ROW80 2013 Round 1 Goals; post 1/20 Evaluation

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ROW80 2013 Round 1 Goals; post 1/20 Evaluation


WIP Novels:

Complete rough draft of Sima Garo Provides. Aim for 2 scenes each week (~3000 words), and notes for each scene.

Read through Chameleon’s Dish and Bounded by a Nutshell, making general notes as I go. Make task lists for next steps for both novels.

Begin timelines for both stories, throughout all WIP and extrapolated novels.

Flash Fiction:

Create new flash fiction weekly through prompts, challenges, envisioning WIP scenes, and original ideas.

Revise existing pieces in my Writing Bullpen files, with an eye to submitting and/or creating a collection for a potential book. Aim for one biweekly.

Submit at least one short story to a paying market each month.


Return to 750 Use this space for free expository writing at least every other day, and strive to complete every day of the round.

Write book reviews forBowlful of Bunniesand Finding Esta, once I have finished reading them.

Complete one essay or other piece of expository writing each week.



Create blog rolls for shanjeniah (writers and resources), and Trueborn Jottings (resources and inspiration).

Edit sidebars and layout for all blogs (excepting childrens’ reporting blogs).

Write at least one post weekly for three major blogs (shanjeniah; TruebornJottings, and The Unfettered Life.


Complete all ROW80 sponsor visits twice weekly; comment, and share posts I read.

Read weekly at a writer-oriented blog that appeals to me; comment; share; learn; absorb, try, grow.

Submit guest posts, at least once monthly.

Social Media:

Visit Pinterest, SheWrites, or StoryDam at least weekly. Get a better sense of how each works, and build my presence there with sharing, commenting, and asking questions.

Continue visiting and interacting through Facebookand Twitter, especially via relevant groups, several times a week.

Explore Linked In and WANATribe every other week. Both have things to offer, and are my newest social media connections. I want to get to know them better, slowly.


Poetry Book Project:

Complete a rough draft compilation, with dedication, introduction, and conclusion.

Gather art and images for inclusion in the book.

Gather resources for learning how to publish ebooks.

Owning My Perspective and Experiences:

At least once weekly, use expository writing time to explore memories, wounds, healing, perspective, or personal philosophy.

Read through all 2012 blog posts, and make a list of items to consider or expand upon.

Continue my eating and health goals from Round 4, 2012. Aim to get to the Y once alone, and once with the children, each week.

Reclaiming Our Home:

Clean Annalise’s and Jeremiah’s bedrooms, creating spaces of welcome and haven for them, with room for their favorite things and activities.

Clean and reorganize kitchen, so that it supports a home where everyone prepares and serves themselves, and where cleanup is easy enough that we all will choose to participate.

Work on general decuttering at least five days a week, focusing on a clutter-prone area when time, attention, and energy allow.