Joyous November Wrap-up – ROW80 Update 12/2/12
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I’m embracing December with a revamped list of goals, designed to honor myself by wrapping up my Round 4 in pretty blue paper and tying it off with an iridescent silver bow…

How about you? Are you sticking with the tried and true, or trailblazing your way to the finish? I love when folks share their comments! =D

If you read or scroll to the end, you will be rewarded with Victorian yumminess!

Here at the Burton bungalow, it’s been a lovely – and, for me, very busy! – few days.

  •  We’ve seen more of our new kittens, Srindi and Squeak, who are gradually adjusting to life as relatively pampered house felines. I even managed to get a pretty good picture of Squeak by the water heater.
  • Achoo is growing and growing and…it seems the strong suggestion of Maine Coon Cat I saw from the beginning was not imagination. She’s getting huge – she’s about doubled her size already! Gone is the bitty tiny clawed fluffball who weighed almost nothing and fit easily into the palm of my hand. Now, we’ve got a burly and rambunctious little girly!
  • On Thursday, the kids’ Kindles arrived. Because we have an Amazon Prime account, all three Kindles have access to select free apps and videos….and, maybe even better, they are linked together, so any app one of us purchases or downloads is available to us all, through the cloud! We are having lots of fun sharing!
  • Also, on Thursday, the kids and I attended the Saratoga Springs  Victorian Street Walk. Although it was hard for the kids to leave their new tablets behind, we had a wonderful time, arriving on Broadway just as they were getting underway, and making it home again just in time for the new episode of The Big Bang Theory, which we watched together. Details and lots more pictures can be found below, in my Thankvember post on the evening…

And I did a LOT of writing. I mean, a tremendous amount, really….but more about that below!
Annalise and Achoo, Thursday, November 29

Transitioning into December…

 I attained three of my Big Five for November! The last two are ongoing, and I am current with them.

I’ve got a clearer schedule, now, after that intensity, and I am going to let that be for a time, until I want more challenge.

The house has gotten a little less tidy than I would like, while I was working through my November projects. I want to give it more time than it’s had for a while.

I’ve told the kids that Sunday will bring time for us all to just sit together in the living room and be together with our Kindles.

On Friday, the kids and I will be leaving to spend the weekend in New Jersey with our friends, the Woodman family.

Resume using Twitter for reading, commenting, posting, and connecting.

  • I set Twitter ( and nearly all other social media) aside to finish the blogging and reporting projects, but will return to it within the next day or two.
  • This goal has been attained!

Review initial Round 4 goals, and make a post-NaNo project list.

  • No progress thus far – this is a new goal.

Read posts at My Write Spot and Thankvember Blog Hop.

  • No progress thus far – another new goal.

Write and post ROW80: Year One in Review – four seasonal posts, one for each round of my first year.

  • No progress thus far – yet another new goal!

Modified #ROW80 / #NaNoWriMo Projects November 1-30, 2012 am serving as a  ROW80 sponsor for this round.

  • I visited on my established Monday/Thursday schedule.
  • 11/28 check-in visits:
  • Experimenting with Fast Draft – and another free ebook
  • Wednesay Check-in: Haunts
  •  I will continue to post twice-weekly updates on my progress.
  • Continuing to meet this goal. =D

I will be participating in NaNoWriMo throughout November, writing at least 50,000 words of another novel in my Trueborn Weft series, Sima Garo Provides.
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  • I tend to get quite solitary when I am noveling. I intend, this time, to visit my buddies at least a few times each during the round, and to visit the NaNoWriMo 2012 Facebook Page at least once a day, as well as the #NaNoWriMo folks over at Twitter.
  • I’ve checked in at the Facebook page, offering congratulations, support, and cheering.
  • I‘ve visited with folks over at #nanowrimo for cheering and kudos and community.
  •  I am beginning to read the other interviews at My Write Spot (mine went up on the 16th).
  • This goal is being set aside until December, or until I clear the November projects.
  •  I will be posting updates here, and likely also on my shanjeniah’s Trueborn blog.
  • I didn’t get that much writing done on this project this session, as I have been focused on the quarterly reports for the children.
  •  And, of course, I will be writing a novel this month…or 50,000 words of one, anyway! =)
  • My final, validated word count is: 56,580. I have attained not only winners’ status, but also my personal goal of reaching over 56,000 words before month’s end.
  •  I may continue posting excerpts once a week, with my updates, as the writing continues through completion.
Public domain image – click for source.

