So, it’s December! – ROW80 Update 12/5/12

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Another NaNo is over, and I have over 56K of Sima Garo Provides.I have 30 Thankvember posts added to my blog, and I have met the childrens’ reporting requirements until March 1.

It’s time to look back at my original goals for this round, and adapt them so that I can wrap up this round on a positive note, and prepare for 2013.

2o12 was a foundation-building year, for me. 2013 feels like it will be a grand adventure!

It’s also time to build in more relaxation, festivities, and time with those I love. And a good time to get back into organizing and reorienting our home to embrace our winter living.

It feels like time to string lights, play with food, light fires and candles, and sink into the spirit of the season. Time to sing carols, visit friends, and celebrate….

To hibernate somewhat, and turn inward….

 And, of course, to write about it all!

December ROW80 Goals (End-of- Round Housekeeping)


I know, this might look like a lot (people tend to say that about my doings!). I have plotted out an informal schedule for December, with four focus projects per day. There’s an open-endedness to tit, and it seems on a par with the amount of writing-related energy and time I am already expending comfortably, so I have strong feeling this weekly rotation will at last allow me a framework without locking me into anything….

What are your plans for the last days of the round?

Review initial Round 4 goals, and make a post-NaNo project list.

  • Here we go! Obviously, I did this one, or this list would not exist!
  • This goal has been attained!

Write and post ROW80: Year One in Review – four seasonal posts, one for each round of my first year.

  • I am going to use this project as a mini-experiment. Using Rachel Aaron’s trianglefrom the article I shared above, I will write these four retrospective essays, tracking the time I spend, taking a few minutes before beginning to write notes on what I plan to write about, and writing only what I am enthusiastic about.
  • I am making this a very experimental project, as I am also using the Kindle to write parts of it.
  • The goal in doing this is to assess to what degree I can use it for planning and writing. It may be best for on-the-fly synced notes, or fine for statuses and tweets…
  • I am discovering that this little machine can do a tremendous amount more than I thought it could.
  • I’ve read all of the blogposts I wrote at shanjeniah and The Unfettered Lifeduring this period.
  • I have set up an Evernote account to both the Kindle and the laptop. They will sync automatically.
  • I have devoted a notebook to the first post, and have set up a time-tracking page, a note on the first session of rough draft writing, and another with the draft itself.
  • I’ve had two note-taking sessions. During the second, I wrote material that can be lifted whole, and moved to the essay draft.
  • I’ve begun the rough draft of the essay, which is at 245 words, with a target length of 500-750 words.

  • It’s my plan to write only when I can attend to all three sides of the triangle, and to keep a journal on my writing sessions.
  • I’ve kept more or less to this goal. I had only 2.5 hours’ sleep, but I was as enthusiastic as I was able to be.
  • On the plus side, I am eager to continue – I like what I have, and what I have prepared for the next writing session.

Read posts at My Write Spot and Thankvember Blog Hop.

For Thankvember Blog Hop:

At My Write Spot:

  • Nothing as of yet, as this goal is informally scheduled for Saturday.

Jot some notes for ebook/hard copy poetry book, Queen of Infinite Spaces, which will use my 31 OctPoWriMo 2012 poems.

  • In preparation for brainstorming and beginning, I have set up a Scrivener file for this project.
  • So far, I have only formatted the barest skeleton, so I am looking forward to coming back and beginning the freewriting – notetaking – musing phase where I put my as-yet nebulous ideas into words.
  • This goal is scheduled for Friday.

Continue writing Sima Garo Provides, throughout December.

  • I plan to use Rachel Aaron’s process on this story, noting what I plan to write about before each session, even if it’s only a short one, and time-tracking.
  • The scene I am preparing to write is a critical one. I have written some notes, for the upcoming scene, the rest of the chapter, in a sketchy fashion.
  • I am really looking forward to sitting down to write the scene on Thursday.

Moving firewood into garage, stacking, and stocking house as needed.

  • First we had cold, then snow, then rain…hoping for a dry day or two, now that I have no looming projects….
  • I moved some wood into the garage on Monday.
  • I plan to move wood to the house today, then perhaps more into the garage, as preparation for the next restock.

Editing Picasa albums, and sharing them more widely.

Add reports and sections to kids’ reporting blogs, and organize blogs.

  • I began the reporting period, last quarter, with one idea for these blogs, but, as is so often the case, living with it led me to some fairly major shifts.

    Now, I will be working toward adjusting the setup to match what’s really working for me, and making sure all of the first quarter report sections are public – I will use this if I need quick proof, or to refer a concerned family member to evidence of “what we do all day” (even though, very often, we are likely to be doing it all night, instead…)

  • I will be working on the reporting on Friday.

Weekly update posts to both reporting blogs.

