Evaluating Trust #1: #ROW80 Update 1/20/13

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This is my first scheduled biweekly Sunday evaluation. A bit of warning – this is rather long.

When I set my goals for this round, I thought about how, in each of my preceding rounds, I came to a point where I floundered a bit. I am hoping that this every-other-Sunday assessment of my goals and progress toward them will help me to catch any problems in the early stages, so that I can adjust before I get mired down in them.

I’ve made a few changes, as a result of this first review. These reflect areas where I feel a need for a different focus, or I’ve made enough progress, or little enough, to warrant an adjustment.

I’ve also set time frames for the next steps for several goals, and will do this at least until the next evaluation. I feel that this will help me to use my time and energy more effectively, especially with some of the larger goals with many steps.

My overall impression, thus far, is that things are going very well, with a nice balance of progress across all goals, and with ample time left for music, television, and time with my family.

Humming along, happily productive – that’s my feeling, at this point!

Furry love….Achoo (Baby), 4 months, Squeak about 9 months, and right at home. Srindi is still a little shy for frequent photo ops.

Round 1 goals post


  • Goals that have been adapted appear in bolded red.

  • Goals on target or completed are noted as such.

  • Major goals appear in bolded blue.

  • Minor goals appear in bolded black.

  • Bolded black or blue italics denote time frames for completion.


WIP Novels:

Complete rough draft of Sima Garo Provides.

Adapted to read:

Complete rough draft of Sima Garo Provides. Aim for 2 scenes each week (~3000 words), and notes for each scene.

  • I completed Chapter Eleven Scene 4.

  • I wrote notes for Chapter Twelve, Scene 1 (23 minutes), and laid out the Scrivener binder folder for Chapter Twelve.

  • Using the notes as the scene’s beginning, I wrote Chapter Twelve, Scene 1 (37 minutes).

  • This scene took only a total of an hour to write! Wahoo!

  • Goal completed for this week.

Separate Chameleon’s Dishinto two books with individual Scrivener files – Warp and Weft series.

Adapted early, and now reads:

Read through Chameleon’s Dish and Bounded by a Nutshell, making general notes as I go. Make task lists for next steps for both novels.

  • Chameleon’s Dish

  • I have added notes and placeholder files for the as-yet unwritten scenes that will eventually take this WIP from novella to novel length. Complete through Chapter Twenty.

  • I will have this draft completed by Wednesday’s update.

  • Bounded by a Nutshell –

  • I will begin the note-taking process for this novel by the Sunday, January 27 update.

Begin timelines for both stories, throughout all WIP and extrapolated novels.

  • Moving among four of these novels, with three more planned and one more awaiting completion, has helped me to envision the sequence, here.

  • I made a note page in Sima Garo Provides Scrivener document, and began a synopsis. I will do this for each project, then pair the companion novels and arrange chronologically. Synopsis of Prologue is complete.

  • This should form enough of a framework that I can get at least a skeleton of the unwritten projects added, to be filled in as I go along.

  • I will reach Chapter Five of this process by the January 27 update.

Flash Fiction:

Create new flash fiction weekly through prompts, challenges, envisioning WIP scenes, and original ideas.

  • I may go on to write a flash story for each Aletris-related pin on my Pinterest boards…

Minor goals

Revise existing pieces in my Writing Bullpen files, with an eye to submitting and/or creating a collection for a potential book.

Adapted to read:

Revise existing pieces in my Writing Bullpen files, with an eye to submitting and/or creating a collection for a potential book. Aim for one biweekly.

  • So far, only skimming.

  • I want to focus on some larger, more involved goals, first, but will gradually be adding more of these as the round moves along.

  • I will have revised at least one story by the Sunday, January 27 update.

Submit at least one short story to a paying market each month.

  • I have a story awaiting revision and resubmission.

  • I will submit before next Sunday (1/27).

Fun with our cowbell! =D Tip o’ the bell to Jenny Hansen, for giving it new meaning! =)


Return to –750 words.com use this space for free expository writing, and strive to write there every day.

This goal adapted to read:

Return to –750 words.com. Use this space for free expository writing at least every other day, and strive to complete every day of the round.

Write book reviews for Bowlful of Bunnies and Finding Esta, once I have finished reading them.

Bowlful of Bunnies – reading completed.

  • I will be writing impressions during my Sunday expository writing time.

  • Timeframe for the review after freewriting .

Finding Esta – reading 69% complete.

  • I will have the reading complete by Wednesday’s update.

Complete one essay or other piece of expository writing each week.

  • I wrote more on cleaning rooms – from my childhood,and for my daughter, age 8.5 years. This was posted with my last update, and may become part of the Unfettered post, as well.

  • I freewrote a rough examination of an issue that has been troubling me for a while…

  • Goal completed for this week.

