Let There be Lights – #ROW80 Update 12/12/12

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    My original goals for this round.

  • My Thankvember NaNoROW80 goals

  • My informal schedule for December

It’s been a week since my last update. I make no apologies for this, because I was fully living my life, enjoying friends, learning new customs, embarking upon deep conversational journeys, and mounting expeditions upon untrodden inner terrain…

The physical, product-focused portion of writing was not so much in evidence as the invisible things that feed writing, and living, and make it all worthwhile.

And, when the writing resumed, on Tuesday, it was richer and more textured…

Littlest Pet Shops go Black Friday shopping.

How about you? Do you take time to deepen and refill…or press forward steadily, regardless of everything else in life?

December ROW80 Goals (End-of- Round Housekeeping)

Write and post ROW80: Year One in Review – four seasonal posts, one for each round of my first year.

  • I’ve begun the rough draft of the essay, which is at 714 words, with a target length of 500-750 words. It will be, it looks closer to a 1000 word essay.

  • It’s my plan to write only when I can attend to all three sides of the triangle, and to keep a journal on my writing sessions.

  • I’ve kept more or less to this goal. I had only 2.5 hours’ sleep, but I was as enthusiastic as I was able to be.

  • On the plus side, I am eager to continue – I like what I have, and what I have prepared for the next writing session.

  • I have managed well at this goal, which is reflected in the fact that I wrote little here, during our visit with our friends.

Our First Night of Hanukkah with dear friends.

Read posts at My Write Spot and Thankvember Blog Hop.

For Thankvember Blog Hop:

  • Nothing this session.

At My Write Spot:

Jot some notes for ebook/hard copy poetry book, Queen of Infinite Spaces, which will use my 31 OctPoWriMo 2012 poems.

  • In preparation for brainstorming and beginning, I have set up a Scrivener file for this project.

  • I have brainstormed a list of things to work on to bring the shape of this book into focus.

  • I will be working on these in the coming days, and will have a better idea of direction and timetable when complete.

Menorahs and blessings….


Continue writing Sima Garo Provides, throughout December.

  • I plan to use Rachel Aaron’s process on this story, noting what I plan to write about before each session, even if it’s only a short one, and time-tracking.

    I began Chapter Ten,Scene Four, while we were away, and added to it on Tuesday.

  • I am feeling that this is the exhale scene, a pause before the escalation of the concluding chapters.

  • I am keeping track of my time invested and taking notes before writing sessions. I don’t see any words gained, thus far, but it hasn’t been a typical run of days.

  • I do feel that the note-taking time is clarifying my focus, and, once things start to settle, I think I may find a rather marked increase in productivity for time invested.


Scenes from the Cookie Decorating Party…2012 edition.


Moving firewood into garage, stacking, and stocking house as needed.

  • First we had cold, then snow, then rain…hoping for a dry day or two, now that I have no looming projects….

  • I did nothing toward this goal during this session.

  • There is a chance of snow on Sunday. I would like to move all of the wood and restock the house before then. Hopefully, during the next day or two, because we have outings planned for both Friday and Saturday evenings.

Editing Picasa albums, and sharing them more widely.

  • Nothing done on this goal for this session.

Our Resident artists and their works in progress.

Add reports and sections to kids’ reporting blogs, and organize blogs.

  • I began the reporting period, last quarter, with one idea for these blogs, but, as is so often the case, living with it led me to some fairly major shifts.

    Now, I will be working toward adjusting the setup to match what’s really working for me, and making sure all of the first quarter report sections are public – I will use this if I need quick proof, or to refer a concerned family member to evidence of “what we do all day” (even though, very often, we are likely to be doing it all night, instead…)

  • I added Jeremiah’s Foreign Language Arts.

  • Each post will be categorized, and the category link listed as “Past Reports”on the current report (which will be on the Page for that subject area.

  • I hope to add photos and links at some later point in time.

  • More Sweet Moments….

Weekly update posts to both reporting blogs.

  • I am thinking that these will just be roughly sorted into categories – a sort of laundry list of the cooler parts of our week (Monday sounds like a good day to do them!)

  • I haven’t posted either update, yet, due to travel. Read below for progress.

  • Categories may be as simple as “Doing”/”Seeing”/”Making”/”Playing”/and “Talking About”, and may include pictures and/or links.

  • I have written the text for Annalises’ 12/9/12 Weekly Update. Running a bit late to post this, due to lots of travel and life!

  • Next up, revision, photo editing, and posting.

  • I have not yet begun Jeremiah’s update. Plan to begin it Wednesday.

  • Life unfolding…
  • I may also categorize using an initial code system, so that the “subject/s” an item fits into will be clear at a glance.

  • I have added category labels to Jeremiah’s first update.

  • In the coming days, I will be adding these items to the appropriate categories on their pages, from which the next report will be created.

  • From there, I will move them into their “subject” and “objective” on the IHIP.

  • I have done nothing toward this goal in this session,but plan to have both children’s first updates categorized before I post their third updates.

    Gabriella made her special cocoa recipe for Annalise.

Guest blogging catchup.

  • I will be doing a round of checks on previous posts, to answer comments as needed.

  • I have done nothing toward this goal in this session.

  • As I move through this process, I will make certain that myWhere on the Web is Shan Jeniah? page is up-to-date, and possibly prettied up a bit…

  • I have done nothing toward this goal during this session.