Fitness Goals – I will focus on eating before I am hungry (and getting protein and magnesium into every other time I eat). I will be active enough that I can always feel my body and muscles. I will add more fruits and vegetables to my diet, and be more attentive to how much water I am drinking.

  • I will be recording my progress here, along with my energy levels for that Sunday – Tuesday or Wednesday – Saturday period.
  • I was in full High Tide this session. The energy was used mainly for writing, with an outing included.
  • I wrote a tremendous amount, and completed all the remaining November projects by 3am Sunday morning – technically the second, but not by much!
  • Physical activity fell a bit by the wayside, and I am feeling a desire to indulge in more of that over the coming days.
  • I have been following a more intuitive and natural approach to eating and drinking, and allowing myself to feel my body’s wishes.
  • I haven’t eaten as consciously, as I was very focused on my writing.
  • I have done well at not eating to the point of discomfort, but a bit less well at eating before I am hungry.
  • I continued to give more focus to drinking water.
  • I have continued to get my protein, but have done a bit less well at attending to magnesium…
A much smaller 7 year old Jeremiah, with The Boxcar Children.
  • These are non-negotiable and due on December 1, 2012.
  • I will report my progress here with each update.
  • I completed writing Annalise’s Foreign Language ArtsHealth and Safety, and Physical Education sections.
  • This completed the writing portion of her report.
  • I compiled and proofedAnnalise’s English Language Arts (Reading; Writing/Spelling; and English LanguageUsage,) Arithmetic, Sciences, Social Sciences (United States History;Patriotism and Citizenship; Geography,) and Visual Arts, Music, Foreign Language Arts , Health and Safety, andPhysical Education sections, as I assembled the disparate sections into a cohesive report.
  • I added the Attendance Log, and emailed to the school district at about 3am, December 2…three hours late, but complete!
  • I completed Jeremiah’s Geography ,Visual Arts,Music, Foreign Language Arts,Health and Safety, andPhysical Education sections.
  • This completed the writing portion of his report.
  • I have compiled and proofed Jeremiah’s (Reading; Writing/Spelling; English Language Usage), Arithmetic, Sciences, Social Sciences (United States History; Patriotism and Citizenship;Geography), Visual Arts, Music, Foreign Language Arts, Health and Safety, and Physical Education sections, as I begin to assemble the disparate sections into a cohesive report.
  • I added the Attendance Log, and emailed to the school district at about 3am, December 2…three hours late, but complete!
  • This goal has been completed!
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I am participating in the Thankvember Blog Hop.
Fun in the street!

My overarching goal for this round remains: To Honor Myself– my rhythms, energy, needs, truth, dreams, desires, and emotions.
Sidewalk explorations….
Scenes from a street walk….


It’s a BLOG HOP!
Two kids, two reindeer….good photo op!


  1. haven’t you done well – like the thought of you all together with your kindles, I remember mum dad amd myself all sitting round the fire with our books in perfect contentment – enjoy your reading:)

    • Alberta-

      We had been using the Kindles mostly for gaming, or viewing things.

      Just tonight, I realized that it can also be a wonderfully efficient tool for reading what turns out to be a lot of blogposts, in order to attain my goals.

      So I will be using my laptop mostly fro writing and editing, and the Kindle, which is very portable, crystal-clear, easy to navigate, has a long battery life and quick recharge time, for my social stuff and reading…

      I think this is going to really rev up my efficiency and add to my joy and freedom!

      And congratulations on your NaNo win!

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