Informal Weekly Project Schedule – December 2012 Weekly Project Schedule – December 2012


  • ROW80 Sponsor Visits
  • Answer blog comments at shenjeniah
  • Post kids’ Weekly Updates
  • Continue reading relevant blogs for Year of ROW


  • Begin Year of ROW post (finish reading if needed; notes, rough freewriting)
  • Answer blog comments at Trueborn Jottings and reporting blogs
  • Sima Garo Provides
  • Draft ROW80 Update.


  • Answer blog comments at The Unfettered Life
  • Edit/rewrite/complete draft of Year of ROW post
  • Guest posting catchup (post writing, submitting, checking for comments, updating page)
  • Complete and post ROW0 Update


  • ROW80 Sponsor Visits
  • Picasa catchup (editing, organizing, sharing)
  • Answer blog comments at shanjeniah
  • Sima Garo Provides


  • Complete and schedule Year of ROW post (drops on Saturday)
  • Work on Queen of Infinite Spaces notes and organization
  • Organization/posting on kids’ reporting blogs
  • Catch up with submissions (pulling, editing, revision, market research, getting them out there)


  • Begin drafting ROW80 Update
  • Sima Garo Provides
  • Read/comment on Thankvember and My Write Spot posts
  • Categorize kids’ updates and place in appropriate slots in IHIP,as the ongoing rough draft of report

  • Complete and post ROW8 Update
  • Gather and begin reading relevant ROW80 posts
  • Begin kids’ weekly updates
  • Catch up wherever there is a need, else move forward where joy is!

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