    My heart both clenches and expands as I see the tiny girl she once was, the young woman she will become, and her right-now – confident, happy, sassily spirited, silly, and thoughtful…



Create blog rolls for shanjeniah (writers and resources), and Trueborn Jottings (resources and inspiration).

  • I added three links to my spiffy new blogroll!

  • More Cowbell

  • Writers In the Storm

  • Mrs. Bongle

  • I’ve decided to work first on shanjeniah, and then Trueborn Jottings, simply because shanjeniah is more often visited, is older, and many links from there will also be relevant at Jottings.

Edit sidebars and layout for all blogs (excepting childrens’ reporting blogs)

  • I made a few sidebar deletions in shanjeniah, and moved a few things around.

  • I will be playing with it, and mulling changes, throughout the round.

  • Again, I will start here, because it’s gotten really cluttered, I am not at The Unfettered Life as often, and Trueborn Jottings is, largely, still a blank slate I can keep uncluttered.

Write at least one post weekly for three major blogs (shanjeniah; TruebornJottings, andThe Unfettered Life.

  • Goal completed for this week.


Complete all ROW80 sponsor visits twice weekly; comment, and share posts I read.

Read weekly at a writer-oriented blog that appeals to me; comment; share; learn; absorb, try, grow.

Submit guest posts, at least once monthly.

  • Goal completed for January.

Social Media:

Visit Pinterest, SheWrites, or StoryDam at least weekly. Get a better sense of how each works, and build my presence there with sharing, commenting, and asking questions.

  • Pinterest – I’ve added several images to various boards.

  • She Writes – Quick visit. Commented on a thread, and shared a blogpost.

  • StoryDam – Posted flash fiction piece.

Continue visiting and interacting through Facebookand Twitter, especially via relevant groups, several times a week.

  • Facebook – Scrolling, sharing, posting, several groups.

  • Twitter – Follows, scrolling, sharing, posting.

Explore Linked In and WANATribe every other week. Both have things to offer, and are my newest social media connections. I want to get to know them better, slowly.

  • WANATribesigned up for a class at WANAInternational; chatted; shared a blogpost; learned aboutWANACon and applied to join the group.

  • LinkedIn posted a private message; made a long-overdue reply to an old friend; accepted and invited connections: peeked at groups; and browsed features.

  • Goal completed for this two weeks.

Yes! She can use her loft again! =D


Poetry Book Project:

Complete a rough draft compilation, with dedication, introduction, and conclusion.

  • I wrote Scrivener notes for the introduction, direction, and purpose of the book.

  • I found the missing poem #3, saved the document file in the proper folder in Dropbox, and added it to theScrivener binder for this project.

  • I will write a rough draft of the introduction before the January 27 update.

Gather art and images for inclusion in the book.

  • Still in the pondering stages for this one. I am thinking of using a photo per page, or possibly a blend of photographs and artwork (Mine? The kids’? Something else, entirely?).

  • I have a few pictures and ideas in mind, and will start a folder for them before Wednesday’s update.

Gather resources for learning how to publish ebooks.

  • I know that I have some, mostly scattered aroundFacebook.

  • By Wednesday’s update, I will have a tag in my Pocket app for these, and begin adding links to it.

A happy and embracing space emerging from the chaos….

Owning My Perspective and Experiences:

At least once weekly, use expository writing time to explore memories, wounds, healing, perspective, or personal philosophy.

  • I wrote about my attitude while cleaning Annalise’s room, as compared to the attitude I used to bring to cleaning.

  • I am thinking of writing Annalise a letter about this.

  • I wrote at length about a family-of-origin issue that has been troubling me for some time, because I had an epiphany surrounding it.

  • Goal attained for this week.

Continue my eating and health goals from Round 4, 2012. Aim to get to the Y once alone, and once with the children, each week.

  • I made it to theYagain this week, on Tuesday, for my most intense workout of the new year.

  • I’ve talked with Jim about the possibility of us dropping him off at work and sharing the car one day a week, so that I can take the kids to the Y and elsewhere during his work week.

  • I continue to attend to my need for food -currently, I am focusing on eating soon after I wake, because I have a tendency not to eat for several hours, then to be ravenously hungry late at night.

  • My writing energy has encompassed Ebb,Slack, and High Tides. I was mildly ill with weakness, fatigue, and queasiness on Friday, and a still a bit under the weather on Saturday.

  • Other than writing, I also spent more time in Annalise’s room, did general hometending, and restocked the house wood supply against the coming cold.

Yup, she can hang out in here! =D

Reclaiming Our Home:

  • Clean Annalise’s and Jeremiah’s bedrooms, creating spaces of welcome and haven for them, with room for their favorite things and activities.

