Shifting Tides: #ROW80 Update 1/30/13


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I had thought that writing three blog posts a week was going to be a large challenge, but I think that was because I was thinking of it as a huge deal, and now I see that these very long posts of mine may actually be getting in my way, losing readers who can’t keep up with those gigantic chunks of words I’ve been trying to force on them!

Now I get it….LITTLE posts….1000 words or less, is my target. After a bit, I may try to reduce it maybe a little more…

It’s good to remember these things, once I discover them! And this one is going to make it a simpler matter to meet the goal of three blogposts, without undue strain…

And, on a similar note, these updates tend to be so long that I often spend two days on them.

Two days during which I’m not spending very much time writing other things.

Two days during which I create behemoth reports that are daunting to read…

So, in another leap of faith, I am going to trust what I’m feeling…

These updates don’t need to be nearly so long. I don’t need to explain every detail…

And I’m not going to.

I will save the in-depth reporting for the every-other-Sunday evaluation, and, for the rest of the reports, I will simply (really, I do mean simply!) say what I am doing, maybe what I’m thinking, and then, get on about the process of actually doing, again!

Today, the kids and I went swimming. I am very tired…the lovely full wolf moon means I have been awake, writing, all night. The kids have been waking up about the time I’m winding down, so sleep has been – elusive…I’ve had about 14 hours of sleep, total, for the last three days. Now, I don’t need a lot of sleep, but my fatigued body and foggy mind make it clear that I need more than this!

So I may be sleeping more, and writing less, over the next day or two, as the ebb I was expecting finally washes over me.

course, my mind seldom stops, and so, if I sleep, I will dream, and that will feed my writing, later.

Lovely image art, for me, from Eden F. Mabee. Life chose this friend very well!

Here, in brief, is what I’ve been working on, during those lovely moonlit nights:

  • Finding Esta (for Shah Wharton) editing 76% complete.
  • Sima Garo Provides (WIP) – pre-writing notes for Chapter 12, Scene 3. Added one scene to the synopsis.
  • Bounded by a Nutshell (WIP) – pre-rewrite notes for three scenes; added to the synopsis.
  • Sponsor VisitsRead “my fours”, and several other posts…will get back to actually comment tonight or tomorrow, depending on when sleep takes me..I will share at the next update.
  • Article Reading Kristen Lamb‘sThe Most Powerful Social Media Tool for Building an Author Platform-Part 1 (a very good article, and I will be back to read the other parts!). It’s also good preparation for my upcoming class…
  • Blogging – I have three posts drafted and color-blocked (my first step in the revision process) – one for each blog. I have done more sidebar editing for this blog, and added to my blogroll.
  • Miscellaneous Stuff – clearing emails, answering comments, fan fiction, checking details for upcoming class, lots of Adam-12!

What’s on my plate for the rest of the week?

  • Finding Esta – Finish the edit, and get it back to Shah. Rough draft of book review.
  • Sima Garo Provides – Add seven scenes to synopsis; pre-writing notes for one scene; write two scenes.
  • Queen of My Infinite Spaces (poetry WIP) – Reread all poems, make notes for conclusion.
  • Bowlful of Bunnies (L.S. Engler) – Revise book review, schedule as next week’s post.
  • Sponsor Visits comment on the ones I’ve read, read and comment on Wednesday’s .
  • Blogging – Revise and schedule pending posts; sidebar editing; blogroll; start rereading April posts.
  • Evaluation Sunday – Review progress and goals; consider goals and adapt as needed.
  • Miscellaneous – hometending; firewood restocking; email, comments, and very likely lots more Adam-12!


I took this one last January. We came out of the store, and there was that moon! =D


  1. Sleep is a wonderful thing! It’s good to see you growing and evolving. I hope you find the perfect balance between writing, rest and all the other aspects of life that squeeze in between.

    • Cate –

      Well, see, it’s a dance on the edge of a blade, or the tip of a flame…

      It’s always shifting, becoming new…

      I’m learning….like riding horseback, or t’ai chi, or long-term monogamy….or parenthood.

      My instincts are pretty good, and so I will dance on….

      Happy to see you!

        • Cate –

          Apparently, I was missing a few steps – like answering comments in a timely manner…

          I am determined to get better at it, though. Connecting is very important, to me. It”s an integral part of why I write in the first place.

          Thank you for stopping by!

  2. Thank you for reminding me that writing a shorter blog post is better than no blog post at all! Your words encourage me to get to work on my travel blog and say, “Yes, I can!” We all talk about the importance of balance. But sometimes striving for perfection prevents us from achieving ‘the good’. So setting limits can actually leverage what we can (and want) to accomplish. May your week go well. Write small. I shall try to do so also!

    • Beth –

      That was lovely.

      I am thinking so much of Paul Simon, these days….decades of music, rich, diverse, deeply evocative….so eloquent, and so spare…

      I think I can write short, but not small…

      “I could be bounded by a nutshell,
      And count myself
      King of infinite space…”


      In that brief quote, both tiny and infinite, at once, are two of my Warp Series titles!

      May you write short and vividly! =D

    • Kelli –

      I really do sleep – sometimes….

      But I have always loved these small hours when I am the only one awake…many inspirations are born there, for me, and there is room for whatever is simmering in my mind to become a lovely stew….

      Even when I’m asleep, I’m dream-writing! =D

      I am finding that the shorter posts are garnering more comments than the longer ones. And they are a lot easier to come up with ideas for, so I may finally get to a semi-regular blogging schedule…

      Thanks for stopping by! =D

    • Kelli –

      Sorry I didn’t get back here sooner to reply to you. I could say I was sleeping, but that really wouldn’t be true…

      I am getting the hang of these shorter posts, and, although I haven’t posted in a week or so, beyond updates, due to having lots of non-blogging stuff going on, I am finding that I enjoy blogging more, and have less resistance to these shorter posts.

      I’m currently in the midst of Kristen Lamb’s Blogging for Brand class, and I think I will love it even more, after I have time to absorb all this learning, and make it a part of my blogging life…

      Thank you for stopping by!

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