  • I will be sending a completed post to a friend, to see if she would like it, and another where I can send a nifty little bit of flash fiction I wrote a few months back, and contacting another friend where I planned to write during the craziness that was Round 3.

  • I have done nothing toward this goal during this session.

  • Annalise’s Cup Castle! Geometry in action!

Prepare items for submission.

  • I’ve been planning to send some things out into the world, but haven’t done so since the early part of summer. The reasons have been various, and now it’s time to offer up some of my words in exchange for a bit of disposable cash flow…

    I’ll begin small -just choosing a thing or two to spruce up and let go….and take it from there. My Writing Bullpen is chock full of potential – time to bring out some new pitches! =D

  • I have done nothing toward this goal during this session.

  • I will continue to do this as I read, so that I will have a selection of items to prepare, without any extra work.

  • I have done nothing toward this goal for this session.

  • I am toying with the idea of rewriting a story I wrote in 2000, Morning Coffee, for the Writer’s Digest Short Short Story Competition.

  • I have done nothing toward this goal for this session.

  • The next day or two should reveal whether I am ready to attempt this challenge this year.

And my two standing goals, continuing on…

I am serving as a  ROW80sponsor for this round.

  • I have not visited any blogs this session.

  • I intend to be caught up by Sunday.

  • I have volunteered to serve as a sponsor again next round – I love this gig!

  • Haven’t heard back yet. Waiting… =D

Fitness Goals – I will focus on eating before I am hungry (and getting protein and magnesium into every other time I eat). I will be active enough that I can always feel my body and muscles. I will add more fruits and vegetables to my diet, and be more attentive to how much water I am drinking.

  • I will be recording my progress here, along with my energy levels for that Sunday – Tuesday or Wednesday – Saturday period.

Thursday – Slack Tide

Hometending, lots of laundry, packing, tending pets.

Friday – Slack Tide

Driving ( 4 hours), Minimal hometending at Woodmans’, shopping and errands.

Saturday- Ebb Tide

Moderate hometending at Woodmans’, lots of conversation, music, Hanukkah, gaming, some writing.

Sunday – Ebb Tide

No sleep, Cookie Decorating Party, more Hanukkah, sleep deprivation consequences, more talk, more music, a little reading, walking in the rain with Miah, party prep hometending at the Woodmans’.

Monday – Ebb Tide

More conversation and gaming. Minimal hometending at the Woodmans’, packing, driving 4 hours home.

Tuesday – Slack Tide

More conversation. TV. Gaming. Minimal Unpacking and animal care. 10 hours’ sleep!

  • I have been following a more intuitive and natural approach to eating and drinking, and allowing myself to feel my body’s wishes.

  • Travel to friends’ in a neighboring state was not as challenging as I had thought it might be . I listened to my body, and was able to get fruits, nuts,protein, magnesium, and veggies.

  • I drank more water in the days when I was away than I usually do at home. Something to ponder.

  • It seems that it is easier to choose wisely in the moment when I remember my goal of feeling good and comfortable and balanced. It isn’t deprivation to moderate, or to consider where an item fits into the dietary puzzle, for me, in any given moment.

And now, a bit about our last few days:

The children and I spent Friday – Monday with out friends in New Jersey, the Woodman family. We had our first experience with celebrating Hanukkah, and time to just be with those we connect deeply with, and a cookie-decorating party. There were minor conflicts and resolutions, and the type of deep, thought-provoking conversation that stirs my soul…

This fits in with our intent to enjoy the holidays in a relaxed and just right for us way…

In other news, Srindi and Squeak grew braver and more confident in their new home while we are away. There is a chance, too, that they missed the attention-from-a-distance we’ve been giving them, since both have allowed us to approach far closer before moving away, and their retreats have been calmer, slower, and seemingly more a matter of preference than fear.

Squeak sat and waited while Annalise and I tended to refreshing her food and water, and moved a step or two in my direction when I came into the family room to find her in the attached kitchen. She swiveled her ears and watched me while I spoke softly to her.

Srindi, the more social kitten, moved out of my reach, but circled just beyond my reach, arching her back while watching me, as though she was tempted to rub against me and claim me for her own. She allowed us to sit in the office chair, only a foot or two from the table where she was eating.

Both of the older kittens have taken to Achoo, who feeds from either bowl. They wait for her to finish and snuggle with her. The worries I had that I would have to protect the baby from the teenagers were unfounded….and the baby is not nearly so little anymore. She grew substantially while we were away!

We’ve been tired since we returned. After very little sleep while we were away (and none on Saturday night), I slept 10 hours Monday night, and nearly on Tuesday.

Tuesday, I unpacked a few things from the car, and that was about it. Out of state trips tend to have that affect on all of us – the kids didn’t move around much, either, although we were all up until Wednesday morning, about 9am. The kids got outside and soaked up the first sun we’ve seen in about five days, before they both slept until well past dark.

Wednesday and Thursday are unscheduled days for us, then we will be out and about for more holiday-oriented stuff on Friday and Saturday evenings.

And I will be moving forward on my personal goals in a way that leaves plenty of space for celebration.

May your week be merry, creative, and blessed, whatever the nature of your winter festivities!


It’s a Blog Hop!


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  1. Lots going on with you! Wow. You got a lot done. I love the pics! Hanukkah seems like such a beautiful holiday. (I’m Christian, but 1/16 Jewish. 🙂 ) Have a lovely week! Best wishes for finishing strong.

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