…

Kinetic art of the natural kind…light and shadow, together….

My bi-weekly in-depth evaluation

Are your writing skies cloudy? Clear?  Are you like me – hovering in the midst of it all….? 

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    • Thanks, Karen! I just friended you over there, and commented on your profanity post, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

      I’m loving the class, although, just now, I feel a certain amount of desire to clear the decks of homeschool reports and finish up Shah’s editing, so that I can devote most of my writing attention to class, and WANAGon, too….

      I’ll see you, here and there!

  1. Shan, I share your frustration when technology lets me down. I am continuing to learn how to accept the problems and learn from them, but it is definitely a learning curve.

    I heartily recommend Kristen’s course, although it has been the cause of some of my technological frustration! I’m looking forward to WANACon, too!

    I hope the week brings you what you want, or perhaps better, what you need. 🙂

    • Elizabeth –

      A learning curve, indeed!

      My brain is geared toward imagery, language, and emotion…which makes technology seem foreign to me.

      I’m lucky, though, to have a son to whom technology is a natural part of life, easily comprehended and joyfully indulged.

      You are so right about the class. Eyes and mind are wide open, and I am delving deeply. I may end up the slowest in the class, at getting things done, because I am savoring them so fully…

    • It was busy, and it fit well with my living. I like happy, productive busy a lot more than rigid, have-to busy.

      This week has been a different kind of busy. Children growing and tempestuous; preparing for a big snow; focusing on three big projects while the others mostly hang out and stand by…

      Maybe a little harder to see the progress, but still good, happy busy!

      I always enjoy visiting your blog, and seeing you pop by here. Thanks! =D

  2. Upheaval usually comes around periods of great growth, change driving people or nature to do new things in order to achieve that sense of balance once again. Sounds like that is where you are right now… This is no bad thing

    But you knew that.

    I would wish you peace and calm and comfort, but somehow, I feel that would in the end be limiting. So I wish you the pleasure of memory when it is done and the joy of new experiences to fill your life.

  3. Wow! What a week you’ve had! I really hate when something computer-related happens, thus reminding me of how little I know about that whole technological scene….

    And you have a whirlwind of other activities going on…so I’m amazed. And impressed. And really liking the bubbly background here at your blog! Thanks for visiting mine.

    • It has been a week!

      I was utterly flummoxed by the Kindle issue, and spent three hours, on and off, trying whatever I could think of…

      Using LibreOffice worked well on both ends, though, so I can go forward…and I get to read the book again!

      Thanks for the comment on my background. It’s very new, still, but I think it will stay awhile. I love blue, and all that glowiness….and it just seems right, for now…

  4. Beth –

    Overall, it was a great week…just that one thing, with the new things, and two slightly sniffly, somewhat cranky young people….

    I had a mini rant, and then got over myself and my expectations and started over.

    I was trying to edit the Amazon master copy, and there was no download option.

    This time through, I am saving it to LibreOffice, which autosaves beautifully!

    Thanks for stopping by, and may your editing be prosperous and joyful!

  5. Hello, Shan. The photos match the upheaval but you continue to make good progress. Trust the process and persevere! Sometimes when I have edited and re-edited a large word processing file, the darn thing just freezes up. Too many changes! So I save the file under a new name — and continue . . . editing as well, for that’s where I am. I also do save my wip in major sections as this minimizes the ‘freezing’. Hope these suggestions help. Meanwhile, in spite of those winds, may your week go well. Beth PS I love the idea of posting which blogs you visit!

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