  • I completed Annalise’s floor.

  • I cleaned her loft, helped her set it back up as a bed, and cleared and moved the shelves by her bed, which are now in the back corner. At the moment, they are holding bins of items to be sorted, until that final stage in the process.

  • This leaves a new set of shelves to bring in, closet shelves, bookshelves, and corner cubby drawers.

  • I’m on track to finish these by the 25th, so that I will have 6 days left to help her sort whatever remains of her bins and bags.

  • After that, her room will be done, hopefully by the 30th, so that I will have a day off before shifting her room to maintenance mode and beginning Jeremiah’s on February 1st.

At least weekly, work on an area where clutter tends to take over, such as the games cupboard, round table, my office, computer desk, coat cabinet, bathroom dresser, and my personal spaces.

Goal adapted to read:

Work on general decuttering at least five days a week, focusing on a clutter-prone area when time, attention, and energy allow.

  • I spent time in general decluttering – no special projects this session.

So, there we have it – from the ground up, here are my goals for this first round of my second year of ROW80. I trust that I will know whether these are working or not, and will take appropriate action.

A few last points:

I plan to work on each major goal every session, and work in the minor goals as my time and focus allow.

  • I am still shuffling a bit to get these in (this week, due to not feeling well for two days, and the backlog of sponsor visits), but it is getting easier, and, as I complete some of the major goals, or at least have them humming along smoothly, I will likely be able to focus more attention on the minor goals.

I will evaluate my goals, progress and preferences biweekly. on Sunday, and adjust accordingly.

  • I made a few changes, but, mostly, I am very happy with these goals and the balance they create. It’s a fine buffet of choices, and all are moving me closer to the yearly objectives I am striving for.

  • Goal completed for the first two weeks of the round.

    Annalise, just as she is!

It’s a BLOG HOP!


    • Kelli –

      I learn some useful things every session. I forget some, but others stick, and i try to implement them as soon as possible.

      I thought I knew how to set goals, and still I keep learning more, and that makes it better…

      Lovely to see you here!

    • Kelli –

      They were good goals, bit now I have better ones! =D

      My organization, thus far, hasn’t stretched to answering comments systematically. Something I am determined to change this round.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  1. I always have to re-write a few goals once I sink into the round. I still don’t feel I’ve quite landed form the three week holiday. I’m all out of sync. But you are wonderfully in sync, in contrast. I really hope you’re getting some enjoyment out of Finding Esta, too. I’ll warn you, Amazon is driving me crazy – it’s already refused four reviews, only allowing one. It’s so annoying. Authors need reviews, damn it! Keep up with the great work Shan. As always your goals and achievements put mine in the shade. X

    • Shah –

      I don’t want to put anyone in the shade…..for many years, I scarcely wrote at all…..I just came to a place in my life where I have a lot to say, and time in which to say it, and so I do….

      Holidays have a habit of feeding my writing from beneath, so it takes a while….

      Ebbs and flows and ebbs again….all part of life…

      I love Finding Esta sooo much, I am reading it now for the third time! =D

      I’ll make that a blurb, if you want!

  2. Looks like you’re still getting loads done! I like your re-written goals, many were more measurable. I had to re-write my goals too, of course, I only have two goals! You keep embracing life!

    • Amy –

      I like them too, but not so much in every post! Tightening things up more as I go along, because I do need measurable goals to aim for.

      It’s really helped.

      Two goals you really believe in are as good as 20, I say….I just have this thing about flowing and variety!

      Thanks for popping by!

    • Amy –

      I may have already responded to your comment…I’ve lost track (not one of the things I have well organized yet, but I am getting there….).

      I’ve put those goals aside, and written new ones that are even better. I am very much a work in progress…

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Shan, I’m so impressed with all this energy! And — Oh my goodness! — you added WITS and More Cowbell to your blogroll…we’re totally honored. Thanks so much. 🙂

    p.s. Does everyone tell you your daughter looks JUST like you?? She’s darling.

    • Jenny –

      Blogs like More Cowbell and WITS inspire me…and I think I am a closet librarian…. =) I love to share stuff!

      I’m learning to ride the waves of my energy, the ebbs, flows, and slack tides, and feel my way through to the best projects for each type. It’s getting more natural…and I am loving it.

      And, yes, people actually stop us to comment on it. The funny thing is that, although I am a silver-shot brunette now, when I was her age, I was very blonde. She loves my hair, and I love hers…

      Inside, she is a fascinating blend of me, with Jim’s daring….and a whole lot that is all her own.

      We call her the Force of Nature. ❤

    • Alberta-

      It finds me, mostly….

      Or I’ve organically arranged my life to provide time…and I don’t sleep a lot….by nature, not design!

      I love to have me a fine buffet of things to play with! =D

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