  • I am thinking that these will just be roughly sorted into categories – a sort of laundry list of the cooler parts of our week (Monday sounds like a good day to do them!)
  • I may also categorize using an initial code system, so that the “subject/s” an item fits into will be clear at a glance.
  • I have begun the listing for Jeremiah’s next update.
  • Categories may be as simple as “Doing”/”Seeing”/”Making”/”Playing”/and “Talking About”, and may include pictures and/or links.
  • I’ve decided to begin with these categories: Doing; Seeing/Listening To;Going; Making; Playing;Exploring; Talking About.
  • From there, I will move them into their “subject” and “objective” on the IHIP.
  • I know this may not make sense to most of those reading it, but what it means, in short, is that I won’t be needing to do the major work I have been to generate a detailed and suitably schoolish report…and that means more learning and living time for us all!
  • I think I am going to like handling things this way, and I am feeling actually a little excited about it!

Guest blogging catchup.

  • I will be doing a round of checks on previous posts, to answer comments as needed.
  • As I move through this process, I will make certain that my Where on the Web is Shan Jeniah? page is up-to-date, and possibly prettied up a bit….
  • I will be sending a completed post to a friend, to see if she would like it, and another where I can send a nifty little bit of flash fiction I wrote a few months back, and contacting another friend where I planned to write during the craziness that was Round 3.
  • This goal is scheduled for Wednesday.

Prepare items for submission.

  • I’ve been planning to send some things out into the world, but haven’t done so since the early part of summer. The reasons have been various, and now it’s time to offer up some of my words in exchange for a bit of disposable cash flow…

    I’ll begin small -just choosing a thing or two to spruce up and let go….and take it from there. My Writing Bullpen is chock full of potential – time to bring out some new pitches! =D

  • While reading through my blogposts from Round 1, I rediscovered The Last House, a flash fiction piece I wrote in early February. I have not yet submitted it, but it is good.
  • I have copied it and placed it into a newLibreOffice file, Submissions Bullpen.
  • I have added Pocket to my Kindle, so that I can read and save posts there.
  • Next up, adding this to my laptop, for instant sync.
  • I’ve added my two Platform Building Campaign posts to my Pocket files.
  • I thought I had added Life in the Sandwiches, written for the Terrible Minds challenge, but it’s not listed in the files.
  • I will continue to do this as I read, so that I will have a selection of items to prepare, without any extra work.
  • I am toying with the idea of rewriting a story I wrote in 2000, Morning Coffee, for the Writer’s Digest Short Short Story Competition.
  • I will update this as I move through the process.

And my two standing goals, continuing on…

I am serving as a  ROW80sponsor for this round.

Visits to 12/2/12 Posts

  • I am planning to sign up as a sponsor for Round 1, 2013, as well.

Fitness Goals – I will focus on eating before I am hungry (and getting protein and magnesium into every other time I eat). I will be active enough that I can always feel my body and muscles. I will add more fruits and vegetables to my diet, and be more attentive to how much water I am drinking.

  • I will be recording my progress here, along with my energy levels for that Sunday – Tuesday or Wednesday – Saturday period.
  • My energy for this session was a blend of Ebb-Slack Tides, after the intense writing of the last session.
  • I moved some firewood, and did very minimal hometending this session.
  • My writing was more centered in setup and preparation of things than in completing projects for this session.
  • I posted the kids’ weekly updates; set up files for the poetry project; and planned and wrote on the A Year of ROW Round 1 post; planned for Sima Garo Provides; and created a list for possible future submissions.
  • I have been following a more intuitive and natural approach to eating and drinking, and allowing myself to feel my body’s wishes.
  • I am regaining my focus from last week’s intermission, and feel that my eating and drinking are returning to a more balanced space.
  • I am continuing to do better at drinking water, eating before truly hungry, and getting protein. Magnesium has improved over the last days, as well.
  • The next session will include a challenge – travel to friends’ in a neighboring state. Rest stop food, and a tendency to wait too long to eat, are par for the course, when I travel with the kids, and I will be focusing attention on listening to my own body’s cues.

A Linkish Holiday Gift for my Readers!

And now, a bit about our last few days:

  • Srindi and Squeak continue to become more comfortable here. They aren’t as quick to hide when we come near; both are exploring and expanding their “home turf”, more often out in the open during hours when we are active, and washing in the open. Srindi seems more interested in people; Squeak is more into exploring. Both seem to enjoy Achoo’s company, and she is often drawn to be near one of them.
  • We’re entering another period of moderate disequilibrium, it seems, as the kids are growing quickly. I am learning to remain calmer during these times.
  • I’m exploring the Kindle’s capacities, and my new writing experiments.
  • We’ve been tired, and cocooning, but now it’s time to pack up and enjoy a weekend away, at the Woodman Family’s Cookie Party! You’ll find pictures from last year’s party throughout this post. Enjoy!


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